Salakk, Salt-Wyrm of Las Salines was seemingly obliterated by Carmen's lightning in 1230. Vulcanus chopped the corpse up and had the parts shipped home, taking vis from the bones. The bits were stashed in the cave under the basement under the catacombs under the basement.

Despite this, Salakk returned in 1235, wearing a gem stone (actually a blood red ruby the size of a kite-shield) strapped to his torso with a harness of metal of some sort. When the magi investigated its former remains, they discovered that there was nothing left but salt.
Despite the odds, a small team composed of Vibria, Arnau and some Flame Brothers, Antoni and Selim managed to defeat him. Having accompanied Vibria, Maurice the dragon informed the magi that the harness was "the same sort that Pan Caudrax uses", and would have instantly revived Salakk from the point of death.
Sadly, before Vibria could parlay with Salakk, Maurice savagely slashed his throat, killing the Salt Dragon a second time and devoring it.


Salakk, Salt-Wyrm of Las Salines, is long and massive (about 25-30 feet, or 7½ to 9 meters long), with scales of dusky-white and gleaming red eyes. It has tiny vestigial wings, no hind legs, and powerful forelimbs with deadly claws. It also has dozens of razor sharp teeth, which are twice as deadly. It's massive girth can support it as it holds its torso upright when he so chooses (such as in combat or to be intimidating), but he most prefers lying snaked out on the ground. He is hyper aware of everything that goes on around him, but he is so lazy that he may let minor intrusions slide as long as they do not wake him fully. But he may also feign slumber until intruders creep in closely; then suddenly snap out and try to suddenly swallow them with one bite.


Magic Might: 30 (Terram)
Characteristics: Int +0, Per +2, Com -1, Pre +2, Str +3, Sta +2, Dex +2, Quik +2
Size: +3
Season: Summer (360xp)
Condidence: 2 (5)

Personality Traits: Lazy* +6, Avarice* +5, Fearless +3, Cruel +3
Reputations: Evil 3 (local), Dormant 2 (local), Active 1 (local)


+0 Magic Animal; +3 Improved Characteristics (x3), +3 Magical Master (rules the villiage of Las Salines), +3 Wealthy (a *lot* of treasure), +1 Arcane Lore, +1 Great Quickness, +1 Lesser Immunity (dehydration), +1 Large, +1 Lightning Reflexes, +1 Puissant Brawl, +1 Puissant Guile, +1 Second Sight, +1 Self Confident, +1 Tough


-3 Major Essential Flaw (Avarice +6), -3 Major Essential Flaw (lazy +6), -3 Magic Monster, -1 Overconfident


+6 Greater Powers (x2), +5 Improved Soak (x5), +3 Improved Attack (claws), +3 Improved Damage (teeth), +3 Improved Fatigue (x3), +3 Improved Powers (x3), +2 Improved Abilities (x2), +2 Personal Power (x2), +1 Gift of Speech, +1 Improved Defense (claws), +1 Improved Initiative (teeth), +1 Variable Power


-1 Susceptible to Depravation


Teeth: Init +5, Atk +12, Def +10, Dmg +13
Claws: Init +1, Atk+18, Def +15, Dmg +5
Soak: +15
Fatigue: OK, 0, 0, -1, -1, -3, -3, -5, KO
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-8), -3 Med (9-16), -5 Hvy (17-24), Incap (25-32), Dead (33+)


Catalan 5 (Andorran), Andorra Area Lore 3 (Las Salines), Athletics 3 (dig), Awareness 3 (sight), Bargain 2 (ransom), Brawl 5+2 (claws), Concentration 2 (sleeping), Folk Ken 2 (villagers), Guile 3+2 (bold lies), Hunt 2 (goats), Intrigue 2 (plots), Leadership 4 (intimidation), Magic Lore 4 (dragonkind), Penetration 3 (breath), Second Sight 3 (invisibility), Stealth 2 (underground), Survival 2 (underground)


gp100, pp30+20, ip15

Breath of Parching Salt

1 point, Init +2, Aquam (Auram, Terram, Form of Target)
R: Special, D: Mom, T: Part
The wyrm can exhale a cloud of salty vapor that parches and dehydrates victims. The vapor blasts forth from the dragons mough, up to about 30 paces, and is large enough to encompass a large man. This will inflict +15 damage from dehydration, and may corrode steel or other items.
PeAq25 (base 10, +2 Voice, +1 Part, Requisites are required/cosmetic)
Greater Power (25 Levels); Improved Power, 5 points (-2 cost, +3 Init)


1 points, Init 0, Mentem
R: Eye, D: Moon, T: Ind
By gazing in a person's eyes, the Salt-Wyrm can bend their will and command them to perform a single verbal command (one uncomplicated phrase) to the best of their capability.
ReMe40 (base 20, +1 Eye, +2 Moon)
Greater Power (40 levels); Improved Power, 5 points (-3 cost, +2 Init)


0 points, Init -2, Imaginem
R: Arc, D: Sun, T: Ind
As per the power as described in RoP: Magic on page 103.
InIm35 (base 2, +4 Arc, +2 Sun, +1 constant, +1 non-Hermetic)
Greater Power (35 levels); Improved Power, 5 points (-4 cost, 5xp Penetration)


0 points, Init -1, Imaginem
R: Per, D: Constant, T: Vision
The wyrm can see in the darkness as easily as daylight. As a Variable Power, linked to Second Sight, he has gained other perception enhancements. Versitility is based upon his Second Sight score.
1See in darkness as well as daylight
2See clearly despit obfuscation of air, such as a dustcloud or fog
3See the tiniest most obscured details of an object
InIm30 (Base 3, +3 Constant, +4 Vision): Personal Power (50 levels; base 30, 15 levels for -3 cost, 5 levels for 5xp Second Sight); Variable Power


6 Terram in bones

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