Peregrine Bjornaer

Peregrine Bjornaer is a long-time player of Ars Magica (playing in his first saga, run by his flatmate, in 1999) and has been playing Ars online since 2009 (mainly because his work schedule did not permit him to continue playing with his table-top troupe.

PB has a particular fondness for magi of House Bjornaer (not only taking it as his screen-name, but the first five characters he played were from that house).

He currently plays Vibria Filia Fulminara Flambonis Nascor Draconem, Guiverna ex Miscellanea, Lucia, Epona, Alejandro, Guy, and Vidal. He has formerly played Fédora of Mercere, and created Wen (after a fashion).

Outside of Andorra, Peregrine is a hobby-writer, and while the only thing he's ever had published is a collaborative poem in Mystic Signals Issue 6 (2010), he has posted a few fanfiction stories (Harry Potter/Doctor Who crossovers). He is a member of more fandoms than he cares to count, including Doctor Who, Harry Potter, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire, and Teen Titans. His other interests include heraldry, archery, history, and reading (seriously…there's a ridiculous amount of reading involved).

PB (or Ray, as he's often called by people who know his name) isn't quite a life-long Texan, but has lived there most of his life despite being born in England. Two of his life goals are to be published and to return to England. He can be found on Facebook, waiting with varying degrees of patience for a madman with a box.

Peregrine currently has 36 Fortune Points, and a Fortune Score of 8.

Thread (page) Activity Gained Spent Bal Score
(converting Vibria's Confidence) n/a 19 19 5
(converting Fédora's Confidence) n/a 4 23 6
Meeting the Vavel Dragon (10) Story/chapter award 4 27 6
A Covenant of Dopplegangers (12) Story/chapter award 4 31 7
Mr Spooky Ch3 (4) Story/chapter award 1 32 7
Bride of the Vavel Dragon (5) Spotting a gap between two cliffs that was strategically perfect 2 30 7
War in the Roses (spring 1237) (9) Story award 4 34 7
Ancient History (Spring 1242) (33) Knowing about Cassius and Darius 2 32 7
Delivery to Barcelona (summer 1242) (12) Story/chapter award 4 36 8
Changer's Granddaughter (Summer 1243) (5) Keeping the Game Alive award 3 39 8
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