Rodrigo Vasquez Of Mercere

A noble turned Redcap then Magus; a pivotally important member who has been missing for several years. The son of a Redcap, his father married the lone heiress of Arans, thus Rodrigo inherited the title of Seigneur. Since an alod requires no Oath of Fealty, he was permitted to follow his father’s footsteps as a Redcap. He served many years as both a herald and custodian, earning much respect and influence in his House. At some point he developed the Gentle Gift, and managed to both learn Hermetic Magic and self initiate Mysteries of the Cult of Mercury. How this was accomplished remains a complete mystery. His fellow Redcaps looked upon him with awe and the magi of Mercere admire him. They thought that perhaps he represented the restoration of the Gift in a reincarnated Mercere. His magic was never particularly very good since he lacked proper training. However, he had already sworn the Hermetic Oath and was considered a full magus anyway.

Rodrigo had a temperament and philosophy similar to that of his Flambeau covenant mates, and has gained much prestige in House Mercere.

Florenzo of Jerbiton is his son

Rodrigo mysteriously developed the Gentle Gift at age 47, and since he was already a Magus, he just continued on from that point onward and taught himself as he went (with the assistance of friends that provided some training). This leads to an unusual development pattern. I initially develop him as a Redcap, gauntleted at age 25 then advanced to age 53 as a Redcap with two free seasons per year. Then at age 53 I swap Redcap for Gentle Gift. He winds up turning all of his Redcap magic items over to his non-gifted brethren. His equivalent free House Virtue is Well Traveled, a holdover from Redcap. He had a Lab Total 50 Longevity Potion ever since he turned 35.
I had him start out with a total of only seven points of Virtues & Flaws. One of these was Latent Magic, which I swap for Puissant Parma Magica when his Gift opens (he began exhibiting magic resistance just before his Gift manifested, he thought it was a new Supernatural Ability). He had the Close Family Ties Flaw when he was younger, but his family has grown up and moved away. Florenzo doesn’t count Razz. So I swap that for Lost Love, because he misses his dead wife. I then give him three points of Hermetic Flaws; Difficult Spontaneous Magic, Weak Magic, and Weak Parens (representing is suboptimal training conditions). Then he gains Hermetic Prestige and Famous because of his miracle, and Puissant Creo comes along with his Gift as well.
Balancing out at 10 points, I then give him 180 experience points and 90 levels of spells over the next fifteen years. This equals any other magus with the Weak Parens Flaw from the time their Arts are opened until their Gauntlet. This represents his learning to use his newfound powers with assistance from his sodales, while maintaining all outward appearances as to being a fully competent magus. I then advance him twenty years, from age 68 to age 88, using the normal house rules for advancement (40xp/year or lab work). The breakdown of the use of this time is as follows; 8 Years for xps, 1 Year to create & refine lab, 6 Years for spells, and 5 Years for more xps. During this time, I gave him several Twilight Episodes. The first made him Twilight Prone, then he gained some knowledge and lost some knowledge, and also acquired Mercurian Magic. At the end of development, he had an episode with severe consequences. He severely botched the comprehension roll and has spent the past eight years in a Twilight Episode (7 + a stress die). Those years don’t require aging rolls, but they do affect aging for his next roll (at age 96). He also gained the Weak Spontaneous Magic Flaw.

Rodrigo Diego Miguel Vasquez of Mercere:
Characteristics: Int +2, Per +0, Com +1, Pre +2, Str +2, Sta +1, Dex +0, Quik +2
*Strength and Quickness were each increased one point with Ritual Magic
Size: 0
Age: 96 (appears 42, skipped 8 years in Twilight)
Longevity: +4 (+10 from Level 50 Ritual, +4 Living Conditions)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 6 (115; 53 from Longevity, 57 from Twilight, 5 various other sources)
Confidence: 2 (5)
Virtues: +0 Hermetic Magus, +3 Gentle Gift (was Redcap), +0 Well Traveled, +1 Improved Characteristics, +1 Puissant Parma Magica (was Latent Magic), +1 Temporal Influence, +1 Warrior, +1 Hermetic Prestige, +1 Famous, +1 Puissant Creo
Flaws: -3 Undisclosed Major Story Flaw (same one as Antonio), -1 Dutybound, -1 Lost Love (was Close Family Ties), -1 Temperate, -1 Oversensitive, -1 Difficult Spontaneous Magic, -1 Weak Enchanter, -1 Weak Parens
Acquired Virtues & Flaws: -T Twilight Prone, +T Mercurian Magic, -T Weak Spontaneous Magic
Personality Traits: +1 Cranky, +1 Proud, +2 Loyal, +3 Honorable, +3 Brave
Reputations: Prestigious 4 (Hermetic), A Highly Skilled and Powerful Magus 4 (Hermetic), Temperamental 2 (Hermetic), Courageous 3 (local), Serious 2 (local), Kind & Generous 1 (local & ecclesiastic)
Longsword (& Shield):
Soak: +
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Andorra Lore 3 (Arans), Animal Handling 3 (horses), Arabic 3 (Andalusia), Artes Liberales 2 (grammar), Athletics 3 (running), Awareness 3 (danger), Bargain 4 (vis), Brawl 4 (fistfight), Carouse 3 (drinking songs), Charm 3 (wit), Code of Hermes 2 (political intrigue), Concentration 2 (spells), Etiquette 3 (magi), Faerie Lore 2 (dark fae), Finesse 3 (precision), Folk Ken 4 (magi), Guile 2 (fast talk), Iberia Lore 4 (covenants), Intrigue 2 (alliances), Latin 4 (magi), Leadership 5 (in battle), Magic Lore 3 (creatures), Magic Theory 7 (spells), N Occitain 5 (Catalan), Order of Hermes Lore 4 (personalities), Parma Magica 5+2 (Corpus), Penetration 2 (Creo), Profession-Scribe 3 (copying), Provencal Lore 3 (travel routes), Riding 4 (speed), Single weapon 6 (fighting with shield), Spanish 4 (Castilian), Stealth 3 (sneak), Survival 4 (mountains)
Arts: Cr 12+3, In 9, Mu 5, Pe 5, Re 5, An 5, Aq 5, Au 5, Co 10, He 5, Ig 5, Im 5, Me 7, Te 5, Vi 7
Twilight Scars & Effects: Cause (points); Effect; Scar

  • Failed to Avoid or Comprehend Twilight caused by a botch in a Faerie Aura (14); Twilight Prone; hair is frazzled like an anime character
  • Comprehended Twilight caused by a botch in an Infernal aura fighting demons (4); gained a 4th magnitude spell, Personal Ward against Demons; angelic face

*Failed to Avoid Twilight but Comprehended it (12 points); Mercurian Magic; shadow always has distinct edges;

  • Failed to Avoid Twilight (6); lost Seven League Stride; he is a real dick when he’s in a foul mood
  • Avoided Twilight (5)
  • Botched Twilight Comprehension, caused by a botch with vis in an attempt to teleport home (16 points); Weak Spontaneous Magic; he seemingly appears and disappears out of nowhere when people are not looking, kind of like Batman

Magic Sigil: a wondrous spectacle
Symbolic Sigil: A shield checkered red and black featuring a gold lion
Encumbrance: 0
Spells Known:
CrCo20r The Chirurgeon’s Gentle Caress Mastered 1; Stalwart
CrCo30r Gentle Caress of Aesclepius Mastered 1; Stalwart
CrCo40r Incantation of the Body made Whole
CrCo40r Strength of Renown R-Per, D-Mom, T-Ind. Permanently increases caster’s Strength by one point, to a maximum of +2.
CrCo40r Quickness of Renown R-Per, D-Mom, T-Ind. Permanently increases caster’s Quickness by one point, to a maximum of +2.
InCo35 Awareness of Mortal Foes Mastered 1; Stalwart
InHe15 Shriek of the Wooden Shafts
InIg5 Compass of the Vigilant Flame
InIm25 Eye’s of the Owl
InIm25 Eye’s of the Eagle
InMe25 Thoughts within Babble
InMe20 Posing the Silent Question
InTe15 Howl of the Steel Weapons
InVi5 Scales of the Magical Weight
InVi5 Sense the Nature of Vis
InVi20 Piercing the Magic Veil
[i]InVi30 Sense the Lingering Magic
MuVi25 Wizard’s Vim Boost Mastered 1; Fast Cast
PeIm20 Veil of Invisibility
PeMe10 Trust of Childlike Faith
PeMe15 Loss of but a Moment’s Memory
PeVi5 Demon’s Eternal Oblivion Mastered 4; Adaptive, Fast Cast, Multicast, Penetration)
PeVi10 Lancea Magica
PeVi10 Winds of Mundane Silence
PeVi10 Demon’s Eternal Oblivion (Adapted Mastery 4; Fast Cast, Multicast, Penetration)
ReCo15 Endurance of the Berserkers[i]
[i]ReCo15 Wizard’s Leap
ReIg25 Ward against Heat & Flames[i]
[i]ReMe10 Call to Slumber
ReMe10 Snap of Awakening
ReMe20 Aura of Rightful Authority
ReMe25 Demand of the Wizard’s Inquisition
ReVi20 Transfer the Essence of Vis
ReVi20r Watching Ward Mastered 1; Stalwart
ReVi25 Circular Ward against Demons
ReVi20 Personal Ward against Demons Mastered 2; Fast Cast, Flex to Touch
Characteristics: Size +2, Refinement +1, General Quality +0, Upkeep +4, Safety +2, Warping +0, Health +2, Aesthetics +15/+30 (Reputation 5/7; Sanctum of Power)
Specializations: +1 Teaching, +1 Texts, +7 Intellego, +2 Creo, +1 Ignem, +2 Imaginem
Virtues: +0 Defenses, +0 Grand Entrance, +0 Guard, +0 Precious Ingredients, +0 Site of Legend (doubles Aesthetics), +0 Spacious, +0 Superior Equipment, +0 Magical Heat & Light, +1 Gateway (Mercere Portal to Barcelona), +1 Lesser Feature-Portal, +1 Opulent, +1 Superior Decorations, +3 Greater Feature-Map
Flaws: -3 Greater Focus-Map, -1 Missing Equipment (no Items)
Magic Items:
Enchanted Items:
The Phoenix Sword The Phoenix Sword is one of the artifacts of Andorra dating back to the earliest era. It is an exquisite quality weapon with numerous magical powers. It protects the wielder from flame, is itself immune to heat of any severity, and can ignite as a flaming sword. It has other flame related powers, but what is most interesting is that it has the power to heal. The sword was supposedly crafted by the legendary Valdarius, and it is an Item of Quality granting a +4 to Attack Rolls (harm human and animal bodies). The blade is made of Toledo Steel with a red tint, with a gold plated cross-guard and hilt. The pommel is shaped like the head of a bird of prey and the cross-guard resembles fanned out wings. A fiery ruby is embedded in the crux.
In recent developments, after experimenting in the lab and dabbling in ancient mysteries, Rodrigo managed to Transform himself into a Genie of sorts, bound to the Phoenix Sword.

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