Founded: 1178
Statuts: Summer


The Covenant of Pyramids is located on the Giza Plateau amidst the great Necropolis, consisting of the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. The members all have different sanctums tucked away in regiones. Each member has a station ranked by the five corners of a pyramid, with rank assigned by age. However, the public authority begins in the middle with Oestrides, the two eldest members are quite withdrawn.

Resident Magi

The number in brackets are the hermetic ages in 1240

  • Ruth filia Orestes of Bonisagus (37): Head; eldest member, only remaining founding member, wracked with warping and twilight, Visions, Hermetic Theurgy
  • Helieobus Inepu Ex-Miscellanea (29/20): North East; Egyptian Priest magic lineage, lives in a regio with ghosts, Hermetic Spirit Magic
  • Oestrides filius Ruth of Bonisagus (19): North West; raised up and dwelt here since he was seven, born in Alexandria of mixed Greek/Coptic parents, talented inventor, created Roberto’s carpet and has many more devices, has learned the secret of Amulet spells, has already taken an apprentice named Rachel
  • Najib filus Paraiah of Criamon (16): South East; local boy taken in and trained by Paraiah (the other founding member, lost in twilight nine years now), mix of Criamon mysteries and Hermetic Spirit Magic
  • Inet en Inepu Ex-Miscellanea (10): South West; youngest member, from the same priestly lineage as Heliobus (same grand-parens)

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Andorra has a decent working relationship with the Pyramids covenant, having traded with them in the past.

Lucas's Contact

  • Oestrides filius Ruth of Bonisagus
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