Talisman Power 10

Bear's Fortitude
MuCo 40
R: Per, D: Conc, T: Ind
Lucas's flesh becomes resistant to physical damage. He gets +3 to his Soak. His flesh is tough and insensitive; any rolls that involve a sensitive touch (such as for picking a lock) are at –1.
(Base 15, +3M Moon, +10 unlimited use; Boosted, Harnessed, and Tethered)

Uses: unlimited
Shape and Material: mercury (+5 Muto), amber (+3 Corpus), jewelry (+4 transform self)

Bonus Value
Muto 13
Corpus 12
Int 3
Magic Theory 10
Aura 5
Familiar 9
Shape and Material 12
Talisman 5
Lab Bonus 2
Apprentice 9

LT = 80 = 40 over the enchantment level = instilled in one month

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