The Fixer

The Fixer was a cliché in his native country: a gamer metalhead. Whatever, he doesn't care. He also loves comics, and still read the funny papers. He furthers his social isolationism by trying to be a better person and being a nerd.

He can't remember for how long he's been playing Ars Magica online, because he forgets most things anyway, save that Ars Magica is a very great game.

He likes Flambeau, Tremere, Ex Miscellanea mages above all.


Thread (page) Activity Gained Spent Bal Score
Carryover from Arachné's confidence Story/chapter award ? ? 0
A Covenant of Dopplegangers (12) Story/chapter award 4 4 0
Mr Spooky Ch3 (fall 1236) Story/chapter award 2 6 1
Interogatorry of Cecelio (Date unknown) Story/chapter award 3 9 1
The Visitor (Spring 1235) GM Award 10 19 2
The Exarch (Summer 1242) Story Award 05 24 2
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