Regulus Aquilius of Bjornaer

Bjornaer magus
Friend of Marcellus, he is his eldest by a year.
Eagle Heartbeast
Loves wilderness, winds and storms
Favors items over spells, would have made a good Verditius
No Sense of Direction (as per the Flaw).

Spells known: Circling Winds of Protection, Bind Wound.

Gregor, his loyal servant. In his 40s, cheerful, loyal, puts "h" before every starting wovel. Large, balding. Hoarse voice

The Goblins

While they were apprentices, they were captured by goblins.
Marcellus convinced a rat that eating the ropes holding a dam together was a good idea.
They almost drowned when the water swept the goblins away from the stone quarry they were occupying. Regulus knew how to swim, not Marcellus, but the bjornaer managed to save them both.

Teaching Parma

Near the end of their apprenticeship, while sent to retrieve vis for their covenant, both Marcellus and Regulus (although that weren't their names back then) were bedeviled by a faerie. She kept using magic on the group to make them forget the way.
This is when Regulus confessed to Marcellus that he was just crap at directions, but was immune to the faerie's magics: He knew the Parma Magica! Despite not being gauntleted, according to his house's tradition, he was a magus, and had been taught it. In desperation, he offered Marcellus to teach him the missing gestures, so that Marcellus could escape the fae's magic.
Marcellus agreed, and led them out of the forest. The subject was never mentioned again between them, and Marcellus pretended to learn them for the first time during the confirmation ceremony after his Gauntlet.
Regulus proposal was not surprising. He'd been long complaining that not teaching the Parma to apprentices was stupid, and his master held similar view.

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