Talisman Power 3

Cloak of Silence
PeIm 30
R: Voice, D: Sun, T: Ind
Makes one being or object incapable of producing sound. Magi who cannot utter their magic words suffer the normal penalties to their spellcasting rolls.
(Base 3, +2M Voice, +1M Conc, +1M changing image, +5 talisman maintains conc, +10 unlimited use; Boosted, Harnessed, Tethered)

Uses: unlimited
Shape and Material: cinnamon (+4 Imaginem), basalt (+3 Perdo)

Bonus Value
Perdo 7
Imaginem 7
Int 3
Magic Theory 8
Aura 5
Familiar 9
Shape and Material 7
Talisman 5
Lab Bonus 2
Apprentice 9

LT = 62 = 32 over enchantment level = instilled in one month

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