Founded: 1067
Status: Autumn

The Autumn covenant of Roznov, in the extreme east of Moravia bordering Hungary, is unusual in that it combines two strong, but entirely different traditions. Half of the covenant forms the pagan priesthood of the ancient Slavic god Radegast; the other half is an arch-conservative stronghold of House Tremere. The two halves of the covenant seem to be entirely independent of each other — although their political ambitions often coincide, it is not unusual for one half to be unaware of the schemes of the other, and to only learn about them through a third party. Roznov’s allegiance appears to be somewhat split between the Rhine Tribunal, which they attend, and the adjacent Tremere-dominated Transylvanian Tribunal, with which they are believed to maintain regular contact. As such, they are not really trusted by many of the other Rhine magi.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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