The Pools Of Gentle Summer

The newly established Pools of Gentle Summer is located in the north of Spain near to the town of Lanchares. The covenant exists almost entirely within a regio, with a huddle of dwellings for fishermen and their families acting as the gatekeepers of the regio entryway. While the village experiences the grace and disdain of weather from northern Spain; inside the regio the Pools are always warm, the climate pleasant, and the crops fertile.

The village is well provisioned, supported, and guarded by representatives of the covenant all year round. Travelers are approached by covenant soldiers as they approach, however the soldiers frequently do not carry large weapons or wear armor to better blend in. Many of the guardsmen grew up in the village and find the recent employment so beneficial they are rarely displeased by travelers; and their employment is certainly new enough to still offer exciting banter.

As a newly established covenant the Magi have a strong desire for trade, and unusually they appear well provisioned with spells outside the norm. Lucas has been exchanging letters of trade with Axis of Tremere, a young Magi who assisting in founding The Pools; and you have a trade organised in advance. It is widely known that the establishing Magi have granted many boons and favors to several of the other covenants to gain their support, and as a young covenant the Magi are being watched hungrily with interest.

To enter the covenant's regio portal travelers must have wet at least part of their bodies in the lake, and then pass over a particular spot in the lake near a small jetty, usually done in readily available fishing boats. This makes casual discovery of the regio doorway difficult, and grants security to the covenant.

The Covenant membership as:

  • Diarch, Axis ex Tremere, seasoned veteran. Tactics and resources, assigned by the House to assist development. Male.
  • Diarch, Brunhild ex Bonisagus, an Aquam specialist. The eldest Magi by a long margin, ex-Head of the Covenant, and exceedingly private. Female.
  • Gregor ex Bjornaer. Defenses and martial training. Male.
  • Flynn ex Merenita, a younger magus, born in England, trained in Thebes. Male.
  • Coriolis ex Bonisagus, a younger magus. Ex-apprentice of Brunhild. Assisting Axis in the development of tactical magic. Female.
  • Suthek of ex Miscellanea, younger magus, hails from Egypt. Male.
  • Valeria ex Jerbiton, a female artist with interests in music, and her male apprentice Jaco.
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