Pripet Maior

Founded: 993
Status: Late Winter

Pripet Maior is located on a medium-sized island about twenty miles inside the south edge of the Great Pripet Marsh. There is one easy access, a narrow pathway leading in from the south. The final approach is barred by a wide deep-water channel, which the inhabitants cross by calling up an enchanted causeway. The magi have long since incorporated the causeway enchantment into their aegis spell, and it will respond to any of the covenfolk, as well as to anyone who has been formally invited into the aegis.

The island was once a marvelous, baroque celebration of natural life. In their youth the Pripet magi seized on living forces, especially plants, to create habitations for themselves. Reed palaces, living tree houses, mossy swards and dells, glorious flower arbors: the quality of the work was exceptional and though upkeep faded long ago a hint of former glories is still apparent.

Pripet was never a well-supplied covenant. Foodstuffs came from the marsh as did extraordinary vis harvests. Other materials had to be brought in. Nowadays, when the magi or covenfolk need something, they steal it. Vis harvests too have dwindled, not because the marsh was over-exploited, but because the magi can no longer make the effort.

Pripet’s relationships have decayed. Local swamp animals and faeries now avoid the covenant, wary of its irrational, violent inhabitants. Peasants on the swamp edge fear and hate the magi. Many of their misfortunes, especially those of the trappers, iron-dredgers, and fisherfolk are indeed Pripet’s fault. This matter has now come to the attention of the Boyar Mikhail of Turov. He intends to dig canals to the Pripet river and drain the land for pasture. He also intends to deal firmly with any opposition.

The magi themselves range from “old and feeble, but still rational” to “consumed by raging animal impulses, one step from Final Twilight.” There hasn’t been an apprentice at Pripet in almost 85 years, nor a new member in over 70. They have exhausted their scholarly, investigative spirits, and even their curiosity. Their vast accumulation of lore, experience, and power is now reserved for the single purpose of defending their home. In the last twenty years the only significant external action they have attempted was their abortive assault on Thousand Caves.

Pripet is no longer the site of tribunal meetings. Rather than tolerate trespassers in their marsh they gladly ceded the privilege to Three Lakes over 40 years ago. Nonetheless they retain a vestigial sense of Hermetic rights, and three or four of them routinely attend tribunal meetings.

Pripet’s status in House Bjornaer is still high. In their Autumn period (about 1110-1165) they were second only to Crintera in influence, while in 1147, Roslav Lavickovich was summoned to Crintera to become Primus of Bjornaer, a position he held for almost 30 years. Crintera would still aid Pripet in a crisis. Then again, because of the relationship that exists between Miya Cossuri of Pripet and Zashya Miyovna, and a sense of tribunal solidarity, Three Lakes remains an occasional supporter, routinely pressing Pripet to reenter the mainstream of tribunal affairs.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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