The Spider's Treasure In 1230



There's a source in the pyrenees, where, at the onset of Spring, one can collect ice as it begins to melt into Water. This yields 2 pawns per Rego Vis per year.
Current stock (1230): 20 pawns

Lab Texts


- Voice from Hollow Spaces ReMe 35
- Rarefy the Crude Stone CrTe 30
- Perfect Ward against Steel ReTe 40
(Base 05 for +15 soak, +2 affect all Metal, +1 Concentration duration, +1 doesn't affect personal metal, +3 for 15 soak), final soak +30 versus metal
- Lab Text for Sight of the Active Magics InVi 40
- Lab Text for Obliterate the Shield (like Break the Shield, but lvl 35)


- Relief of the Wizard's Workings
A lesser item golden bracelet that casts Maintaining the Demanding spell, concentation, maintains concentration, unlimited uses per day, maintains lvl 40 spells ReVi55


- Sight beyond Sight, a Treatise on the Thunderan Powers.
This discusses the magic of a small tribe of hedge wizards, and how it can be replicated by Hermetic Magics.
Intellego Summa Q09 L20


Lesser Items

- Robes of the Spider
Woven in dyed red silk, and with personnal constant "Doublet of Impenetrable Silk" (lvl 14)

Crafted Items

Unless otherwise noted, all items are described in the Spider's Workshop.

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