The Hermetic Embassy

Founded: ???
Status: ???

The Hermetic Embassy represents the Hermetic presence in the city of Baghdad. It is home to the two magi whose duty it is to maintain the Treaty of Baghdad and good relations with the caliph and the Ayyubid sultans, Aurora of Jerbiton and Spiral of Criamon. It is in the quarter of al-Qurayya, not far from the caliphal palace, and takes the form of a house built in Muslim style where the magi live with their bodyguards and servants. The covenant is maintained by Magvillus, the Domus Magna of House Guernicus, and so it is to this house that it is nominally affiliated, even though no members of the house actually live there. Aurora and Spiral have shown themselves to be dedicated to the purpose for which the covenant was founded, and so it is left largely to its own devices.

The Hermetic Embassy is not without its enemies. Foothold and Aedes Veritatis, as the leaders of the Crusader and counter-Crusader factions, periodically trouble it with indirect and political attacks. However, this has not yet degenerated into violence, nor is it likely to, given the importance of Aurora and the influence of the quaesitores. That said, the covenant is in a slightly precarious position, in that if the Treaty of Baghdad is abandoned, it is likely that Aurora and Spiral will be forced to leave the city immediately.

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