The Library in 1220

The Library is to freaking huge to be believed. 20 pages for Arts and Abilities. And that’s after kicking out 14 pages of junk. If anyone wants the full huge library, send me a note and I will send it to you. I don’t want to post it here because it is way too large. Anyone who wants this giant document, just ask. I went through all the effort of making it Smile. For Public Posting, I have made something of a much more manageable length. Just the dry details here; Name, Author, and Stats. No Characteristics, Virtues, Scores or Features to explain the stats. If you want more information on a particular book, just let me know.



  • Liberi de Creationé, Bonisagus the Founder (Creo Summa: L20, Q15)
  • Collected Commentaries on Liberi de Creationé, various authors (Six Creo Commentaries: Q11, Q9, Q8, Q8, Q7, Q6)
  • The Legacy of Delendos, Joseph of Flambeau (Creo Tractatus Q11)
  • Dynamic Evocation, Mordenkainen of Bonisagus (Creo Tractatus: Q9)


  • Sight from the Shroud’s Shadow, Schrodier of Criamon (Intéllego Summa: L14 Q8 )
  • Commentary on Sight from the Shroud’s Shadow, Lorence of Jerbiton (Intéllego Commentary: Q11)
  • Eyes of the World , Daltersen of Merinita, 1281 AA (Intéllego Summa: L10 Q6)
  • Commentary on Eyes of the World, Florenzo of Jerbiton (Intéllego Commentary: Q11)


  • On Transmutation, Junola of Bonisagus (Muto Summa: L12, Q14)
  • Commentary on Transmutation, Levarr of Gurnicus (Muto Commentary: Q8 )
  • Mutations and Trasformations, Xavier Ex-Miscellanea (Muto Tractatus: Q8 )
  • Changes, Henry Acton Ex-Miscellanea (Muto Tractatus: Q11)
  • Metamorphosis, Orboros of Verditius (Muto Tractatus: Q13)


  • Liberi de Perditu (cursed edition), Bonisagus (Perdo Summa: L18, Q9)
  • Liberi de Perditu (exemplar edition) , Bonisagus (Perdo Summa: L20, Q6)
  • Commentary on the Liberi de Perditu, Florenzo of Jerbiton (Perdo Commentary: Q12)
  • Questions of Death, Arioch of Tremere (Perdo Tractatus: Q10)
  • The Legacy of Apromor, Joseph of Flambeau (Perdo Tractatus: Q11)


  • To Command! , Joseph of Tremere (Rego Summa: L7, Q15)
  • Commentary on To Command, Aaron of Jerbiton (Rego Tractatus: Q12)
  • Authority due a Magus, Rexwold of Jerbiton (Rego Tractatus: Q11)
  • Proper Command and Control, Aaron of Jerbiton (Rego Tractatus: Q12)


  • Dominion Over God’s Creatures, Lodessa of Bjornaer (Animal Summa: L10, Q19)
  • Commentary on the Dominion Over God’s Creatures, Hollis of Tytalus (Animal Commentary: Q8 )
  • Commentary on the Dominion Over God’s Creatures, Cornelius of Bonisagus (Animal Commentary: Q9)
  • Concerning the Art of Animal, Salibar of Verditius (Animal Tractatus: Q10)


  • Atlanticus , Namoricus of Jerbiton (Aquam Summa; L18, Q8 )
  • Jason’s Commentary on Atlanticus, Jason of Flambeau (Aquam Commentary: Q11)
  • Hydrologia, Alvinius of Verditius (Aquam Tractatus: Q8 )
  • Fury and Force of Gentle Water, Francis of Flambeau (Aquam Tractatus: Q10)


  • Jupiter’s Hammer, Julius of Flambeau (Auram Summa, L10, Q10)
  • Commentary on Jupiter’s Hammer, Jason of Flambeau (Auram Commentary: Q10)
  • The Fires of the Sky, Antonio of Flambeau (Auram Tractatus; Q8 )
  • Winds and Sky, Joseph of Flambeau (Auram Tractatus: Q10)


  • Corporeum, Julius filius Arturis of Bonisagus (Corpus Summa: L15, Q12)
  • Commentary on Corporeum, Florenzo of Jerbiton (Corpus Commentary: Q12)
  • Commentary on Corporeum, Stephanos of Bonisagus (Corpus Commentary: Q9)
  • Commentary on Corporeum, Albertus of Bonisagus (Corpus Commentary, Q9)
  • Anatomy Humanitas , Aaron of Jerbiton (Corpus Tractatus, Q12)


  • The Cycles of the Mired Domain, Alec of Tremere (Herbam Summa: L12, Q12)
  • Commentary on Cycles of the Mired Domains, Alan Ex-Miscellanea (Herbam Commentary: Q10)
  • The Vine of Drewcilla, Jaques of Tytalus (Herbam Tractatus: Q9)
  • Conversations in the Marsh, Alan Ex-Miscellanea (Herbam Tractatus: Q9)


  • Riddles of Mars, Inirelte of Flambeau (Ignem Summa: L10, Q14)
  • Commentary on Riddles of Mars, Joseph of Flambeau (Ignem Commentary: Q12)
  • Commentary on Riddles of Mars, Julius of Flambeau (Ignem Commentary: Q9)
  • Glorious Prometheus, Quintus of Flambeau (]Ignem Summa: L12, Q9)
  • Commentary on Glorious Prometheus, Quinta of Flambeau (Ignem Commentary: Q9)
  • Ars Flambonis, Elaine of Flambeau (Ignem Summa: L14, Q12)
  • Trial of Apollo, Joseph of Flambeau (Ignem Tractatus: Q12*)


  • Apparitions and Phantasms, Illeator of Bonisagus (Imaginem Summa: L14, Q10)
  • Commentary on Apparitions and Phantasms , Florenzo of Jerbiton (Imaginem Commentary: Q12)
  • The Illusionist’s Handbook, Nystul of Merinita (Imaginem Tractatus: Q10)
  • Spectral Forces, Mordenkainen of Bonisagus (Imaginem Tractatus: Q11)
  • Whispering Echoes of the Shadows of Sunlight, Cryotax of Criamon (Imaginem Tractatus: Q11)


  • Eye of Aggamatto, Tressa of Tremere (Mentem Summa: L7, Q14)
  • Cerebro, Psion of Bonisagus (Mentem Summa: L16, Q12)
  • Commentary on Cerebro, Xavier Ex-Miscellanea (Mentem Commentary: Q9)
  • Eye of the Mind, Constantius of Jerbiton (Mentem Tractatus: Q11)


  • Glory of Hephetus, Quintus of Flambeau (Terram Summa: L15, Q8 )
  • Commentary on the Glory of Hephetus, Jason of Flambeau (Terram Commentary: Q10)
  • Riddle of Steel, Daern of Verditius (Terram Summa: L9, Q18[/
  • The Craigs of the Cliff, Julius filius Arturis of Bonisagus (Terram Tractatus: Q11)


  • Junola’s Thamaturgica, Junola of Bonisagus (Vim Summa: L16, Q11
  • Commentary on Junola’s Thamaturgica , Æron of Bonisagus (Vim Commentary: Q9)
  • The Seventh Circle of Power, Arioch of Tremere (Vim Tractatus: Q11)
  • Essence and Quyntensense, Mordenkainen of Bonisagus (Vim Tractatus: Q11)
  • The Nature of Primal Existence, Chronus Trimestigus of Verditius (Vim Tractatus: Q11)
  • Fons et Origio, Joseph of Flambeau (Vim Tractatus: Q11)


Arcane Abilities

  • The Key of Bonisagus, Bonisagus (Magic Theory Summa: L4, Q20)
  • Commentary on The Key of Bonisagus, Arturis of Bonisagus (Magic Theory Tractatus: Q14)
  • Corpus Hermeticum, Bonisagus (Magic Theory Summa: L8, Q12)
  • The Sorcerer’s Shield, Davis filius Iarna of Flambeau (Parma Magica Summa: L6, Q12)
  • Study on the Sorcerer’s Shield, Florenzo of Jerbiton (Parma Magica Commentary: Q12)
  • Aegis of the Magus, Joseph of Flambeau (Parma Magica Tractatus: Q12)
  • The Accurate Eye, Joseph of Flambeau (Finesse Tractatus: Q11)
  • Form and Finesse, Davis filius Iarna of Flambeau (Finesse Tractatus: Q11)
  • Ultor (The Avenger), Elaine of Flambeau (Penetration Summa: L5, Q11)
  • The Lance of Arioch, Arioch of Tremere (Penetration Tractatus: Q11)
  • The Oath and Code of Hermes, (Code of Hermes Summa: L2 Q6)
  • The Saga of House Flambeau, Joseph of Flambeau (Order of Hermes Lore Summa: L5, Q14)
  • Commentary by Julius of Flambeau, Julius of Flambeau (Order of Hermes Lore Tractatus: Q8 )
  • Historia Hermetica, Arturius of Bonisagus (Order of Hermes Lore Summa: L6, Q13)
  • Andorran Catalogue of Magical Beasts and Beings, Ewald of Bonisagus (Magic Lore Summa: L3, Q9)
  • Commentary on the Catalogue, Antonio of Flambeau (Magic Lore Commentary: Q7)
  • The Life of Joseph of Aramithia, Berthold the Augastinian (Dominion Lore Tractatus: Q9)
  • Ingressa’s Collected Folk Tales, Ingressa of Jerbiton (Faerie Lore Tractatus: Q9)
  • The Chthonic Letters, Arioch of Tremere (Infernal Lore Tractatus: Q8 )
  • Saga of Valdarius, Ganthet of Flambeau (Verditius Cult Lore Summa: L3, Q10)
  • Journey of Sir Yeugh, Ardea of Merinita (Merinita Cult Lore Tractatus: Q8 )
  • The Gift of Quendalon, Nystul of Merinita (Faerie Magic Summa: L4, Q 11)
  • Fedoso’ Guide, Verderis, third primus of Criamon (Multi Topic Summa (Magic Lore, Enigmatic Wisdom, & Criamon Cult Lore) L 4; Q 11)
  • Pietro’s Opus, Pietro of Flambeau (Spell Mastery Summa: L3, Q 10, Lab Text: CrAu35 Incantation of Lightning)
  • On the Incantation of Lightning, Antonio of Flambeau (Spell Mastery Tractatus: Q 7)
  • On the Wings of Soaring Wind, Tiberius of Tytalus (Spell Mastery Tractatus: Q 7)
  • On the Circling Winds of Protection, Joseph of Tremere (Spell Mastery Tractatus: Q 7)
  • On the Wizard’s Leap, Ionicus of Mercere (Spell Mastery Tractatus: Q 8 )
  • On the Pilium of Fire, Quintus of Flambeau (Spell Mastery Tractatus: Q 8 )
  • On the Wrath of Reculed, Cortez of Flambeau (Spell Mastery Tractatus: Q 7)
  • On the Test of Flames, Inirelte of Flambeau (Spell Mastery Tractatus: Q 7)
  • On the Arc of Fiery Ribbons , Quinta of Flambeau (Spell Mastery Tractatus: Q8 )
  • On the Wizard’s Sidestep, Augustus of Tytalus (Spell Mastery Tractatus: Q 10)
  • On the Winds of Mundane Silence, Fuego Conflagaratius of Flambeau (Spell Mastery Tractatus: Q 6)
  • On the Wizard’s Communion, Ottar of Bonisagus (Spell Mastery Tractatus: Q 8 )

Academic Abilities

  • Elementia, Deluxe Edition, Euclid (Artes Liberales Summa: L8, Q12)
  • De Inventione , Cicero( Artes Liberales Summa: L8, Q12)
  • Logica Vetas & Logica Nova, Aristotle (Two Artes Liberales Summae: each L9, Q11)
  • Commentaries of Florenzo, Florenzo of Jerbiton (Four Artes Liberales Commentaries: Q12 each)
  • Metephysica, Aristotle (Philosophia Summa: L8, Q15)
  • Commentary on Metephysica, Arturis of Bonisagus (Philosophiae Commentary: Q14)
  • Tiamus of Plato, Plato (Philosophiae Summa: L9, Q12)
  • In Consideration of Hipocrates and the Art of Corpus, Aaron of Jerbiton (Medicine Tractatus: Q12)
  • The Holy Bible (Vulgate), )Christian Theology Summa: L10, Q8 )
  • The Koran, (Islamic Theology Summa: L10, Q7)
  • Lecito and Disputiatio , Arturis of Bonisagus (Teaching Tractatus: Q12)

Martial Abilities

  • Institutorium Rei Militarius, Vegitius (Strategy Summa: L5, Q11)
  • The Knight’s Mirror, Don Simon Martinez (Two Tractati, Single Weapon & Great Weapon: Q9/9)
  • The Almogaver’s Reflection, Antonio Perez (Single Weapon Tractatus: Q7)
  • The Hammer and the Hand, Carloz Monzon (Brawl Summa: L3, Q10)
  • The Hoplite’s Mirror, Coranado Cortez of Flambeau (Strategy Tractatus: Q8 )
  • The Equestrian’s Manual, Clemente Gomez (Two Tractati, Animal Handling & Ride: Q7/7)

General Abilities

  • The King’s Mirror (Bargain Tractatus: Q7)
  • Chivalry and Honor, Mortimer DuFrone (Etiquette Tractatus: Q6)
  • The King’s Mirror, Benito Giuseppe Menedez (Intrigue Tractatus: Q9)
  • The Autocrat’s Mirror, Robito Rusillio (Two Tractati, Professions of Chamberlain and Steward: Q9/9)
  • Mystery, Method, and Style, Neil Strauss (Three Tractati; Charm, Folk Ken, and Carouse: Q8/8/8 )
  • Trailing the Spear, Simon DeBarre (Profession-Solider Tractatus: Q7)
  • Songs of Seven Classical Heroes, George Humbert of Jerbiton (Mythic Europe Lore Tractatus: Q8 )
  • Geographica Europa, Robert of Mercere (Mythic Europe Lore Tractatus: Q9)
  • Song of Roland (Pyrenees Lore Tractatus: Q9)
  • El Poema de mio Cid (Iberian Lore Tractatus: Q9)
  • Tales of the Ummayads (Andalusia Lore Tractatus: Q9)
  • Twelve Feats of Hercules (Greek Lore Tractatus: Q9)

Lab Texts

Casting Tablets

  • CrCo20r The Chirurgeon’s Gentle Touch: Ritual; 4 Corpus
  • CrCo25r Restoration of the Defiled Body: Ritual, 5 Corpus
  • CrCo25r The Severed Limb made Whole: Ritual, 5 Corpus
  • CrCo30r Gentle Caress of Asclepius: Ritual; 6 Corpus
  • CrCo30r The Severed Appendage Regrown: Ritual, 3 Creo & 4 Corpus.
  • CrCo40r Incantation of the Body Made Whole: Ritual, 3 Creo, 5 Corpus
  • CrHe35r The Bountiful Feast: Ritual, 2 Creo, 5 Herbam
  • CrTe35r Conjuring the Mystic Tower: Ritual; 2 Creo, 5 Terram
  • ReTe40 Ward against Faeries of the Earth: Ceremonial
  • InTe50 Dream of the Mind that Sits: Ceremonial
  • MuVi20 Wizard’s Communion: Ceremonial
  • Mu(Re)Vi30 Projecting the Aegis of the Hearth:
  • ReVi20r Aegis of the Hearth: Ritual; 4 Vim
  • ReVi20 Opening the Intangible Tunnel: Ceremonial
  • ReVi30r Watching Ward: Ritual; 6 Vim
  • ReVi30r Waiting Spell: Ritual; 6 Vim
  • ReVi40 Circular Ward against Demons: Ceremonial
  • ReVi60r Aegis of the Hearth: Ritual, 3 Rego, 9 Vim



  • Creo Animal:

CrAn20r Creation of Saddle and Gear:
CrAn20 Conjure the Stinging Scorpion
CrAn20 True Rest of the Injured Brute
CrAn20r Soothe the Pains of the Beast
CrAn20r Cure the Ills of the Beast
CrAn20 Outfit of the Stylish Magus
CrAn20 Wizards Hat of Animals
CrAn25r Conjure the Faithful Hound:
CrAn25 Trap of the Weaver’s Web
CrAn30 Conjuration of Saddle and Gear:
CrAn30 Outfit of the Stylish Magus
CrAn30 Summon the Woodland Prowler:
CrAn35 Weaver’s Trap of Webs
CrAn35 Wizard’s Mount
CrAn40r Incantation of the Beast Made Whole
CrAn40 Swarm of Angry Hornets:
CrAn50r The Immaculate Beast:
CrAn50r The Nimble Courser

  • Intellego Animal:

InAn5 Image of the Beast,
InAn5 Revealed Flaws of the Beasts Flesh:
InAn10 Analysis of the Beastly Carcass:
InAn10 Shiver of the Lycanthrope
InAn20 Discern the Nature of the Supernatural Beast:
InAn25 Speak with the Animals
InAn25 Opening the Tome of the Animal’s Mind
InAn30 Hunter’s Sense

  • Muto Animal:

MuAn15 Beast of Outlandish Size
MuAn15 Doublet of Impenetrable Silk:
MuAn15 Growth of Creeping things
MuAn20 Beast of Miniscule Proportions
MuAn25 The Beast Remade
MuAn35 Steed of Vengeance
MuAn40 The Steed of Perseus,

  • Perdo Animal:

Pe(Re)An4 The Cook’s Special:
PeAn15 Agony of the Beast
PeAn20 Blunt the Viper’s Fangs
PeAn20 Cut the Beast
PeAn20 Rip the Beast:
PeAn25 Cripple the Howling Wolf
PeAn25 Falcon’s Hood
PeAn40 Slay the Beast:

  • Rego Animal:

ReAnG(20) Ward against Animal Spirits
ReAnG(10/20/35) Ward against Beasts of Legend
ReAnG(15) Ward against Faerie Animals
ReAn4 The Unseen Chef:
ReAn5 Circle of Beast Warding:
ReAn5 Disguise of the Putrid Aroma
ReAn10 Soothe the Ferocious Bear
ReAn15 Panic of the Elephant’s Mouse
ReAn15 Viper’s Gaze:
ReAn25 The Gentle Beast
ReAn25 Master the Unruly Beast
ReAn25 The Stalwart Stallion
ReAn30 Commanding the Harnessed Beast
ReAn30 The Valliant Steed
ReAn35 Charm of the Carrier Pigeon:


  • Creo Aquam:

CrAq4 Tears of the Crocodile
CrAq5 Footsteps of Slippery Oil
CrAq10 Dagger of Ice:
CrAq10 Hammer of the Winter Peaks
CrAq15 Creeping Oil
CrAq(Re)15 Winter’s Bite
CrAq20 Encase in Ice
CrAq20 Ice Cage
CrAq20 Mighty Torrent of Water
CrAq20 Wall of Snow
CrAq25 Wall of Ice
CrAq25 Alchemist’s Revenge:
CrAq25 Grasp of Freezing Ice
Cr(Pe)Aq(Ig)25 Ottiluke’s Freezing Sphere
CrAq30 Blade of White Death

  • Intellego Aquam:

InAq4 Trace the Path of the Vintage
InAq5 Subtle Taste of Poison and Purity
InAq5 Touch of the Pearls
InAq5 Clear Sight of the Naiad:
InAq30 Voice of the Wine Cup:
InAq30r Enchantment of the Scrying Pool

  • Muto Aquam:

MuAq5 Water to Wine
MuAq15 Incantation of Putrid Wine
MuAq20 Lungs of the Fish

  • Perdo Aquam:

PeAq5 Comfort of the Drenched Traveler
PeAq20 Parching Wind
PeAq25 Curse of the Desert:

  • Rego Aquam:

ReAqG(15) Ward against Faeries of the Water:
ReAq4 The Alchemist’s Touch
ReAq4 Water of Ineffable Sweetness
ReAq5 Cloak of Duck’s Feathers
ReAq10 Fount of Scalding Steam
ReAq10 Push of the Gentle Wave
ReAq15 Plough Through Snow
ReAq15 Push of the Gentle Wave
ReAq15 Breath of Winter
ReAq30 Bridge of Frost
ReAq30 Waves of Drowning & Smashing
ReAq35 Tower of Whirling Water


  • Creo Auram:

CrAu5 Air’s Ghostly Form
CrAu5 Chamber of Spring Breezes
CrAu10 Jupiter’s Resounding Blow
CrAu10 Stench of Twenty Corpses
CrAu10 Wreaths of Foul Smoke
CrAu15 Charge of the Angry Winds
CrAu15 Broom of the Winds
CrAu20 Circling Winds of Protection
CrAu20 Fist of Jupiter:
CrAu25 Anger of Zeus:
CrAu25 Call of Aeolus’ Servants:
CrAu25 Clouds of Rain and Thunder
CrAu25 Clouds of Summer Snow
Cr(Re)Au30 Catapult of the Mighty Winds
Cr(Pe)Au(Ig)30 Conjure the Breath of Winter’s Fury
CrAu30 Pull of the Skybound Winds
Cr(Re)Au30 Wings of Soaring Wind
CrAu35 Incantation of Lightning:
CrAu35 Incantation of Lightning
CrAu40 Breath of the Open Sky

  • Intellego Auram:

InAu4 Discern the Flagellant Culprit
InAu15 True Sight of the Air
InAu15 Whispering Winds
InAu25 Eyes of the Bat
InAu45r Wizardly Weather Almanac:

  • Muto Auram:

MuAu20 Rain of Stones
MuAu(Ig)25 Ignite the Burning Air
MuAu40 Infernal Smoke of Death
MuAu45r Fog of Confusion:
MuAu50r Rain of Oil: ritual version
MuAu50 Rain of Oil: non-ritual version

  • Perdo Auram:

PeAu15 Room of Stale Air
PeAu20 Quiet the Raging Winds
PeAu25 Curse of Gasping Death:
PeAu25 Kill the Living Air
PeAu45 The Cloudless Sky Returned

  • Rego Auram:

ReAuG(15) Ward against Faeries of the Air:
ReAuG(15) Ward against Living Air:
ReAu5 Wind at the Back
ReAu10 Ward against Rain:
ReAu15 Endurance against Thunder & Lightning
ReAu15 Images in the Fog
ReAu25 Ward against Thunder and Lightning
ReAu30 Clouds of Thunderous Might
ReAu30 Eye of the Storm
ReAu40 Curse of the Lightning Rod:
ReAu40 Gathering of the Stormy Might


  • Creo Corpus:

CrCo10 Bind Wound:
CrCo(Ig)10 Touch of Cauterization:
CrCo15 Conjuration of the Silent Decoy
CrCo20r The Chirurgeon’s Gentle Touch:
CrCo20r Gentle Touch of the Purified Body:
CrCo20 Purification of the Festering Wound:
CrCo25r Restoration of the Defiled Body:
CrCo25r The Severed Limb made Whole:
CrCo30r Cure the Serious Ailment
CrCo30r Cheating the Reaper:
CrCo30r Gentle Caress of Asclepius:
CrCo30r The Severed Appendage Regrown:
CrCo40r Cure the Critical Ailment
CrCo40r Incantation of the Body Made Whole:
CrCo35r Dexterity of the Followers
CrCo40r Strength of a Soldier:
CrCo40r Stamina of a Soldier:
CrCo45r Quickness of Renown:
CrCo45r Strength of Renown:
CrCo50r Dexterity of Heroes:
CrCo55r Stamina of Legend:

  • Intellego Corpus

InCo5 Physician’s Eye
InCo15 Sight of the True Form
InCo10 Revealed Flaws of the Mortal Flesh
InCo10 Determine Cause of Death
InCo15 Whispers through the Black Gate
InCo20 The Inexorable Search
InCo20 Sight of the True Form
InCo25 Awareness of Mortal Foes:
InCo30 Eyes of the Sage
InCo35 Ritual of the Martial Consciousness

  • Muto Corpus

MuCo5 Eyes of the Cat
MuCo5 The Incubus’s Trick
MuCo15 Disguise of the New Visage
MuCo15 Preternatural Growth & Shrinking:
MuCo20 Arm of the Infant
MuCo25 Giant Growth
MuCo25 Gift of the Bear’s Fortitude:
MuCo25 Shape of the Woodland Prowler
MuCo30 Cloak of Black Feathers
MuCo35 Gift of Titan’s Fortitude
MuCo35 Curse of the Transformation into a Warted Toad:
MuCo40 Bones to Jelly
MuCo40 Cloak of Mist

  • Perdo Corpus:

PeCo5 Touch of the Goose Feather
PeCo5 Twist and Pull of the Wench’s Hair
PeCo15 Dust to Dust
PeCo15 Pain of the Wizard’s Gaze:
PeCo15 The Wound That Weeps:
PeCo20 Numb the Sensation of Pain
PeCo20 Sting of a Score of Wasps
PeCo20 Invocation of Weariness
PeCo25 Bane of the Decrepit Body:
PeCo25 Curse of the Leprous Flesh:
PeCo25 Death Grip of Cortez:
PeCo20 Grip of the Choking Hand
PeCo25 Cripple the Belligerent Opponent
PeCo30 Evisceration of a Thousand Knives:
PeCo30 Incantation of One-Dozen Lacerations
PeCo(An)30 Word of Pain
PeCo35 Incantation of the Touch of Death
PeCo40 Clenching Grasp of the Crushed Heart:
PeCo(An)30 Word of Pain

  • Rego Corpus:

ReCoG(15) Ward against Demonics and the Evil Dead: (Infernal Humans)
ReCoG(15) Ward against Doppelgangers & Elves: (Faerie Humans)
ReCoG(15) Ward against Ogres and Revenants: (Magic Humans)
ReCo5 Curse of the Unruly Tongue
ReCo5 Spasms of the Uncontrolled Hand
ReCo10 Curse of the Owner:
ReCo10 Rise of the Feathery Body
ReCo15 Endurance of the Berserkers
ReCo15 Leap of the Lynx
ReCo15 Ward against Marauders and Assailants: (non-magical humans)
ReCo15 Wizard’s Leap
ReCo20 Incantation of Paralyzation
ReCo20 The Gift of Vigor
ReCo20 The Traitorous Hand:
ReCo25 Awaken the Slumbering Corpse
Re(Mu)Co(An)25 Forcing the Transformation
ReCo25 Mighty Fling of the Menacing Knight
ReCo(An)25 Ward against Shapeshifters
ReCo30 Seven League Stride:
ReCo35 Leap of Homecoming


  • Creo Herbam:

CrHe5 Conjure the Sturdy Vine
CrHe10 Conjure the Wooden Round Shield:
CrHe(Te)15 The Hidden Spear
CrHe15 Trap of the Entwining Vines
CrHe20 The Apple that Etches
CrHe20 Bridge of Wood
CrHe20 Hail of a Score of Arrows
CrHe20 Wall of Thorns
CrHe25 Conjure the Wooden Sanctuary
CrHe25 Red Ribbons of Restriction
CrHe25 Wall of Living Wood
CrHe30r Conjuration of the Pleasant Cottage
CrHe35r The Bountiful Feast:

  • Intellego Herbam

InHe4 Probe Nature’s Hidden Lore
InHe5 Hunt for the Wild Herb
InHe10 Intuition of the Forrest
InHe15 Shriek of the Wooden Shafts

  • Muto Herbam:

MuHe5 Pass the Unyielding Portal
MuHe10 Transformation of the Thorny Staff:
MuHe10 Piercing Shaft of Wood:
MuHe15 Aegis of Unbreakable Wood:
MuHe15 Rope of Bronze
MuHe20 Thaumaturgical Transformation of Plants to Iron

  • Perdo Herbam:

PeHe5 Curse of the Rotted Wood
PeHe20 Plant’s Withering Bane
PeHe25 The Great Rot:
PeHe30 Treading the Ashen Path

  • Rego Herbam

ReHeG(15) Ward against Faeries of the Woods:
ReHe5 Dance of the Staves
ReHe10 Repel the Wooden Shafts
ReHe10 The Unseen Archer
ReHe(Te)10 Javelin of Piercing Accuracy
ReHe15 Strike of the Angry Branch
ReHe15 Tangle of Wood & Thorns
ReHe20 Coils of the Entangling Plants
ReHe25 The Treacherous Spear
ReHe25 Ward against Wood:


  • Creo Ignem:

CrIg3 Moonbeam
CrIg5 The Flaming Arrow
CrIg5 Palm of Flame
CrIg5 The Wizard's Brand
CrIg10 Lamp Without Flame
CrIg10 Heat of the Searing Forge
CrIg10 Sorcerer’s Bolt of Flame
CrIg15 Blade of Virulent Flame
CrIg15 Fiery Bolt from the Sorcerer’s Quarrel
CrIg15 Flash of the Scarlet Flames
CrIg15 Test of the Flames
CrIg15 The Welcome Addition of False Sunlight
CrIg20 Assuming the Aura of the Avenger
CrIg20 Lash of the Avenger
CrIg20 Pilium of Fire
CrIg20 Sword of the Avenger
CrIg20 Wrath of Reculed
CrIg25 Arc of the Fiery Ribbons
Cr(Re)Ig25 Coat of Flame
Cr(Re)Ig(Te)25 Adjuration of the Blacksmith's Fire
CrIg25 Circle of Encompassing Flame
CrIg25 Renew the Fiery Inferno
CrIg25 Sun’s Scorching Caress
CrIg30 Wall of Fire
CrIg(Au)30 Breath of Vulcan
CrIg30 Lance of Archimedes:
CrIg30 Radiance of Fiery Fury
CrIg30 Wall of Fire
CrIg35 Ball of Abysmal Flame
CrIg35 Boiling Heart of the Forge
CrIg35 Giant Fist of Marauding Flame
CrIg40 Fireball of Cortez the Crusader
CrIg40 Invocation of the Wrath of Prometheus:
CrIg45 Conjuration of the Sphere of Fire
Cr(Pe)Ig45 Incantation of Incineration
CrIg50 Last Flight of the Phoenix

  • Intellego Ignem

InIg5 Analysis of the Sacred Flame
InIg5 Compass of the Vigilant Flame
InIg5 Tales of the Ashes
InIg15 Shadows of Fires Past
InIg20 Vision of Heat’s Light
InIg35 Eyes of the Flame
InIg35 Words of the Flickering Flame

  • Muto Ignem

MuIg5 The Many Hued Conflagiration
MuIg10 Show of the Flames and Smoke
MuIg10 Hornet Fire
MuIg20 Prison of Flames
MuIg25 Fuego’s Fiery Entertainer
MuIg25 The Liquid Flame
MuIg25 Trapping the Fire
MuIg35 Flames of Sculpted Ice

  • Perdo Ignem:

PeIg10 Gloom of the Evening
PeIg10 Wizard’s Icy Touch
PeIg15 Strike Down the Fire
PeIg15 Winter’s Frosty Bite
PeIg20 Sooth the Raging Flames
PeIg 20 Wizard’s Touch of Cold
PeIg20 Wizard’s Frosty Gaze
PeIg20 Incantation of the Wintery Chill
PeIg20 Invocation of the Chilled Bones:
PeIg20 Wizard’s Touch of Cold
PeIg25 Quench the Raging Flame:
PeIg25 Conjuration of the Indubitable Cold
Pe(Re)Ig25 Wizard’s Theft of Warmth,
PeIg25 Wizard’s Icy Grip
PeIg30 Gaze of Icy Death
Pe(Cr)Ig(Au)30 Winds of Bitter Frost
PeIg30 Wizard’s Icy Grip:
PeIg40 Frosty Kiss of Death
PeIg40 Frosty Kiss of Death
PeIg70r The Icy Year

  • Rego Ignem

ReIgG(15) Ward against the Jinni:
ReIgG(20) Ward against Spirits of Fire
ReIg5 Tremulous Vault of the Torches Flame
ReIg10 Leap of the Fire
ReIg15 Endurance against Heat & Flames
ReIg15 Endurance against Cold & Frost
ReIg20 Coerce the Spirit of Fire
ReIg20 Light Shaft of the Night
ReIg20 The Obedient Fire
ReIg20 Ward against the Jinni:
ReIg25 Burst of the Sweeping Flames
ReIg25 Ward against Heat & Flames
ReIg25 Ward against Cold & Frost
ReIg30 Marking the Target of Fire
ReIg40 Summon the Spirit of Fire


  • Creo Imaginem:

CrIm5 Phantasm of the Talking Head
CrIm10 Silent Shout
CrIm20 Phantasmal Animal
CrIm20 Phantasmal Fire
CrIm25 The First Furrow Guides the Second
CrIm25 Phantasm of the Human Form
CrIm30 Phantasm of the Fearsome Foe
CrIm35 Haunt of the Living Ghost
CrIm40 The Shadow of Human Life
CrIm45 The Shadow of the Phantom Menace

  • Intellego Imaginem:

InImG(20) Discern the Images of Truth and Falsehood
InIm5 Prying Eyes
InIm15 Discern Own Illusions
InIm20 Ear for the Distant Voice
InIm25 Eye’s of the Eagle
InIm25 Eyes of the Owl
InIm25 Summoning the Distant Image

  • Muto Imaginem:

MuIm5 Taste of the Spices & Herbs
MuIm10 Aura of the Bawdy Wench
MuIm10 Aura of Beguiling Appearance
MuIm10 Aura of Childlike Innocence
MuIm10 Aura of Ennobled Presence:
MuIm10 Aura of the Rejected Wretch
MuIm10 Aura of Ridiculous Fool
MuIm10 Notes of a Delightful Sound
MuIm15 Disguise of the Transformed Image
MuIm20 Image Phantom

  • Perdo Imaginem:

PeIm5 Taste of the Dulled Tongue
PeIm10 Cloak of Invisibility
PeIm10 Illusion of Cool Flames
PeIm15 Invisibility of the Standing Wizard
PeIm20 Dispel the Phantom Image
PeIm20 Veil of Invisibility
PeIm20 Silence of the Smothered Sound:
PeIm25 Stealth of Silent Invisibility

  • Rego Imaginem:

ReImG(20/25) Restore the Moved Image
ReIm10 Illusion of the Shifted Image
ReIm15 Wizard’s Sidestep
ReIm25 The Captive Voice
ReIm25 The Exchanged Image
ReIm25 Illusion of the Switched Images
ReIm30 Confusion of the Insane Vibrations
ReIm30 Image from the Wizard Torn
ReIm50r Illusion of the Misplaced Castle:


  • Creo Mentem:

CrMe10 Words of Unbroken Silence
CrMe15 Heart of the Lion:
CrMe15 Panic of the Trembling Heart
CrMe20 The Far Speaking Voice
Cr(In)Im(Me)25 The Mind’s Eye
CrMe20 Memory of a Distant Dream
CrMe20 Pains of Perpetual Worry
CrMe35r Gift of Reason
CrMe40r Intelligence of the Scholars

  • Intellego Mentem:

InMe5 Sense the State of Mind
InMe10 Sight of the Transparent Motive
InMe15 Perception of the Conflicting Motive
InMe20 Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie
InMe20 Posing the Silent Question
InMe25 Thoughts Within Babble
InMe30 Peering into the Mortal Mind
ImMe35 Posing the Silent Question Silently

  • Muto Mentem:

MuMe4 Recollection of Memories never Quite Lived
MuMe15 Emotions of Changed Intent

  • Perdo Mentem:

PeMeG(15/30) Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit:
PeMe5 Lash to Chastise the Ghostly Slave
PeMe5 Tip of the Tongue
PeMe10 Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit
PeMe10 Trust of Childlike Faith
PeMe15 Calm the Motion of the Heart
PeMe15 Loss of but a Moment’s Memory
PeMe25 Blessing of Childlike Bliss:
PeMe25 Passion’s Lost Feeling:
PeMe25 Whipping the Fragile Ego:
PeMe30 Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit:

  • Rego Mentem:

ReMeG(15/25/35) Ring of Warding against Spirits
ReMe10 The Call to Slumber
ReMe10 Snap of Awakening
ReMe15 Confusion of the Numbed Will
ReMe15 Ward against Spirits of the Night:
ReMe20 Scent of Peaceful Slumber
ReMe20 Aura of Rightful Authority
ReMe20 Coerce the Spirits of the Night
ReMe25 Demand of the Wizard’s Inquisition
ReMe30 Burning Issue of the Day
ReMe35 Voices from the Hollow Spaces
ReMe40 Enslave the Mortal Mind
ReMe40 Incantation of Summoning the Dead
ReMe40r The Shrouded Glen:


  • Creo Terram:

CrTe15 Sword from the Unseen Scabbard
Cr(Re)Te20 Pilium of Piercing Sharpness/The Iron Skewer:
CrTe20r Mail of the Master Smith
CrTe20 Sphere of Delendos
CrTe20r Mail of the Master Smith
CrTe20r Sword of Toledo Steel
CrTe20r Touch of Midas:
CrTe25r Armaments of the Valliant Warrior
CrTe20 Wall of Simple Stone:
CrTe25 Wall of Protecting Stone:
CrTe30 Silvery Scales of the Knight:
CrTe30 Wall of Elaborate Stone
CrTe30r Barding of the Valliant Steed:
CrTe30r Repair the Edifice of Stone:
CrTe35r Conjuring the Mystic Tower:

  • Intellego Terram:

InTe4 Probe for Pure Silver
InTe15 Howl of the Steel Weapons
InTe30 Stone Tell of the Mind that Sits

  • Muto Terram:

MuTe10 The Crystal Dart
MuTe10 Supple Iron and Rigid Rope
MuTe15 Pass the Earthen Barrier
MuTe15 The Silver Dart
MuTe20 Earth that Breaks no More:
MuTe20 Edge of the Razor:
MuTe20 Ink of Noblest Metals
MuTe25 Easing the Warrior’s Burden
MuTe25 Hardness of Adamite:
MuTe35 Gates of Adamantium:

  • Perdo Terram:

PeTe10 Fist of Shattering
PeTe15 Disarm the Hapless Opponent:
PeTe15 Pit of the Gaping Earth:
PeTe15 Undoing the Stonemason’s Handiwork
PeTe20 Stone to Falling Dust:
PeTe20 Obliteration of the Metallic Barrier:
PeTe25 Disarm the Helpless Opponent
PeTe25 End of the Mighty Castle:
PeTe25 Flaws of the Weaponsmith:
PeTe30 Hauberk of Sublime Lightness:

  • Rego Terram:

ReTeG(10/15) Ward against Faeries of the Mountains:
ReTe5 Unseen Hand/Unseen Arm/Unseen Mover:
ReTe5 Wield the Invisible Sling
ReTe10 Invisible Sling of Vilano
ReTe10 Trackless Step
ReTe15 Unseen Porter:
ReTe15 Endurance against Steel and Stone
ReTe15 Hands of the Grasping Earth
ReTe20 Crest of the Earth Wave
ReTe20 Skill of the Puissant Swordsman
ReTe20 Ward against Earth Elementals:
Re(Cr)Te(Ig)25 Adjuration of the Blacksmith’s Fire
ReTe25 Ward against Blades & Bludgeons:
ReTe25 Wizard’s Ward against Weapons
ReTe25 Ward against Metal:
ReTe75r Hermes' Portal


  • Creo Vim:

CrViG(20r) Restoration of the Magical Might

  • Intellego Vim:

InVi2 Sense of Magical Power
InVi5 Sense the Nature of Vis
InVi5 Scales of the Magical Weight
InVi10 Abacus of Determination
InVi10 Perceive the Stench of Infernal Auras
InVi20 The invisible eyed revealed
InVi20 Piercing the Faerie Veil
InVi20 Piercing the Infernal Veil
InVi20 Piercing the Magic Veil
InVi30 Sense of the Lingering Magic
InVi40 Sight of Active Magic:

  • Muto Vim:

MuVi(Ig)G(5/15/25) Early Punishment for the Sinful Witch
MuViG(20) The Sorcerer’s Fork
MuViG(10/15/20/25) Wizard’s Communion:
MuViG(15) Wizard’s Aquam Boost
MuViG(15) Wizard’s Auram Boost
MuViG(15) Wizard’s Terram Boost
MuViG(15/35) Wizard’s Ignem Boost
MuViG(25) Wizard’s Vim Boost

  • Perdo Vim

PeViG(20/35) Bind the Devil’s Hand’s
PeViG(5/10/15/20/25/30) Demon’s Eternal Oblivion:
PeViG(30r/40r) Disenchant:
PeViG(5/10/30) Dreadful Bane of the Fae:
PeViG(15/25) Exorcise the Filthy Spirit
PeViG(25) The Heathen Witch Reborn:
PeViG(10/15/20/25/30) Lancea Magica
PeViG(5/10/30) Sap the Griffin’s Strength:
PeViG(30) Shattering the Malicious Rune:
PeViG(20) Unraveling the Fabric of Corpus
PeViG(20) Unraveling the Fabric of Mentem
PeViG(20) Unraveling the Fabric of Vim
PeViG(10/15/20/25/30) Winds of Mundane Silence:

  • Rego Vim:

ReViG(20) Aegis of the Hearth:
ReViG(25r) Caccodaemon
ReViG(10/15/20/25/30/40) Circular Ward against Demons
ReViG(20) Circular Ward against Creatures and Spirits of Magic
ReViG(30) Hermes Jar
ReViG(20/35) Maintaining the Demanding Spell
ReViG(20) Opening the Intangible Tunnel
ReViG(15/20) Personal Ward against Demons
ReViG(20) Sustain a Spell of Ignem
ReViG(20/35) Suppressing the Wizard’s Handiwork
ReViG(20) Circular Ward versus Faeries:
ReViG(20r/35r) Watching Ward:
ReViG(20r/35r) Waiting Spell:
ReVi15 Fons et Origio (Transfer the Essence of Vis)
ReVi15 Gather the Essence of the Beast
ReVi20 Coerce the Spirit of Magic
ReVi40 Summoning the Spirit of Magic

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