Sa Dragonera in 1234

Boons & Hooks

Unknown: -4

-3 Unknown Hook:
Possible ideas include Monster, Contested Resource, Dwindling Resource, Flawed Resources, Natural Disaster, Regio, etcetera.
-3 Unknown Hook:
The Variable McGuffin
-3 Unknown Hook: Room for stories by other players
+5 Unknown Boons:
Each player gets five points of personal Boons that affect only them. They may take up to five points of personal Hooks for additional Boon points.

Site: -1

+1 Healthy Feature:
The clean island air, ambient temperature, and sheer beauty of these islands promotes vitality and longevity. This grants a +1 bonus to all aging and recovery rolls.
+1 Vivid Environment:
The word "Magnificent" doesn't even begin to describe it.
-3 Scattered Location:
Various important elements of the chapterhouse are scattered throughout the islands. This also means no main site or central large aura to accommodate everyone. Instead, each magus character is allotted 5 points of Boons to design their own personal Quarter.

Fortifications: -1

-1 Outbuildings:

Resources: +3

+3 Hidden Resources
Who knows what we may find or will be uncovered?

Residents: +2

+0 Sailors:
Just about anyone that we recruit from the local area is going to be experienced with sailing and life by the sea.
+1 Chapterhouse:
Viewed in reverse, being a Chapterhouse is a boon to us, since it includes many benefits. Our expenses are paid, what we make above that is ours to keep, our motherhouse (Andorra) and cosponsor (Barcelona) are considered allies, and more.
+1 Criminals:
A lot of the grogs we recruit will wind up being former pirates, some still are, and they will be skilled fighters and seamen. They will require little in terms of wages, save for food, wine, and a bit of booty.
+1 Veteran Fighters:
In addition to sailors and pirates, the chapterhouse is staffed with a contingent of almogavars and a few marines.
-1 Superiors:
Sa Dragonera is a Chapterhouse, dependent on the Covenant of Andorra and partially subsidized by the Covenant of Barcelona. Our superiors cannot tell individuals what to do, only mandate decisions upon the conditions of the chapter (save for bits taken as personal boons/hooks).

External Relations: -2

-1 Outside Influences:
The Covenant of Barcelona has an invested interest in the affairs of Sa Dragonera. This may lead to conflicts of interest down the road, but not yet.
-1 Public Vis Source:
The legal deal between Andorra and Barcelona concerning Sa Dragonera is stamped and filed in triplicate at Harco, Duresca, and Andorra (because that vault is where the Mercere have stored the backup copies of records for decades now).

Surroundings +3

+3 Mystical Allies:
+1 Hidden Ways:
There are different paths and shortcuts and ways to get between points on the islands, some better than others.
-1 Minority:
Player characters will be mostly a minority, and the bulk of the mundane population is Moorish. There has been some displacement and resettlement forced by the powers that be (Count Peter), but it is a sad and slow process.

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