• Father Renart, a Franciscan priest who was traveling with Father Vilanis.
  • Ricardus of Flambeau, a gay member of Doissetep covenant who has allegedly been carrying on an affair with Francois of Jerbiton at Bellaquin covenant.
  • Rickart ex Bonisagus, a pious Bonisagus troubleshooter known as "The Sandman" because of his specialty with sleep spells.
  • Robert of Flambeau, dapper and blond, a knightly Flambeau with the Gentle Gift, and a member of Bellaquin covenant.
  • Roberto of Flambeau, Journeyman, the quintessential Flambeau; a veteran soldier and adventurer; father to Carmen.
  • Roger, a member of the Andorran guard.
  • Ruth filia Orestes of Bonisagus, eldest member of the Pyramids covenant, only remaining founding member, wracked with warping and twilight, Visions, Hermetic Theurgy; lives in the head of the pyramid

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