Pietro of Flambeau

Archmagus Pietro of Flambeau, formerly of Tytalus, is a controversial and prominent figure in the upper echelons of the Order of Hermes. In days past, House Flambeau used to have harsher requirements for accepting outsiders into their fold. The challenge was to defeat seven Flambeau champions in contests of their choosing. The first champion was a hostile bully and chose magical combat as his contest. His humiliating defeat and death by the rapidly multicast lightning bolts of Pietro shocked and outraged the others. The remaining champions also choose magical combat, hoping to avenge the honor of the House, and each in turn was successively struck down. An additional reason these champions were so hostile is that they knew that this was Pietro's assigned Archmagus challenge, and felt he was making a mockery of their traditions. But since then he has openly renounced and denounced House Tytalus, has been a very vocal critic of Normandy, and has often been an opponent of the activities of Tytalus magi. However, some die-hard old school Flambeau magi have never been convinced. He used to be subjected to harassment and attack, and he was involved in at least three Wizard Wars. The opposition has mostly subsided by now and he has wone respect and made friends amongst the Flambeau. There are still a few that hold a grudge against him though.

As an Archmagus, Pietro has risen to the position of Antares, the title given to the leader of the War Council of the Archmagi. In that capacity he has overseen violent skirmishes against a band of Trollsynir in Ultima Thule, he defused the Pan Caudrax Crisis, and is currently working on a contingency plan to defend against the Order of Suleiman if ever needed, including a plan to absorb them as a House. Further, Pietro has made many friends and allies among the other Archmagi, and together they cooperate on an agenda all their own. As relates to Andorra, Pietro was friends and allies with Archmagus Antonio of Flambeau, former pontifex of Andorra who has been missing in Twilight for several years. Carmen of Flambeau, Antonio's daughter and the current pontifex, was once a Junior Warden of the Antares and served in battle up in Ultima Thule against the Trollsynir. Futher, Pietro is a dear old friend of Valgraven of Jerbiton, and is assisting him in relocating the Covenant of Bellaquin. Pietro has no official connection with the Knights of Seneca, tough he has gained influence with them and made an ally.

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