The Andorran Guard in 1220
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There are over fifty members of the Andorran Guard. They choose their armaments according to their preference, and are skilled in a variety of styles of combat. Missile weapons primarily consist of javelins, though there are a few "snipers" proficient with a bow. They wear the crest of the Covenant of Andorra upon their tunics and cloaks, and is emblazoned on their shields and standards. The Crest of Andorra is a Dragon grappling with a Griffon. The Dragon is on the right, red surrounded by white. The griffon is on the left in white surrounded by red.

The command structure is structured around the Captain and three or more Sergeants. The current Captain is Alexandro Perez. Sergeants include Moses Mendez, Armando, and others. There are also certain special offices, such a Herald, at least two Scouts, and others.

The members of the Andorran Guard can be broken down into several general subgroups

  • Seven Champion Elite: The seven absolute best guys are afforded this status. They are all officers, though they hold no command, and they answer only to Alexandro and to the magi (with varying degrees of importance). These guys may be of any age if on longevity, and this would also be a good spot to fit a Mythic Companion character into. The whole rigmarole I gave about their swords, shields, and shoes; that’s exaggerated. They are equipped magically in various ways (within limits), but they all do wear magic shoes/boots that they can use to Wizard’s Leap.
  • Home Guard: Roughly a dozen guys settled in with families, or just retired from adventuring. They are mainly older guys, in their 40’s and higher. They maintain the watch and train the younger guys. Most of them are on longevity, and really have no aging effects. They are just the home guard. Someone has to do it. One or two of these guys are strange specialists that are rarely assigned on expeditions. Some may have gained a lot of warping from exposure to magical forces during their adventures.
  • Red Guard: Here is the secret truth about the Mercere Quarter. Rodrigo established the Quarter as a way to get money and vis resources out of House Mercere to fund the growth of the covenant. As part of the deal, Andorra is obligated to provide security for the Mercere Quarter. Six custodes are assigned to the Quarter, rotating in then out for a short term, one or two serving with regularity. They normally are under the direct command of the head Mercere magus, but in times of crisis they fall into the regular chain of command.
  • Veterans, Regulars, and Greens: The main troops are a mix of Veteran, Regular, and Green Troops. This is according to our standards. We recruit warriors who are already veterans, having already fought in one or more battles in their life. However, we consider them green until the have supernatural experience. The way things have been going lately, these grogs are gaining much experience and exposure, and there are only a few greens about. In the past three years, the members of the Andorran Guard have battled dragons and ogres, dealt with genies and spirits, and even accompanied an expedition into the Magic Realm to Val-Negra.
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