Purity Wolf Familiar +00


Season: Spring
Base Might: 15
Base Size: -1
Characteristics: Int+2 Per:+0 Str: -1 Sta+2 Prs:-2 Com+3 Dex+2 Qik+1
Confidence 1 (3)
Traits: Caring+2 Hates Demons+3 Wolf+3


Greater Immunity (Fire), Unaffected By Gift, Good Teacher, Second Sight, Arcane Lore, Sharp Ears


Outsider (wolves), Hatred: Demons (Minor), Magical Friend, Motion Sickness, Ignem Monstrosity, Slow Power (Blood of the Mother)
Notes: The Ignem Monstrosity shows itself in extreme body heat that can be felt radiating off the creature. In rain or snow steam will waft off its fur. Occasionally sparks will flicker from the creature’s mouth such as when it’s laughing or howling.
Also the example wolf in RoP: M has infamous, otherwise I would have given it

Non-magical Qualities:

Thick Fur, Keen Sense of Smell, Sharp Ears

Magic Qualities:

Improved Characteristics*2, Gift of Speech, Greater Power*1, Personal Power*3, Improved Power, Improved Abilities*3, Improved Fatigue, Ritual Power

Magic Inferiorities:

Reduced Might*2


Brawl (teeth) 5, Awareness (smell) 3, Athletics (running) 4, Hunt (by smell) 4, Survival (forests) 3, High German (Swiss) 3, Area Lore: Rhine (Forests), Second Sight (demons) 3 Penetration (Ig) 2 Finesse (Avoiding Bystanders) 1 (10xp), Magic Theory (Inventing Spells) 4 (55xp) Latin (Hermetic Usage) 3 (40xp) Order of Hermes Lore (Familiars) 1 (5xp), Artes Liberales (writing systems) 1, Carouse (party tricks) 1

Natural Weapons: Teeth Init: +0 Atk: +3 Dfn: +1 Dam: +1


Blood of the Mother,

3 points, Init-8, Vim
R: Touch D: Mom T: Ind, Ritual
This power only be used on those under the care of the wolf. In an act of will and power the wolf smears a bit of blood on the recipient’s body. The target is granted the virtue Magical Blood: Animal, (Wolf). In addition to the might pool costs this costs three confidence points to cast. (This is instead of reducing might score.)
No Hermetic Equivalent: Ritual Power +2 mastery points to reduce cost. Based off Grant (minor virtue) RoP: M pg 39 with some flavor added by cutting out some options.

Heart of Fire

0 Pints, Constant (Init-1), Creo Ignem (Rego) -30,
R: Touch D: Constant T: Ind
The wolf’s heart and blood seethe with the power of fire, radiating into the body and finally the surrounding environment. The wolf is capable of directing the heat not to touch those it favors, but should the wolf wish it those nearby will face searing heat. Only the most flammable substances will start on fire, but flesh will blister and burn. Anyone engaged in melee with the wolf takes +5 damage each time they attack or are attacked by the wolf in melee regardless of the success of the attack. Outside of combat the aura of heat is about the size of a bonfire.
Base 4 +1 touch +2 sun +1 constant + 1 rego req, size+1 15 levels spent to reduce cost

Purifying Lances

0 Points, Init-2, CrIg(PeVi)
R: Sight D: Mom T: Ind
The wolf let’s forth a howl and three bolts of fire streak forth from the wolf’s mouth toward any target or targets the creature can see. Normally these bolts have a high arc through the sky, but it isn’t mandatory. Sometimes the bolts appear to transform themselves into a flaming imp, or demonic face before striking the target. That only happens when an unlucky, invisible demon gets caught by the bolt of fire.
Against most creatures the effect is bad enough each bolt that strikes inflicting +20 damage. Demons have it even worse losing 20 might for each bolt that penetrates through their resistance. The wolf can divide the bolts however it chooses. Finally the wolf’s penetration score is increased by two when calculating the penetration of the flames.
Base 15+3 sight, +2 req, 10 levels to reduce cost, 2 Mastery Points to get a Mastery Score of 2, Multiple Casting, Penetration.

Hands of the Magical Animal

0 Points, Init+0, Ignem(?)
As from Realms of Power: Magic Page 39

Familiar Bond:


Bronze Cord +3


Ward Against Minor Flames
ReIg-19 Constant
R: Touch T: Ind D: Sun
The Maga gains immunity to heat and fire that inflicts less than +5 fire damage, and +5 soak against heat.
Base 4+1 touch +2 sun +4 levels Constant

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