Here's an opportunity to put a face to the pixels you see on the forums. Whether or not that face is factual or merely an elaborate CrIm, however…

Peregrine Bjornaer plays Vibria Filia Fulminara Flambonis Nascor Draconem and Guiverna ex Miscellanea

The Fixer played Dimir Taar and is currently feeling about as old as the Spider

Silveroak plays Fleur of Bonisagus, Donna the Weaponsmith, Adan the scribe, and took over on Lucia, Vibria's maidservant and Epona.

Trogdor plays Lucas de Mercere, Bashir ibn Kamal, and Cecilia de Mercere

Ironboundtome took over play of Vocis of Tremere, is playing the child Lucien, and which ever additional backstory character as needs.

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