Provencal Tribunal

Ara Maxima Nova

Arles Lodge

  • A Mercere House


  • This covenant is in Andorra's back yard.
  • There has recently been some bad blood between Bellaquin and Andorra, resulting in some accusations made by Bellaquin.

Cannes De Mere

  • Fleur was apprenticed here. Coastal and sits atop caves which were exploited for vis in the past and where presumably any cave paintings have already been destroyed, whether by man or nature

Castra Solis

  • The current domus magna of House Flambeau, the covenant of Castra Solis lies in the Provencal Tribunal. See HoHS 13-14.

Cirque de Gavernie

The Coenobium Rhodanien

Doissetep (aka Aedas Mercurri)

  • This covenant supports Andorra all the way. They see great advantage in their being a "neutral" covenant.

Fraxinetum Redux

Laguna Sententia

Miniata Sophia

Ostal des Exiles

Stella Durus

Tolosa Paratge

Tres Band

Val Negra

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