Founded: 878
Status: ???

Tablinum is an oppidum located on the coast of the Black Sea among the dunes and wetlands of the Danube delta. Tablinum’s purpose is to store information, including records, spell texts, and artifacts. It is a kind of Tribunal museum and storehouse. Little of the oppidum exists in the mundane world, merely a few grogs of Slavic descent, living in a small village with a palisade, who spend their days fishing in small boats surrounded by vast scavenging flocks of white pelicans
and graceful egrets.

The only thing that distinguishes the site is a magnitude 8 Aegis of the Hearth surrounding the village palisade, and a magical bell that can be rung to attract the attention of the magi of Tablinum. Curiously, the bell does not make a sound—the sound can only be heard in the regiones of Tablinum.

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