Siccus Al-A'War Ex Bonisagus
Table of Contents

Int +3 Per +2 Pre -1 Com +0 Str +0 Sta +2 Dex -1 Qik +0

House Acclaim 0

Native Language: Arabic 0/5
Living Language: Catalun 30/3
Living Language: Tuareg (Berber) 30/3
Living Language: Pulaar (Mali) 5/1
Latin 50/4
Artes Liberales 5/1
Magic Theory 50/4 (6)
Parma Magica 5/1
Finesse 15/2
Penetration 15/2
Charm 5/1
Athletics 5/1
Sahara Lore 30/3
Hunt 15/2
Single Weapon 15/2
Survival 50/4
Ride 5/1
Guile 15/2
Concentration 15/2

Puissant Magic Theory (Harmonizer) +0 (+2 total)
The Gift +0
Hermetic Magus +0
Linguist +1

Gentle Gift +3
Inventive Genius +1
Well-Travelled +1 (+50 xp on living language, area lore, bargain, carouse, charm, etiquette, folk ken, or guile)
Improved Characteristics +1
Skilled Parens +1 (+60 xp and 30 spell levels in 'prenticeship)
Luck +1
Long Winded +1 (+3 on fatigue rolls)
Magical Memory +1

Deleterious Circumstances (cities) -1
Driven -3 (unite Moorish and Hermetic magic)
Incomprehensible -1
Nocturnal -1
Plagued by Supernatural Entity (djinn) -3
Missing Eye -1
Stockade Parma Magica -1

Cr 36/8
Re 36/8
Aq 21/6
Au 21/6
Co 1/1

Balm to the Parched Throat CrAq 5 (R: Touch D:sun T: Ind)
This spell will fill a container or flask with pure, fresh water that soothes thirst but will not stave off dehydration. Siccus uses this to stretch supplies of good water, or to ease trades.
(Base 2 Touch +1 sun +2)

Column of the Deluge CrAq 10 (R: Voice D: Momentary T: Ind)
Creates 700 gallons of water suspended in the air, in the shape of a column, 1 pace across and 30 paces high which then will rush to the ground with great force. This will destroy unfortified small buildings, and cause some damage to larger ones, especially to their contents. If created over a human sized target, a Finess + Per roll is required vs the target's defense. Such a target is delt +10 damage. The target, and any persons within 5 paces of the impact site must make Dex + Athletics rolls of 6+ or be knocked down, suffering +0 damage.
(base 4 +2 voice)

Avoid the Grasping Brigand CrAq 5 (R: Touch D: Diam T: Ind)
Target is covered with a greasy oil that makes grappling difficult, gaining a +3 bonus to avoid being grappled.
(Base 3 touch +1 diam +1)

The Caliph's Ring CrAq 25 (R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind)
The spell creates a single drop of poison from the magus' finger that can then be dipped into the target's drink. If drunk, the victim suffers a medium wound.
(Base 10 touch +1 sun +2)

Hibernian Ford ReAq 20 (R: Touch D: Diam T: Group)
This spell creates a bridge of ice across the surface of a body of water five paces wide. Very large bodies of water are not affected. The ice is strong enough to walk across.
(Base 3 +1 Touch +1 Diam +2 Group +1 size)

Veil of Djenne ReAq 15 (R: Touch D: Mom T: Part)
Turns the surface of a large body of water into a thick mist that obscures all natural vision. The mist persists until it is burned off by the sun or blown away by the wind.
(Base: 3 Touch +1 Part +1 Size +2)

Clouds of Desert Rain CrAu 20 (R: Sight D: Conc T: Group)
Creates clouds that drop rain over an area 100 paces across.
(Base 2 +3 Sight +1 Conc +2 Group)

Broom of the Winds CrAu 15 (R:Voice D Mom T: Ind)
Whips up violent swirling winds around the target. The target must make a size stress roll of 9+ to remain standing.

True Sight of the Air InAU 15 (R: Per D: Sun T: Vision)
Lets you see clearly through all manner of obfuscation in the air, including smoke, fog, dust, and magical effects. Siccus commonly uses this to find shelter in sudden sandstorms.
(Base 1 +2 Sun +4 vision)

A Day's Delay CrCo 5 (R: Per D: Sun T: Ind)
This spell binds your wounds, so you may undertake any activity without worsening them.
(Base 3 +2 Sun)

Ward against the Sandstorm ReTe 15 (R: Per D Sun T Ind)
This spell ensures that dirt, sand and similar materials are unable to settle on or strike the caster or their clothes. Casting this spell with an aquam requisite will also protect the caster from mud.
(Base 5 Sun +2)

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