Founded: 951
Status: Summer

Sansaron is located in the ruins of Carthage, a city destroyed well before the birth of Christ. Specifically, the residents dwell in magically carved passages, located under the ruins of the Temple to some old Carthaginian god. Few Magi come to Sansaron, and when they do, they are ignored or treated with disdain.

The Covenant of Sansaron survives by selling magic items to the nearby mundanes of Tunis. Many of the sales violate the Treaty of the Roman Tribunal, but complaints have never been lodged against the Covenant. On the rare occasions that Magi of the Order to travel to North Africa, the attribute (or are convinced to attribute) any magical items held by mundanes to Arabic invention.

Sansaron is interesting on two counts. It's Magi have discovered scrolls and items dealing with ancient Carthaginian magic. The magic seems to be more personalized than Hermetic magic, but it spells seem more powerful than Hermetic, surpassing some of the Hermetic balance of magic! Unfortunately, Sansaron's findings are still incomplete, so none of the Magi have successfully cast a Carthaginian spell.

On the second count, some of Sansaron's grogs secretly follow hedge wizards who live further inland. The grogs and wizards are plotting revenge against the Order and plan to use Sansaron as a stepping stone. Diabolism is at the bottom of this plot, and could mean the end of the Roman Tribunal.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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