Queen Soteira

Following the elements of The Visitor, in 1235, Roberto's paramour became Queen of Heracleion, and underwent a massive power boost as such.
She also gained ownership of the Crown of Nammu and King Triton's Trident, legendary faerie artifacts which also add to her power.

As a consequence of all the upheaval it had been through, the city was restless, and rebuilding it was quite a challenge. There was a lot of dissatisfaction with some of her choices.
Where King Triton would just have had his way, she sought another, more suited to her tastes.
She's an idealist, and, as much as she loved her father, she didn't like how everyone bowed before him, was a little afraid of him, and how he ruled everything and everyone around him.
She could have just used brute force to crush any political opposition. She chose instead to give it a voice.

So, she turned towards his old council, resurecting it, and trying to tie them up to the decision-making. Seeiking their advise, and trying to gain their support.
Formerly an simple reunion of 5 advisers, the council was now a far more democratic system, with an assembly of representatives that discussed matters and tried to reach a compromise. Ideally, each decisions would be backed by most, if not all, of the council, with Soteira herself only having 2 votes where the councilmembers each had 1.

Obviously, Soteira is not a politician, which is why the council system isn't very-well thought out ^^ Or maybe it is, if one aims for democracy.

Princess Soteira (Pre-1235)


Queen Soteira (Post-1235)

Faerie Might: 40 (Aquam), going to 50 with King Triton's trident and the Crown of Nammu.
Characteristics: Int +1, Per 0, Pre +2, Com +1, Str +2, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik +1
Confidence: 0 (0)


  • Faerie Speech* [Many faeries have a Pretense called Faerie Speech, which they use instead of acquiring human languages. Faeries seem to know the same languages as whomever they are talking to. If speaking to a group that has demonstrated mixed linguistic skills, the faerie may select which language to speak in. This effect occurs whenever the faerie speaks and costs no Might. It is not magically resisted, because the effect only alters the behavior of the faerie. If the faerie has not heard a person from its audience speak, it may only use whichever language it last used with humans. Once its audience speaks, the faerie may then converse in the correct language for its audience.]
  • Humanoid Faerie* [The character has a material body of roughly human shape. It has all of the advantages of being a faerie, and of having a faerie body.]
  • Inspirational (Bonus: +3 to targets' Personality Traits)
  • Lesser Immunity (Drowning)
  • Narrowly Cognizant [The character is able to improve itself in ways traditional for characters of this type. A dwarf may seek to become a dwarf king, for example. Or a faerie maid may wish to steal a child to raise as her own.]
  • Positive Folktales [The character’s type of faerie is described in local folklore, and because of this, the character is treated with respect, caution, and deference when its nature is obvious.
  • Faerie Sight* [This Virtue, which works constantly at no cost to the faerie, is used in conjunction with the Awareness Pretense. It allows faeries to: Tell mundane from glamourous things (Automatic success: no roll required), See the borders of glamour, so that they know which faerie that props and territories belong to (Automatic success: no roll required), See Arcane Connections, so that they know which objects belong to a human (automatic success), and also to which human they belong (If human and object can be observed, automatic success). They can also read each other’s glamour. Faerie Lore is a body of knowledge that humans learn through experience, so very few faeries have it. (Ease Factor = Might of other faerie/5) Faeries use the ability to read each other’s glamour to guide their interactions, instead of using Faerie Lore. Finally, they can also see mundane things hidden by glamour (Ease Factor = 3 + (Might of Faerie causing the glamour - Might of the faerie attempting to see through the glamour)/5)]
  • Humanoid Faerie* [The character has a material body of roughly human shape. It has all of the advantages of being a faerie, and of having a faerie body.]
  • Improved Characteristics (×2)*


  • Driven (Serve her people)
  • Heir
  • Restricted Might: On land* [The faerie is nearly powerless at certain times or under certain conditions. At the onset of these disadvantageous conditions, any ongoing supernatural effects that the creature has started with its powers immediately end, except for those that constantly affect the creature itself. As long as the conditions last, the creature is unable to spend or recover Might points.]
  • True Love: Roberto
  • Vulnerable to Iron* [The body of the character, and all of its accouterments, are made of matter held together by glamour. The character’s glamour provides no defense against a particular source of damage. This is particularly problematic, as the faerie’s armor contains glamour. The character has a Soak score of 0 against this substance.]


  • Focus Power × 3: 75/75
  • Greater Power × 2: 100/100
  • Improved Abilities × 5 (+250 exp)
  • Improved Attack × 1 (Fist: +2)
  • Improved Damage × 1 (Fist: +3)
  • Improved Soak × 5 (Soak: +10)
  • Lesser Power × 10: 250/250
  • Minor Virtue (Faerie Sight)
  • Minor Virtue × 2 (Improved Characteristics)
  • Personal Power × 4: 100/100


  • Major Flaw (Vulnerable to Iron)
  • Minor Flaw (Restricted Might: On land)


Dodge: Init: +1, Attack —, Defense +4, Damage —
Fist: Init: +1, Attack +7, Defense +5, Damage +5
Kick: Init: +0, Attack +4, Defense +3, Damage +5
King Triton's Trident: Init: +5, Attack +8, Defense +6, Damage +13
Trident: Init: +3, Attack +8, Defense +6, Damage +7

Soak: +12 (+20 in armor)
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20), Dead (21+)


Area Lore: Herakleion 2 (personalities), Athletics 1 (grace), Autocrat 3 (Ruling), Awareness 2 (alertness)
Brawl 3 (Fist)
Charm 1 (Warriors), Concentration 2 (Powers)
Etiquette 3 (court)
Faerie Speech 5, Folk Ken 2 (the opposite sex)
Guile 2 (elaborate lies)
Intrigue 2 (alliances)
Leadership 4 (inspiration)
Order of Hermes Lore 1 (politics)
Single Weapon 4 (Trident)


King Triton's Trident

Following the Mythic Weapons rules in Sub Rosa 16, this is a Faerie Weapon of Might 05.
It grants Increased Faerie Might minor virtue to its wielder (effectively adding its own might to its wearer), and can control and shape large bodies of sea water.

The ancient trident has one goal in life: To serve its master, whoever it is. There's an ancient ceremony in Heracleion, by which one attunes itself to the trident by cutting one's palm with it and whispering one's name. Despite the pagan trappings, this is actually more pragmatic than it may seem: Between the blood and the birth name, this gives the trident a +4 penetration bonus for its "Grant Increased Faerie Might" power, enabling it to affect a faerie up to Might 60.

Faerie Might: 5 (Terram)
Virtues and Flaws: Magic Thing, Incognizant*, Mute*, Traditional Ward: Sailors*
Qualities and Inferiorities: Improved Damage × 2 (Trident: +6), Improved Initiative × 1 (Trident: +3), Lesser Power × 4: 100/100, Major Flaw (Mute), Minor Flaw (Traditional Ward: Sailors), Minor Flaw (Incognizant), No Fatigue*, Ritual Power × 1: 25/25, Temporary Might*
Reputations: Fearsome Weapon 2
Traits: Loyal to Wielder 2, Violent 1
Trident: Init: +4, Attack +2, Defense +0, Damage +11
Abilities: Area Lore: Mediterranean Sea (Currents) 2, Awareness (Wearer) 2, Penetration (Grant power) 11
Master of the Sea (Lesser: 100), Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-16, Form: Aquam, Range: Sight, +3, Duration: Conc, +1, Target: Part, +1, Level: ReAq45, Design: 45 levels, Base 5, +3 Sight, +1 Conc, +1 Part, +3 size, -9 Might cost, +2 Initiative cost: Can control large parts of the sea in a violent way, creating strong currents in any place it can see.
Grant Increased Faerie Might (Ritual: 25), Cost: 25, Points: 5, Initiative: Qik-10, Form: Vim, Range: Touch, +1, Duration: Sun, +0, Target: Ind, +0, Virtue: Increased Faerie Might increase the target's faerie might by 05 points, until the virtue is rescinded.

Crown of Nammu

Likewise, this golden crown is a Faerie item of Might 10, going up to 10 when in Herakleion. Between that and the birth name of its rightful wearer, it can manage a penetration of 42, hopefully granting both Increased Faerie Might and an Aura of Ennobled Presence.

Contrary to the trident, its goal is to serve the royal family, and to symbolize its power. Legends about it tell how only one from the royal line can unlock its powers and gain its wisdom.

Faerie Might: 10 (Terram)
Virtues: Faerie Sight*, Faerie Speech*, Narrowly Cognizant*, Place of Power: Heracleion*
Flaws: Crippled*, Slow Might Recovery*
Qualities and Inferiorities: Major Flaw (Slow Might Recovery), Major Flaw (Crippled), Ritual Power × 1: 25/25, Lesser Power × 10: 250/250, Minor Virtue (Place of Power: Heracleion), Minor Virtue (Faerie Sight), Minor Virtue (Faerie Speech)
Reputations: Artefact of power 2, Can only be worn by the rightful king or queen
Traits:Loyal to the royal line 3, Careful 2
Abilities: Area Lore: Mediterranean Sea 6 (geography), Autocrat 4, Awareness 3 (alertness), Faerie Lore 5 (Aquatic Faeries), Faerie Speech 5, Folk Ken 3 (Heroes), Intrigue 5 (alliances), Magic Lore 1 (magical traditions), Penetration 10 (Royalty)
Aura of Ennobled Presence (Lesser: 20), Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-4, Form: Imaginem, Range: Touch, +1, Duration: Sun, +2, Target: Ind, +0, Level: MuIm10, Design: 10 levels, Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, -2 Might cost
Enthrall Crowd (Lesser: 120), Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-16, Form: Mentem, Range: Sight, +3, Duration: Sun, +2, Target: Group, +2, Level: CrMe50, Design: 50 levels, Base 4, +3 Sight, +2 Sun, +2 Group, +3 size, -10 Might cost, +4 Initiative cost: Allows a faerie to create a particular emotion in any group of up to 10 000 people that it can see it. Fear, loyalty, and infatuation are popular choices. This power also increases the intensity of an emotion that already exists. A stress roll with an appropriate Personality trait against an Ease Factor of 9 allows a victim to overcome this power’s effect.
Ear of Truth (Lesser: 60), Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-12, Form: Mentem, Range: Per, +0, Duration: Conc, +1, Target: Hearing, +3, Level: InMe30, Design: 30 levels, Base 10, +1 Conc, +3 Hearing, -6 Might cost
Perceive all under the Sea (Lesser: 50), Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-10, Form: Imaginem, Range: Water-way, +3, Duration: Conc, +1, Target: Body-of-water, +3, Level: InIm25, Design: 25 levels, Base 2, +3 Water-way, +1 Conc, +3 Body-of-water, -5 Might cost: The crown may see and hear everything that happens under the sea it is in. It needs not be able to see the target, but he must be able to sense it in some way, unless the spell is an Intellego effect intended to determine whether something is in the water-way.
Grant Increased Faerie Might (Ritual: 25), Cost: 25, Points: 5, Initiative: Qik-10, Form: Vim, Range: Touch, +1, Duration: Sun, +0, Target: Ind, +0, Virtue: Increased Faerie Might, which increases the target's faerie might by 05 points until the virtue is rescinded.

Jade Armor

Actually made from Soteira's glamour, this armor may be "summoned" out of nearby materials, usually water, when the queen goes into battle. As such, it protects with +8 soak, but without hindering movement.

Encumbrance: 0 (1)


Mistress of the Sea (Focus: 40)

Points: 1-8, Initiative: Qik-(1-8), Form: Aquam
Cast cast any lvl 40 or lower non-ritual spell pertaining to the sea or its waters.

Soteira uses this to simulate "Conversing with the Sea" ((Base 15 +1 Touch +1 Concentration, costs 5 points, Init -5), which allows her to ask questions of her local part of the ocean. Similar to Voice of the Lake (ArM5 page 122), except that faeries can converse with portions of genuine lakes and seas.

Shapes of the Sea (Focus: 35)

Points: 1-7, Initiative: Qik-(1-7), Form: Corpus
Cast cast any lvl 35 or lower non-ritual spell allowing the transformation into a sea creature.

Chaos of the Angry Waves (Lesser: 60)

Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-12, Form: Aquam
Range: Voice, +2, Duration: Conc, +1, Target: Part, +1
Level: ReEq 30, Base 5, +2 Voice, +1 Conc, +1 Part, +1 size, -6 Might cost
Causes water to churn wildly, overturning small water craft and forcing Swim rolls at -6, in a circular area 20 paces across.

Extended Glamour (Personal: 25)

Points: 0, Initiative: Qik+0, Form: Mentem, Duration: Constant, Target: Str, +3: RoP:F p61.
0 points, constant, Mentem
Grants awareness of everything that happens within the bounds of Herakleion. In essence, Soteira is coterminous with her city's associated landscape feature, and is present simultaneously everywhere within its boundaries. The area controlled by her can produce a yearly harvest of Might/10) pawns of vis of Aquam vis, which manifests as physical objects within the controlled region. Removing this vis does not harm Soteira if it is bargained for. This is the power that allows faeries to extend auras about themselves, as described in RoP: Faerie chapter 1: Nature of Faerie.

Kiss of the Mermaid (Lesser: 60)

Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-12, Form: Aquam
Range: Touch, +1, Duration: Until, +4, Target: Part, +1
Level: MuAq30, Base 4, +1 Touch, +4 Until, +1 Part, -6 Might cost
Allows the person kissed to breathe under water until she walks upon dry land.

Mighty Torrent of Water (Greater: 55)

Points: 0, Initiative: Qik+3, Form: Aquam
Range: Voice, +2, Duration: Mom, +0, Target: Ind, +0
Level: CrAq20, Base 10, +2 Voice, -2 Might cost, +5 Initiative cost
A 3-foot-diameter jet of water sprays from your outstretched arms towards your target. The target of this gusher of water takes +10 damage and must make a Strength + Size stress roll of 9+ or be sent flying back.

Transform into Water (Personal: 45)

Points: 2, Initiative: Qik-3, Form: Corpus
Range: Per, +0, Duration: Conc, +1, Target: Ind, +0
Level: MuCo35, Base 30, +1 Conc, -2 Might cost
Transforms the character into a wave

Neptune's Imprisoning Arms (Greater: 45)

Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-3, Form: Aquam
Range: Voice, +2, Duration: Sun, +2, Target: Group, +2
Level: MuAq30, Base 4, +2 Voice, +2 Sun, +2 Group, -3 Might cost
Operates like Trap of the Entwining Vines, but the ‘vines’ are made from water, which takes on a semi-solid form for the duration of this spell. The ‘vines’ can hold still a small rowing boat, or up to 6 people.

Clear Sight of the Naiad (Personal: 30)

Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-2, Form: Aquam
Range: Per, +0, Duration: Sun, +2, Target: Vision, +4
Level: InAq20, Base 1, +2 Sun, +4 Vision, +1 constant, -2 Might cost, Constant Power: +1
You can see through water as clearly as through the air

Queen of the Sea Beasts (Lesser: 130)

Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-22, Form: Animal
Range: Water-way, +3, Duration: Sun, +2, Target: Group, +2
Level: ReAn60, Base 15, +3 Water-way, +2 Sun, +2 Group, +2 Size, -12 Might cost, +2 Initiative cost
The character may summon up to 100 Groups worth of creature of the seas within the same water-way, and order it to perform a task. Dolphins are particularly eager to please, and always attempt to obey a summons, even at considerable risk to themselves. Other water creatures will only obey a summons if a Presence + Leadership roll against an Ease Factor of 6 + Creature Size is successfully made. The power must also Penetrate the Magic Resistance of a Magical creature to be effective. The character can attempt to summon either a specific individual, or a type of creature, in which case the closest of that type responds. Of course, if the water creature is distant it may take a considerable period of time for it to swim to the character’s location.

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