Trentus of Flambeau (aka El Piròman)

Trentus of Flambeau

Trentus in 1220
Born & Baptized as Roderic Vermbarre, called simply Vermbar by his parens, nicknamed El Piròman (the Arsonist) for his infamous deed. Trentus is a sort of misfortunate hero, judged unfairly and scorned for circumstances beyond his control. However, he is guilty of having once embraced this infamy and lived quite a violent youth. Trentus is the center figure of no less than three rulings of the Iberian Tribunal (at least 3 from ArM4 cannon). Details given latter, suffice to say he was not responsible for the first and acquitted of the second, then lightly punished for the third. However, this "light punishment" was the loss of his familiar, which began a downward spiral in his life. He was forced from his covenant shortly thereafter, his apprentice taken from him by a Bonisagus magus, then heavilly scarred by Twilight. He eventually set up a clandestine impregnable private sanctum, living off of the personal resources and wealth accumulated in his youth. This has driven him to the brink of poverty. When the Shadow Wars began in 1207, after the exposure of the corrupt cult led by Rassus, Trentus managed to redeem himself in the eyes of a few through his bold initiative and decisive action. Though he vanquished many foes, the ever elusive Metron has always managed to escape his grasp. Another reoccurring foe, and the one most omnipresent in his current life, is Erat Caecus. The two have come into conflict several times in the city of Barcelona, and Trentus has ever attempted to pierce his veil of corruption and figure out his connection to Metron and Val-Negra. The situation took a drastic turn when, quite recently, Trentus was apparently killed by an assassin (thought to have been hired by Erat Caecus), who stabbed him in the back with a poison dagger. He managed to survive this ordeal, though while he was comatose the Last Rights were administered. He has gained the Flaw of Viaticarus, and incorrectly believes himself to be some form of undead. Further, he believes it is a sign from God (and may well be), and has been systematically whittling away at the minions of Erat Caecus hoping to draw that magus out of hiding.


Characteristics: Int +1, Per +1, Com -1, Pre +1, Str +1, Sta +2 (1), Dex +1, Quik +1
Strength and Dexterity were each increased one point by Ritual Magic, Communication reduced by one point due to aging
Size: 0
Age: 85
Current Season & Year: Winter 1235
Brief Chronology: Born 1150; Apprenticed 1157 (age 7); Gauntlet 1172 (age 22); Acquitted of Charges in 1186 (age 36); Longevity since 1188 (age 38); Found Guilty of other charges an punished by loss of familiar in 1194 (age 44); Upgraded Longevity in 1206 (age 56); Participated in Shadow Wars since 1207 (age 57); Battled Metron in ???? (age ?); Joined Octavian’s Vexillation in 1221 (age 71); Survived Assassination attempt in 1234 (age 84)
Decrepitude: 0 (2)
Warping: 5 (97; Cycles 7, Longevity 46, Twilight 44)
Confidence: 2 (5)
Magic Sigil: the smell of smoke
Symbolic Sigil: a starburst

Virtues & Flaws

Virtues: +0 Hermetic Magus, +0 The Gift, +F Puissant Ignem, +3 Greater Immunity to Fire, +3 Major Magic Focus in Fire, +1 Affinity with Ignem, +1 Fast Caster, +1 Self Confident, +1 Skilled Parens; +1 Life Boost1; +1 Personal Vis Source2, +1 Social Contacts2, +1 Warrior2; +3 Flexible Formulaic Magic1; +3 Invisible to Magic3
Flaws: -3 Blatant Gift, -3 Driven, -1 Infamous, -1 Infamous Master, -1 Judged Unfairly, -1 Reckless; -3 Enemies (many and various)2; -3 Chaotic Magic1; -1 Viaticarus3
[b]Personality Traits[/b]: Reckless +3, Driven +3, Brave +3, Loyal +1
[b]Reputations[/b]: Loose Cannon 4 (Hermetic), Dead 3 (local), Flambeau Acclaim 2 (moderate credit), Not Dead 1 (local)
(1 Twilight; 2 Story/Adventure; 3 Transformation)


Dodge (Athletics): Init +1, Def +3
Fistfight: Init +1, Atk +6, Def +6, Dmg +1
Knife: Init +1, Atk +6, Def +5, Dmg +3
Thrown Knife: Init +1, Atk +7, Def +6, Dmg +3
Short Sword: Init +2, Atk +10, Def +8, Dmg +6
Firebrand of Trentus: Init +2, Atk +10, Def +8, Dmg +6
Soak: +2 (+5)
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Equipment: robes, talisman, knife, satchel of some stuff
Encumbrance: 0


Occitan 5 (Catalan, tough talk), Iberia Area Lore 4 (Aragon-Catalonia); Artes Liberales 2 (ceremonial magic), Athletics 2 (endurance), Awareness 3 (alert), Barcelona Lore 3 (streetwise), Brawl 4 (fistfight), Carouse 1 (dive bars), Chirurgy 2 (cauterizing), Code of Hermes 3 (getting out of trouble), Concentration 3 (spells), Dominion Lore 1 (saints), Faerie Lore 1 (tricks they play), Finesse 4 (accuracy), Folk Ken 2 (low life), Guile 3 (witty replies), Hunt 1 (track), Infernal Lore 3 (infernalists), Intrigue 2 (alliances), Latin 4 (Hermetic), Leadership 3 (intimidation), Magic Lore 3 (Magic Realm), Magic Theory 8 (spells), Order of Hermes Lore 4 (Flambeau the Founder), Parma Magica 6 (Corpus), Penetration 5 (Ignem), Philosophiae 2 (rituals), Profession-Scribe 1 (copy), Profession-Soldier 1 (raids), Single Weapon 5 (short sword), Spanish 4 (Castilian), Stealth 2 (surprise), Survival 3 (ruthless measures), Teaching 1 (familiars), Thrown Weapon 4 (knife), Val-Negra Lore 2 (Perdut)


Creo 16, Intéllego 8, Muto 8, Perdo 12, Rego 15
Animal 5, Aquam 5, Auram 5, Corpus 12, Herbam 5
Ignem* 23+3, Imaginem 5, Mentem 5, Terram 16, Vim 11


  • 1176 - Avoid Twilight: 3 Warping points
  • 1183 - Comprehend Twilight: 7 Warping points, gain Life Boost, Scar is his eyes flare when he uses magic & especially more so with Life Boost.
  • 1190 - Failure to Comprehend Twilight: 5 Warping points, loose 10 xp from Ignem, Scar is that his personal scent has a "burnt" odor to it.
  • 1192 - Comprehend Twilight: 5 Warping Points, gain a new fifth magnitude spell; people around him become slightly bolder if he is on their side
  • 1196 - Failure to Comprehend Twilight[: 4 Warping Points, lost four magnitudes of Ignem spells, Scar is that the area around him smells faintly of sulfur.
  • 1211 - Comprehend Twilight: 10 Warping points, gain Flexible Formulaic Magic, Scar is that he has no shadow (unless invisible)
  • 1213 - Failed to Comprehend Twilight: 10 Warping points, gain Chaotic Magic, Scar is that his hair is always a shifting wild mess.

Spells Known

MuAn15 Doublet of Impenetrable Silk
CrCo10 Bind Wound
CrCo20 Purification of the Festering Wound
CrCo30 Gentle Caress of Asclepius
CrCo40r Dexterity of a Champion
CrCo40r Strength of a Champion
PeCo15 The Wound that Weeps: Mastered 1 (Multicast)
PeCo15 Dust to Dust
PeCo15 Pain of the Wizard’s Gaze
PeCo20 Invocation of Weariness
PeCo25 Grip of the Choking Hand
ReCo15 Endurance of the Berserkers
ReCo15 Wizard’s Leap: Mastery 1 (Fast Cast)
ReCo20 Incantation of Paralyzation
ReCo25 Mighty Fling of the Menacing Knight: (gained from Twilight)
ReCo30 Seven League Stride
ReCo35 Leap of Homecoming
CrIg5 Palm of Flame
CrIg10 Heat of the Searing Forge
CrIg10 Lamp Without Flame
CrIg15 Flash of the Scarlet Flames
CrIg15 Test of the Flames: Mastered 2 (Penetration, Resistance)
CrIg20 Assuming the Aura of the Avenger: Mastery 2 (Imperturbable, Fast-Cast)
CrIg20 Lash of the Avenger
CrIg20 Pilium of Fire: Mastery 3 (Fast Cast, Multicast, Penetration)
CrIg20 Sword of the Avenger: Mastery 2 (Imperturbable, Penetration)
CrIg20 Wrath of Reculed: Mastered 2 (Imperturbable, Penetration)
CrIg25 Arc of Fiery Ribbons
CrIg30 Wall of Fire
CrIg30 Lance of Archimedes
CrIg35 Ball of Abysmal Flame: Mastery 3 (Fast Cast, Multicast, Penetration)
CrIg35 Circle of Encompassing Flame
InIg35 Eyes of the Flame
MuIg5 The Many Hued Conflagration
MuIg10 Hornet Fire
MuIg10 Show of the Flames and Smoke
MuIg25 Trapping the Fire
PeIg10 Wizard’s Icy Touch
PeIg25 Quench the Raging Flame
ReIg5 Tremulous Vault of the Torches Flame
ReIg25 Burst of the Sweeping Flames
ReIg30 Marking the Target of Fire
PeIm20 Veil of Invisibility
CrTe20r Touch of Midas
CrTe25 Wall of Protecting Stone
MuTe15 Rock of Viscid Clay
MuTe20 Edge of the Razor
MuTe25 Hardness of Adamite
PeTe10 Fist of Shattering
PeTe10 Rusted Decay of Ten Score Years
PeTe15 Pit of the Gaping Earth
PeTe15 Undoing the Stonemason's Handiwork
PeTe20 Obliteration of the Metallic Barrier
PeTe20 Stone to Falling Dust
ReTe10 Invisible Sling of Vilano
ReTe10 Unseen Porter
Re(Cr)Te(Ig)25 Adjuration of the Blacksmith's Fire
MuVi20 Wizard’s Ignem Boost
MuVi(Ig)20 Early Punishment for the Sinful Witch: Mastered 2 (Multicast, Fast Cast)
PeVi5 Demon’s Eternal Oblivion: Mastered 3 (Fast-Cast, Multicast, Penetration)
PeVi15 Lancea Magica: Mastered 3 (Fast-Cast, Penetration, Resistance)
ReVi5 Personal Ward against Infernal
ReVi15 Circular Ward against Demons
ReVi15 Gather the Essence of Vis
ReVi20r Aegis of the Hearth
ReVi20 Maintaining the Demanding Spell
ReVi20 Opening the Intangible Tunnel
ReVi20r Watching Ward


Marca de Foc (Fire Brand), the Sword of Trentus
Trentus’ Short Sword is a sturdy weapon of supreme quality (+1 Atk, +1 Dmg). There is a small ruby embedded in the pommel.
Vis: Potential 36, Opened 14, Used: 12
Attunements: +6 fire-related effects, +4 harm human and animal bodies, +4 leadership in war, +3 block single attack, +3 affect blood
MuTe27 Edge of the Razor: 3 pawns,
R: Personal, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Individual
Uses: 12 times per day, Penetration: +22
(Base 3, +2 Metal, +1 Conc), +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +4 levels for 12 uses/day, +11 levels Penetration of 22
PeVi27 Death of the Demon Foe: 3 pawns,
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
Uses: 50 per day, Penetration: +14
If the sword strikes a demon and the effect penetrates, the demon looses 15 points of Infernal Might.
(Base 5, +1 Touch), +6 levels 50 uses/day, +8 levels for Penetration of 16, +3 Environmental Trigger
CrIg59 Sword of the Avenger: 6 pawns
R: Personal, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Individual
Uses: Unlimited, Penetration: +52
Ignites the blade aflame, doubling its damage value in combat. The flame does not harm the sword or the wielder.
(Base 5, +1 Conc, +1 Rego), +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Use, +26 levels Penetration of 52, +3 levels restricted Use (Trentus only)
PeCo20 When Fortuna Blinks: 2 pawns
R: Personal, D: Mom, T: Ind, 3 uses per day
(Base 10; +5 levels Fast Trigger, +3 Environmental Trigger)


Trentus resides in a secure secret location (probably near Barcelona), embedded in some undisclosed impregnable location.
Magic Aura: 3
Characteristics: Size +3, Refinement +2, General Quality +2, Upkeep +3, Safety 0, Warping 0, Health 0, Aesthetics +3 (Avenger 2)
Specializations: +5 Spells, +1 Texts, +3 Creo, +2 Rego, +3 Ignem, +2 Vim
Virtues: +0 Dedicated Building, +0 Defenses, +0 Regio, +0 Superior Equipment, +1 Extensive Stores, +1 Living Quarters, +1 Opulent, +1 Vis Source, +1 Well Insulated, +3 Greater Expansion, +3 Greater Feature: Circle
Flaws: -0 Disguised, -0 Impregnable, -1 Cramped, -1 Missing Equipment (no Familiars, no Teaching),-1 Missing Equipment (no Experimentation, no Vis Extraction),-3 Greater Focus: Circle
Magic Items
Fabulous Furnace: Lesser Enchanted Item, 60 levels, Purchased for 18 pawns of vis
CrIg60 Environmental Comfort and Control
R: Touch, D: Item Concentrates, T: Room, Unlimited Use
Requisites: Aquam, Auram, Perdo, Rego
Grants comfort and control over the lab's environment; including aspects such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation. All of these aspects can be increased or decreased and directed as desired. As a Laboratory Magic Item, it offers the following bonuses: +1 Health, -1 Upkeep, +1 Aesthetics
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +2 Room, +1 Aquam for Humidifier, +1 Auram for ventilation, +1 Rego for control, +1 Perdo for cool/dry settings, +1 variable setting, +1 complexity; +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Use)
Luminous Lantern: Lesser Enchanted Item, 50 levels, Purchased for 15 pawns of vis
CrIg50 Luminosity of Precision
R: Item, D: Item Concentrates, T: Room, Unlimited Use
Requisites: Perdo, Rego
Creates light and offers precision over the intensity and focus of illumination. It can be bright, ambient, dim, bright as sunlight or dark as midnight , or any variation between. Furthermore it can focus and direct light as needed to pinpoint and highlight precise detail. As a Laboratory Magic Item, it offers the following bonuses: +1 Quality, -1 Upkeep, +1 Texts.
(Base 5, +1 Concentration, +2 Room, +1 Perdo for dimmer, +1 Rego for control, +1 variability; +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Use)
Thaumaturgical Regulator: Lesser Enchanted Item, 60 levels, Purchased for 18 pawns of vis
ReVi60 Thaumaturgical Regulation
R: Touch, D: Item Concentrates, T: Room, Unlimited Use
The Thamaturgical Regulator comes in various sises and can be set in various ways. It controls and regulates magical fluctuations in the laboratory, which can reduce Warping and improve Safety. It can also enhance General Quality, and/or function to improve activities involving Vim. As normal, every 20 levels cn be set to improve a Characteristic one point (Quality, Warping, and/or Safety), and 10 levels can be dedicated towards increasing a Specialization a point (only Vim in this case). The Thaumaturgical Regulator can be set as desired for these bonuses, and changed whenever the lab is reconfigured and/or refined. Current Settings are for -2 Warping and +2 Vim
(Base 15, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +2 Room, +2 variable and complex setting variations; +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 Levels Unlimited Use)

Detailed Chronology

(Including notes on Design and Development, and quotes from the Peripheral Code, as presented in the WGRE)
Childhood, Youth, and Apprenticeship 1150 to 1171 (birth to age 21)

  • 1150 (age 0): Born as Roderic Vermbarre (verm-BAR-ay), bastard son of a French adventurer as claimed by his wanton mother, identities of both unknown. Trentus remembers others calling his mom Nann or Onanna.
  • 1156 (age 6): Adriano acquires the child and grooms him to be his apprentice. Thenceforth he is called Vermar (VERM-bar) by his Master.
  • 1157-1171 (age 7-22): Apprenticed to the irresponsibly wild and infamously violent magus Adriano of Flambeau.

Gauntlet 1172 (age 22)

AD 1172 Iberia; Apprentice Law: For his gauntlet, the apprentice Vermbar of House Flambeau (now magus Trentus) was abandon in Barcelona lacking clothes, provisions, and money; and was told to get to Sicily within a month. In securing provisions, the apprentice slew several mundanes, scorched a number of guardsmen, and burned two ships in the harbor. Mindful of the customs of the Order regarding the accountability of apprentices, the presiding Quaesitor recommended that Vermbar be held responsible for willfully interfering with mundanes and be treated accordingly. The tribunal ruled that an apprentice’s Gauntlet is a special situation, when a magus cannot be required to guide an apprentice’s actions, but when the apprentice is not yet a member of the Order and thus not bound to obey the Code. The Tribunal therefore neither punished Vermbar or his parens.

  • 1172 (age 22): The infamous Gauntlet of Trentus, as described above. This is how Trentus himself became Infamous and earned his nickname "El Piroman" (The Arsonist). This was but the first of several times he enraged the magi of Barcelona covenant. This incident is what inspired House Flambeau to start to change their traditional style gauntlet, butthe process is slow and inconsistent.

First Cycle 1172 to 1181 (age 22-31)

  • 1176 (age 26): Encounters a brush with Twilight which he avoids. But this was in the middle of combat, and the delay put him in a vulnerable position and resulted in the loss of the day. He determined to embrace Twilight in the future and get the episode over with as quickly as he can.
  • 1177 (age 27): Bonds with his familiar
  • 1179 (age 29): Forms a paramilitary band of raiders and begins his martial escapades.

Vis: Income 21 pawns (+21 Salary); Expenses 10 pawns (-9 Familiar, -1 covert to 12£ treasure); Balance 11 pawns
Treasure: Income 72£; Expenses 0, Balance 72£

  • 40 Seasons, mandatory season scraped and point of warping
    • 28 seasons Advancement (280xp)
    • 11 seasons Lab (24xp
      • 3 for Familiar (Int +1, forge bond, one enchantment, teach Magic Theory)
      • 8 for Spells

Second Cycle 1182-1191 (age 32-41)
Trentus prospers in his escapades, earning notoriety (and some respect). He acquires a secret vis source as plunder, makes many contacts and connections in various subtle yet useful places, and he gains much wealth.

  • 1183 (age 33): Twilight Episode, which he comprehends and gains Life Boost as a result.
  • 1186 (age 36): Trentus is brought up on charges at Tribunal and acquitted.

AD 1186 Iberia; Interfering with Mundanes: Magus Trentus of House Flambeau was brought before the Tribunal and charged with personally killing no fewer than 100 mundanes in several raids and battles. The Tribunal noted that although his use of magic had been blatant, and on occasion spectacular, Trentus had never left a survivor who might identify him as a magus of the Order of Hermes. The tribunal acquitted him of these charges.

  • 1188 (age 38): Longevity Ritual level 30.
  • 1190 (age 40): Twilight Episode, which he fails to comprehend and looses some knowledge in Ignem (minus 10xp).
  • 1191 (age 41): Takes on an apprentice names Jaume.

Vis: Previous Balance 11 pawns, Income 41 pawns (+21 salary, +20 Personal Vis Source), Expenses 16 pawns (-8 Longevity Ritual, -8 converted to 96£ treasure), Balance 36 pawns
Treasure: Previous Balance 72£, Income 156£ (+96 plunder, +60 salary), Expenses 0, Balance 228£

  • 40 Seasons, mandatory season scraped and point of warping; 3 points of Warping from Longevity
    • 25 seasons Advancement (250xp)
    • 1 season Gain New Virtues & Flaws from Adventure; Personal Vis Source, Social Contacts, Warrior, & Enemies (base one season, plus three seasons for three Minor Virtues, minus three seasons for Major Flaw, minus 30xp for three Minor Virtues)
    • 14 seasons Lab (28xp)
      • 3 for Familiar (teach Familiar to a Magic Theory score of 3)
      • 1 for Longevity (CrCo30)
      • 7 for Spells
      • 2 for Apprentice (Open Gift, teach Magic Theory)

Third Cycle 1192-1199 (age 42-49)

  • 1192 (age 42): Comprehend Twilight in the midst of a Wizard's War, and gain a spell that tosses people which he names "Mighty Fling of the Menacing Knight"
  • 1192 (age 42): After triumphing in a Wizard's War against Belkar Ex-Miscellanea, Trentus returns to his home covenant with a collection of magical artifacts he had recovered from his enemies sanctum. Iorox Ex-Miscellanea, amicus of Belcar, claimed that the items were his and demanded their return. Trentus refused, so Iorox knocked Trentus' guards asunder with a gesture of magic and marched upon his sanctum intent on breaking into it and taking his belongings back. Trentus struck him down with a Pilium of Fire, killing Iorox with a single lucky blow.
  • 1194 (age 44): Trentus is charged with the High Crime of Murder and faces judgment at Tribunal. He was punished with the loss of his familiar, which was a tragic and traumatic experience for him and inspired him to turn his life around.

AD 1194 Iberia; Sanctum Law: Magus Trentus was charged with slaying a fellow magus outside Trentus’ sanctum. Trentus argued that the other was approaching his sanctum with the intent of stealing certain magical artifacts. In accordance with precedent*, Trentus was found guilty of breaking the Code, but was only punished with the loss of his familiar."1

  • 1195 (age 45): Fortune turns from bad to worse. After a heated dispute he is kicked out of his covenant. Seeking shelter at another covenant as a Vagabundo, a resident Bonisagus magus decides Trentus is too poor and too reckless, and too infamous to deserve an apprentice. So he appropriated Jaume as his own. (In 1234, Jaume of Bonisagus is an i8 year magus residing in Provencal, and has achieved acclaim for his research in magical light and imagery). Pays his own living expenses starting this year.
  • 1195 to 1197 (age 45 to 47): Trentus wandered a few years trying to find himself, but he didn't know he was lost. Though a vagabond, he still had his artifacts, his vis source, and his social contacts. Through those contacts he first encountered Erat Caecus. He found the man so amoral and contemptible, and so repulsed by the similar qualities he found in himself and his past activities and the consequences they had upon him; he became driven to expose and punish the activities of rogue wizards and bring peace to the Order. What had started as inspiration to turn his life around, then hope for redemption, was eclipsed by the obsession to expunge injustice and punish evil. But this isn't holy. It is angry. Just focused in a more positive direction that setting fire to mundanes.
  • 1196 (age 46): fail to comprehend twilight
  • 1197 (age 47): Trentus establishes a secret lair centered around his vis source in some embedded impregnable location that he accesses with Leap of Homecoming, so it could be anywhere. He spends two years building and furnishing it.

Vis: Previous Balance 36 pawns, Income 37 pawns (+21 salary, +16 Personal Vis Source), Expenses 51 pawns (-18 for Fabulous Furnace, -15 for Luminous Lantern, -18 for Thaumaturgical Regulator); Balance 22 pawns
Treasure: Previous Balance 228£, Income 48£, Expenses 65£ (-60 for five years paying for on Poor Magus Lifestyle (6£/year), -5 to outfit Lab), Balance 211£

  • 32 Seasons, mandatory season scraped and point of warping; 8 points of Warping from Longevity
    • 21 seasons Advancement (210xp)
    • 10 seasons Lab (20xp)
      • 2 for Spells
      • 8 for building, refining, & furnishing a customized secret Sanctum & Laboratory (two seasons to build from scratch, two seasons refining, four seasons installing virtues & flaws)

Fourth Cycle 1200-1206: (age 50-56)

  • 1200 (age 50): Begin paying own upkeep and casting own Aegis.
  • 1203 (age 53): Cross paths with Erat Caecus yet again
  • 1206 (age 56): Upgrade Longevity to level 50

Vis: Previous Balance 22 pawns, Income 35 pawns (+21 Salary, +14 Personal Vis Source), Expenses 28 pawns (-28 for casting own Aegis for seven years (4p/yr), -20 for Longevity), Balance 11 pawns
Treasure: Previous Balance 211£, Income 42£, Expenses 126£ (-84 paying for a Decent Lifestyle for seven years (12£/year), -42 for seven years of Lab Upkeep (6£/year)), Balance 127£

  • 28 Seasons, mandatory season scraped and point of warping; 7 points of Warping from Longevity
    • 20 seasons Advancement (200xp)
    • 7 seasons Lab (14xp)
      • 6 for spells
      • 1 for Longevity (CrCo42+8)

Fifth Cycle 1207-1216 (age 57-66)

  • 1207 (age 57): The Magi of Jaferiya are exposed as diabolists. The Shadow Wars begin and spans over a decade.
  • 1211 (age 61): First Duel against Metron, in which Trentus slew eight of his minions but Metron got away after he struck Trentus with a Twilight inducing spell. Trentus' grogs prevented Metron from taking advantage of the situation, so he fled.
  • 1213 (age 63): Second duel against Metron, at the Silver Rooster in Barcelona. The battle caused some destruction and started a fire there. In the confusion Metron slips through a secret Mercere Portal to Perdut. Trentus followed him, Metron summoned a demon and stunned Trentus with his Twilight spell. While Trentus recovers, Metrom escapes. When he comes to his senses, Trentus is faced with a demon of madness and terror that nearly drove him insane and he was forced to retreat back to Barcelona.
  • 1214 (age 64): Trentus is brought up on charges at Tribunal for the Barcelona affair, though he is acquitted. The magi of Barcelona win the right to control access to their city, effectively barring Trentus from entry.

Vis: Previous Balance 11 pawns, Income 65 pawns (+21 Salary, +20 Personal Vis Source, +24 earning bounties/wages), Expenses: 66 pawns (-40 for casting own Aegis for ten years (4p/yr), -8 for casting a permanent rituals on self, -14 open sword destined to become his talisman, -6 invest talisman), Balance 8 pawns
Treasure: Previous Balance 127£, Income 60£, Expenses 180£ (-120 paying for a Decent Lifestyle for ten years (12£/year), -60 for ten years of Lab Upkeep (6£/year)), Balance 7£

  • 40 Seasons, mandatory season scraped and point of warping; 10 points of Warping from Longevity
    • 22 seasons Advancement (220xp)
    • 8 seasons Vis Wages (24 pawns)
    • 9 seasons Lab (18xp)
      • 5 for spells
      • 4 for talisman (open, attune, two to enchant)

Sixth Cycle 1217-1226 (age 67-76)

  • 1219 (age 69): Using intelligence gathered by Trentus, Santiago of Flambeau is able to intercept Rassus and slay him in battle.
  • 1221 (age 71): Joins Octavian's Vexillation to hint down any remaining shadows.
  • 1225 (age 75): Foil yet another major plot of the Obsidian Ring, ruining the plans of Erat Caecus.

Vis: Previous Balance 8 pawns, Income 50 pawns (+21 Salary, +20 Personal Vis Source, +9 earning bounties/wages),
Expenses: 46 pawns (-40 for casting own Aegis for ten years (4p/yr), -6 invest talisman, -10 covert to 120£ treasure), Balance 2 pawns
Treasure:Previous Balance 7£, Income 180£, Expenses 180£ (-120 paying for a Decent Lifestyle for ten years (12£/year), -60 for ten years of Lab Upkeep (6£/year)), Balance 7£

  • 40 Seasons, mandatory season scraped and point of warping; 10 points of Warping from Longevity
    • 28 seasons Advancement (280xp)
    • 11 seasons Lab (22xp)
      • 4 seasons Talisman (invest two more enchantments)
      • 7 season Spells

Seventh Cycle 1227-1234 (age 77-84)

  • 1234 (age 84): Suffers near death transformative experience after a failed assassination attempt ordered (it is believed) by Erat Caecus.

Vis: Previous Balance 2 pawns, Income 35 pawns (+21 salary, +14 personal vis source), Expenses 37 pawns (-28 for casting own Aegis for seven years (4p/yr, -7 converted to 84£ treasure, -2 for talisman), Balance 0 pawns
Treasure: Previous Balance 7£, Income 126£ (+42 salary, +84 vis converted to trasure), Expenses 126£ (-84 paying for a Decent Lifestyle for ten years (12£/year), -42 for ten years of Lab Upkeep (6£/year)), Balance 7£

  • 32 Seasons, mandatory season scraped and point of warping; 8 points of Warping from Longevity
    • 24 seasons Advancement (240xp)
    • 3 seasons Gain New Virtue & Flaws from Transformation; Invisible to Magic & Viaticarus; (base one season, plus three seasons for Major Virtue, minus one season for Minor Flaw, minus 30xp for Major Virtue)
      • 4 seasons Lab (8xp)
      • 1 season Talisman
      • 3 seasons Spells

Appearance & Background
The current physical appearance of Trentus is that of a shadowy and mysterious figure. He wears an oversized dark cloak with a long hood drawn over his face. He has grown thin and pale, his hair is gray and thinning and always a shifting wild mess, and his features are gaunt. Yet he has a fire in his eyes, and his motions are deft and powerful. He prefers to stay in the shadows (though he has none), his personal scent is that of something burnt and the air around him smells faintly of sulfur.

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