Roberto Of Flambeau 1234

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Roberto of Flambeau 1234

Roberto Rodriguez of Flambeau, Knight of Seneca


Born in 1190; orphaned in 1200 at age 10; apprenticed in 1205 at age 15; battlefield gauntlet in 1212 at age 22, follows mentor during the Shadow Wars for the next few years (completing his training)
Santiago kills Rasus in 1219, sent to help revitalize Novus Mane in 1220 at age 30; many adventures (Ugly Pete & the Sea Hag, pirates, Temple of Nehalenia, Sangria in Toledo and Leolinus, pirates, struggle for independence, Bone Merchant and flying a ship, Golden Scythe and blackout)
Transfers to Mons Electi in Winter 1227, many important events (Normandy Regional Tribunal & Tournament of Summer 1227(Dimicatio quarter-finals), bonds with Familiar in 1228; Crumblehatch and other intrigues; Alabaster Lioness & Heracleion 1229; returns to Mons Electi two years later but repeatedly drawn to the sea to visit his True Love (Princess Soteira of Heracleion, a meremaid princess in an underwater city); decides to strike off on his own with his entourage in 1233 and heads for the Baelric Islands


Int +2, Per +0, Com +0, Pre +1, Str +2, Sta +1, Dex +1, Quik +1
Size: 0
Age: 43 (41)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 0 (2)
Confidence: 2 (5)
Personality Traits: Reckless +3, Brave +3, Self Assured +2, Introspective +2
Reputations: Infamous Master 3 (Hermetic), House Flambeau Acclaim (exceptionally bold) 2 (Hermetic)


+0 Gifted Hermetic Magus, +F Puissant Ignem, +1 Puissant Creo, +1 Life Boost, +1 Improved Characteristics, +1 Mastered Spells, +1 Self Confident, +1 Skilled Parens, +1 Warrior, +3 Flawless Magic; +1 True Friend1; +3 Gentle Gift2


-1 Infamous Master, -1 Reckless, -1 Mentor, -1 Unimaginative Learner, -3 Overconfident, -3 Weak Magic Resistance (when not in possession of a symbol of his Catholic faith, such as a rosary or a crucifix (he carries one of each)); -3 True Love2
(1Familar, 2Transformation)


Spanish 5 (Castilian, banter), Iberian Area Lore 2 (Reconquista); Artes Liberales 1 (literacy), Athletics 2 (fitness), Awareness 2 (alert), Brawl 4 (fistfight), Catalan 4 (chit-chat), Code of Hermes 1 (proceedure), Charm 1 (wit), Concentration 3 (spells), Finesse 3 (precision), French - Langue D'Oc 3 (tough talk), Folk Ken 2 (warriors), Guile 1 (smarminess), Hunt 1 (track), Intrigue 1 (alliances), Infernal Lore 1 (Flaming Shadows), Latin 4 (dramatic speech), Leadership 3 (in combat), Magic Lore 1 (mythic beasts), Magic Theory 5 (spells), Normandy Tribunal Lore 1 (covenants), Order of Hermes Lore 2 (Flambeau), Parma Magica 5 (Ignem), Penetration 2 (Creo), Philosophiae 1 (ceremonial casting), Profession-Seaman 1 (marine), Profession-Scribe 1 (copy), Profession-Soldier 3 (almogavar), Ride 1 (in battle), Single Weapon 6 (long sword), Stealth 1 (ambush), Survival 1 (forage), Thrown Weapon 3 (spear), Teaching 1 (martial abilities)


Don Diaz (aka "Cidito")
Bond Score: 35 (7 pawns)
Bond Level: 24
Cord Scores: Gold +1, Silver +2, Bronze +2
Lab Assistance: Int +1, Magic Theory 3 (Ignem)
Enchantments: (4 pawns)
CrMe15 Complex Mental Communication (Roberto to Cidito)
CrMe15 Complex Mental Communication (Cidito to Roberto)


Characteristics: Size +0, Refinement +1, General Quality +0, Upkeep +2, Safety +1, Warping +0, Health -2, Aesthetics +3 (Reputation-Spell Master +2 (Hermetic))
Virtues: +0 Defenses, +0 Guard, +0 Superior Construction, +0 Superior Equipment, +1 Living Quarters, +3 Greater Feature-Spell Circle (inscribed with sigil)
Flaws: -3 Greater Focus-Spell Circle
Specializations: +7 Spells, +1 Vis Extraction


Creo 6+3, Intéllego 3, Muto 2, Perdo 5, Rego 10
Animal 3, Aquam 1, Auram 3, Corpus 5, Herbam 3
Ignem 12+3, Imaginem 3, Mentem 5, Terram 3, Vim 5


MuAn15 Doublet of Impenetrable Silk: Mastery 1 (Stalwart)
CrCo20r The Chirgeon's Gentle Caress: Mastery 1 (Stalwart)
ReCo15 Wizard's Leap: Mastery 4 (Fast Cast, Stalwart, Precise, Flex-Touch)
ReCo20 Incantation of Paralyzation: Mastered 1 (Imperturbable)
ReCo35 Seven League Stride: Mastered 1 (Stalwart)
InHe15 Shriek of the Wooden Shafts: Mastery 1 (Stalwart)
MuHe15 Aegis of Unbreakable Wood: Mastery 1 (Stalwart)
CrIg10 Heat of the Searing Forge: Mastery 1 (Penetration)
CrIg10 Lamp without Flame: Mastery 1 (Imperturbable)
CrIg15 Test of the Flames: Mastery 1 (Resistance)
CrIg20 Flash of Dazzling Light: Mastery 1 (Fast Cast)
CrIg20 Pilium of Fire: Mastery 4 (Penetration, Fast Cast, Multicast)
Cr(Re)Ig20 Sword of the Avenger: Mastery 4 (Imperturbable, Fast Cast, Penetration, Subtle)
PeIg5 Chill of Winter: Mastery 1 (Flex-Voice)
PeIg20 Wizard's Touch of Cold: Mastery 1 (Penetration)
ReIg25 Ward against Heat & Flames: Mastery 1 (Stalwart)
InTe15 Howl of the Steel Weapons: Mastery 1 (Stalwart)
MuTe20 Edge of the Razor: Mastery 1 (Penetration)
PeVi5 Demon's Eternal Oblivion: Mastery 2 (Multicast, Penetration)
PeVi15 Thwarting the Thaumaturgical Threat: Mastery 3 (Fast Cast, Stalwart, Unravelling)
PeVi15 Lancea Magica: Mastery 2 (Penetration, Unravelling)

Noteworthy Items

Carpet of Orestes: Lesser Enchanted Device

Obtained as a gift from the covenant of Pyramids I during the Alabaster Lioness Expedition, the carpet was enchanted by Orestes of Bonisagus and given to Roberto to solve a logistical problem he has with is entourage. Johan cannot ride upon a ship with women, and one of his key members, Wen, is a woman and the (effectively wife) of another key henchman Allen (his big bruiser). So Wen often rides the carpet and scouts ahead of Johans ship, with Cidito tagging along to maintain communication.
ReAn30 Flying Carpet of Orestes
R: Item, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Ind, Unlimited Use
(Bae 1, +2M Unnatural Motion, +1M Speed, +1M carry a Person, +1M extra weight, +1M Concentration; +5L Item Maintains Concentration, +10L Unlimited Use)

Kindness: Exceptional Weapon

Statistics: Init +2, Atk +7, Def +1, Dmg +9
Roberto has gone through several swords in his career. Clemente, his old longsword named after his father, was given as a gift to his sodale Wirth. Carlita was a sword he used for a short time during the Shadow Wars, which was disintegrated by Rassus. Santiago, named for his mentor from whom it was received as a gift, was lost in the boiling sea. Kindness was crafted by Pedro, using Vandium steel and the Toledo style, to prove the point that he could craft a blade as fine as Santiago. He did better. When Pedro was slain in battle, he gave the sword to Roberto and whispered his dying breath "…kill them with kindness…". Roberto accepted the sword and was going to name it Vengador, but then noticed Pedro had already inscribed the name "Kindness" upon it.

Henchmen (Specialists)

Allen (Str +3, Single Weapon 6)
Albert (Dex +3, Profession-Soldier 6)


First Cycle (1220-1226); Novus Mane
7 years (28 seasons), 21 pawns of vis (42)
1 season scratched
17 seasons Advancement (170xp)
10 seasons Lab (20xp)

  • 1s Refine Lab
  • 1s Customize Lab
  • 1s invent CrIg20 Flash of Dazzling Light from scratch
  • 1s invent CrIg10 HotSF & CrIg10 LwoF from scratch
  • 2s invent ReCo20 Incanbtation of Paralyzation from scratch
  • 2s invent PeIg5 Chill of Winter & PeIg20 Wizard's Touch of Cold from scratch
  • 1s invent PeVi15 Thwarting the Thaumaturgical Threat from scratch
  • 1s invent PeIm20 Veil of Invisibility from Lab Text

Second Cycle (1227-1233; Mons Electi
7 years (28 seasons), 21 pawns of vis (42)
1 season scratched
16 seasons Advancement (160xp)
7 seasons Lab (14xp)

  • 1s move Lab
  • 1s invent ReCo35 Seven League Stride from Lab Text
  • 1s Bond Familiar
  • 2s invest CrMe15 Mental Communication twice (once each way)
  • 1s invent PeVi15 Lancea Magica from scratch
  • 1s invent MuTe20 Edge of the Razor from Lab Text

4seasons Transformation (Gentle Gift & True Love NPC)

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