The Icy North

Founded: 771
Status: Autumn

The Covenant of the Icy North, whose name demonstrates the Italian focus of its founders, is dispersed throughout the Alps and, in a sense, exists only as a legal fiction. This covenant was one of the first attempts, in the newly created Order, to found covenants which had members from more than one house. Almost half a century after its foundation political divisions between the mother house and three most prominent chapter houses became terminal. Each denounced the others claiming to be the true Covenant of the Icy North, and the true owner of the covenant’s vis sources. Slightly before the Tribunal stepped in to demand the closure of the excess chapters, and the redistribution of the covenant’s resources, a new agreement was reached. The Covenant continued as a loose affiliation of autonomous chapters, which meet in Council annually at the mother house.

Over time this covenant’s structure has altered, as chapters, which are all but covenants, fall or are founded. Currently the covenant includes nine chapters, although five of these have only a single magus each. Each sends at least one representative to the Midsummer Fair, where they hold a covenant meeting. Informal and Quaesitorial tribunals usually coincide with the Midsummer Fair, and magi from across the Alps travel there to trade and socialize. Generations on, the bitterness that led to the covenant’s division has faded away, aided by subtle-yet-decisive inter-chapter strife. Although the current chapters cooperate little, there is little animosity between them.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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