Tertio of Flambeau's Grimoire

Ignem Spells

Creo Ignem

The Invisible Candle CrIg5
Base 2; +1 Touch, +2 sun: Creates a light as bright as a candle

Warm Clothes CrIg5
Base 2; +2 sun, +1 Touch: Heat the wizard's clothes so they are comfortably warm to the touch.

Mentem Spells

Perdo Mentem

Minor Blessing of Childlike Bliss PeMe20
Base 10; +1 Eye, +1 Diameter: As the spell of the same name, with a lower duration

Vim Spells

Perdo Vim

Magic be gone! PeVi25
Base 20, +1 Touch: Dispell all magic up to level (20 + Stress die)

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