Saul Ben Asher

Character: Saul ben Asher Player: Angado (aka Sam)
Saga: Light of Andorra House: None
Age: 30 Apparent Age: 10 Confidence: 0 Confidence Points: 0
Size: -2
Intelligence: +5 (keen intellect) Perception: 0 Strength: 0 Stamina: 0
Presence: 0 Communication: +1 (well spoken) Dexterity: +1 (steady hands) Quickness: 0
Flaws: Dwarf; Low Self-Esteem; Outsider (Jew)
Virtues: Failed Apprentice; Affinity with magic theory; Arcane Lore; Educated; Privileged Upbringing;
Improved characteristics; great Intelligence (twice); Unaging (supernatural virtue-magical realm)

Artes Liberales (grammar) 5 Charm (being witty) 2
Code of Hermes (apprenticeship) 1 Dominion Lore (angels) 4
Folk Ken (teachers) 2 Guile (fast talk) 2
Hebrew (religious usage) 4 Infernal Lore (Undead) 1
Latin (Hermetic Usage) 4 Magic Lore (creatures) 2
Magic Theory (corpus) 6 (15xp) Philosophiae (moral philosophy) 4
Profession Scribe (copying) 4 Theology-Judaism (scriptural Knowledge) 4
Drawing (Creatures) 2 Norman French (common usage) 5
Bargain (money lending) 2 Craft Cooking (Kosher meals) 2

Equipment: Shetland Pony (with lead rope, pack saddle, two baskets, blanket); provisions for another few days (kosher foods); tanakh (in Hebrew); 10 silver coins; scribe kit; Letter of reference from parens; woolen trousers and tunic; woolen cloak with hood; leather boots; Pillow stuffed with down, blanket, set of eating utensils, set of cooking utensils, cooking pot and pan, bread knife, two bottles of wine (from Normandy tribunal), water skin
Jew +3 (from outsider flaw)

Background: (abbreviated)
Saul was the third son of a prosperous money lender. He was well educated as a child but his small stature made him undesirable in the family business. He was taken as apprentice by Homerus Ex Bonisagus at the age of ten. Homerus believed Saul was gentle gifted, but was finally forced to admit that the apprentice’s gift was incomplete. Nevertheless, Homerus trained Saul to be a valued lab assistant, a role Saul proved quite capable in. Last year, Homerus was experimenting in his laboratory and underwent twilight. When Homerus returned, he wrote Saul a sterling letter of reference and bid him take leave at once. Homerus provided some supplies to Saul, then showed him the door.
Saul wandered from Homerus’s sanctum (a cavern deep beneath a mountain in the eastern pyrannesse mountain chain). He is seeking a covenant where he can take on work as a lab assistant, and perhaps eventually earn a longevity elixir.

Personality traits:
Humble +1 Confident: -2 Loyal: +1

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