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In 1234, Roberto Settles in an old lighthouse of the Mallorca Chapterhouse

Roberto's quarters

Roberto resides in an old Roman lighthouse in Sant Antoni de Portmany on the coast of Ibiza. It is an old Roman harbor and fishing village, and though old, the lighthouse tower is in excellent condition and an exquisite example of superior Roman engineering. Indeed, there is magic in the construction, for the very top floor has a Magic Aura of 3 Aligned with Ignem. In ancient days this helped with the (now forgotten) rituals used to illuminate the harbor. The tower has been abandoned in favor of a newer and larger one that is easier to access. Roberto's tower is located at the highest point in the area, atop a sea cliff overlooking the harbor, accessed only by a lone road from the town. It is hard to get to (unless you fly or can teleport), and the forgotten magic is of no use to the villagers. Because of this, and his heroism in defending against pirates (and because he has the Gentle Gift now), the people are happy to let him reside there. To further earn good will, Roberto donates money and effort to the annual Spring Awakenings festival, and has magically reawakened the lamp of the tower and shines down upon the village on those days. Unwittingly, this festival is what sustains the magical aura.

Status +0

+0 Journeyman: Roberto had already recently migrated to the Baelric Islands and set up shop in Ibiza, having originally come to get away from Hermetic politics and the culture of magi (and to be closer to his beloved). After a couple of run ins with pirates (including ne that was a hedge wizard), he earned a good reputation and was invited by Tiana to join Andorra (the intended purpose to provide security for the fledgeling chapterhouse of Sa Drgonera). The members are not all concentrated as in most covenants, and he knows a little Hermetic companionship and support is a good thing. So he has become a Journeyman member of the Covenant of Andorra. This is ironic in that he is a Knight of Seneca and of the True Lineage of Delendos, yet until the swearing ceremony he had never been there nor has the significance really sunk in yet.

Aura +2

+3 Strong Aura: A Magic Aura of 3
+1 Controlled Regio: Access to the regio from outside is restricted by his control of the tower, which is kept secure.
+1 Favorable Aura: Aligned with Ignem
-1 Flickering Aura: The aura is sustained by an annual spring awakenings festival. The tradition had been waning and people lost interest, but when Roberto re-lit the tower and adjusted it to shine on the town for festival nights, enthusiasm rekindled.
-2 Tiny Aura (x2): The aura encompasses only his Lab

Location +1

+0 Island
+1 Difficult Access
+2 Healthy Feature: for a total +3 bonus to aging & healing.
-1 Monster: There is a sea monster nearby. Tales are told of it but it has not been seen in a while, so it is not an issue yet. Not yet anyway…
-1 Urban: Roberto lives next a small coastal fishing village

Construction +1

+0 Tower
+1 Superior Engineering

Resources +1

+1 Private Income

Inhabitants +2

+2 Increased Staff

Relations +0

+1 Agents: Roberto has contacts and connections with the villagers and local sailors
-1 Hangout: A dockside tavern, where the members of his staff and entourage like to hang out.

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