The Forge Of Vulcanus

Character Sheet


Laboratory: blacksmith's forge with attached living quarters and studio. The lab is installed with a Tireless Servant and with Vulcanus' personal vis source, a magical chessboard whose pieces turn into pawns of Terram.

Sanctum marker is a shield bearing the crest of a winged hammer (an exact image of Vulcanus' own shield).


Flawless Equipment, Flawless Tools, Spotless, Dedicated Building, Grand Entrance, Studio (+1 aesth), Precious Ingredients, Vis Source; +Tireless Servant
GQ +4, Upkeep +6, Safety 0, Warping +1, Health +1, Aesthetics +5, Items +2, Vis Extraction +2, Creo +1, Rego +1, Terram +2


- 27p Terram vis (granite chess pieces from the magical board)
- 10p Ignem vim
- 1p Vim in the shape of a gingerbread man
- 31p in wages, taken in Creo vis (36, less 5 for the enchantment in his hammer)
- A translated lab text for "Laboratory of Bonisagus" by Archmagus Stentorius of Tremere, CrTe45
- The Tireless Servant
- Creo summa, L16 Q15
- Vim summa, L14 Q12
- Specialist: Glassworker (skill 6)

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