Founded: 870
Status: Summer

Located on the east coast of Italy, Postestas is a great fortress overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The Covenant is filled with luxuries such as stained-glass, silk, and gold, all gained from secret trade deals with the Levant

The interior of Postestas is separated into two tiers. The outer tier, located slightly lower in the mountain, is the home of the Covenant's grogs, covenfolk, and visitors. A set of guarded stairs at the rear of the outer tier leads to a large courtyard, which marks the beginning of Postestas' inner tear. A circle of inlaid obsidian sits in the center of the courtyard the circle is used for all Certamenwithin the Covenant. Surrounding the courtyard is a cathedral-like building which houses the Covenant's Council room, and labs of resident Magi.

The members of paste plot to seize control of the Roman Tribunal. Over the years, many schemes and plans have put Postestas' Magi on good terms with other Covenants of the Tribunal; little did the others know the Covenant's true intentions. In fact, many Roman Magi owe Postestas favors for good deeds done in the past. Postestas hopes to turn the goodwill it has fostered to carefully engineer the overthrow of the Tribunal, putting Rome firmly in the hands of House Tremere. Until that happens, the conniving Magi wait.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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