Tertio of Flambeau

Character Sheet

One day in 1236, a young man wearing rags shows up at the gates of Castra Solis. He claims to be a freshly gauntleted member of the house and gives his name as Tertio (L. “of the third (generation)”) Flambonis, filius Montazin.
At first, he is refused entry, as the only Montazin on record is the second filius of Apromor, vanished during the 9th century.
The young man proudly insists. He is tested and not only found to be Gifted, but also able to use the Arts, especially Perdo and cast a surprisingly strong Parma. He tells a strange tale:

“I was a child when a fiery red-haired woman bought me from my parents who were farmers near Toulouse. She told me I was Gifted, taught me some Latin and opened my Arts. She called herself Beatrix ex Flambeau. I was with her for half a year maybe when we went exploring this cave in search of old Flambeau documents. Down in the cave, hundreds of feet underneath the ground, the light of her staff was extinguished and she started arguing about the legacy of the Founder with someone I couldn’t see. Suddenly, the darkness got even blacker and the air got so cold I thought I would freeze to death. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t. Then an eerie pale light appeared and for the first time, I saw the ghostly form of Montazin, my master. He taught me for many years until he pronounced me gauntleted. He has now sent me out to investigate the fate of Val-Negra and of the Founder himself.”

House Flambeau quickly verifies that a maga named Beatrix Flambonis really disappeared at the time of Tertio’s tale. After some muttering, he was turned away by Castra Solis.

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