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This is where I put the Spider's designs and plans.
Lab Total in 1245: Int 02 + Te + Fo + Aura 05 + MT 07 (+1 enchant items) + Familiar 12 =
Te + Fo + 26 (27 for appropriate lab specialties)

Table of Contents

Conjurations and Magical Workings

1) Earth elementals

In the covenant as guards, and summonable with watching wards?
Permanent elementals require permanent control, meaning enchanted item. Either a constant ReTe effect, or a constant Maintaining the Demanding spell.

2) Archers's Nests

Circles with Ambush on the Trapped Road (HOH:S p69)

3) Animated Guards

In 1230, Arachné commands several wooden mannequins from grogs.
She then puts them in Circles of Spell Sustaining carved on Andorra's walls, that maintain the Carved Assassin spells animating them. Despite being unable to leave the circles, this still allow them to stand their ground against intruders, or to fire at them using arbalests or bows.

To ensure their magical nature is not instantly detected, she also puts them under simple MuIm spells (Base 2, +1 touch, +1 conc = lvl 4) that make them look and sound that normal guard, although untalking ones. These spells are, of course, held by further castings of Circle of Spell Sustaining.

Stats (ported from LoH, similar effect, adapted): Characteristics: Cun +0, Per +0, Pre –3, Com –3, Str +3, Sta +3, Dex –1, Qik –1
Size: 0
Pole Arm: Init +2, Attack +6, Defense +3, Damage +11
Crossbow: Init +4, Attack +4, Defense -1, Damage +7 (The bolts are useful in bypassing MR)
Soak: n/a: they do not suffer damage like humans. Rather, it is possible to remove a limb from the mannequin with any blow that deals 10+ damage. Méle weapons used by the mannequins are subject to MR (Penetration 18 + die, let's say 23), thus the crossbows.

Crafted Items

These are done using the "Craft Magic" power of the rustic magi, which is the Spider's tradition. Due to the delays involved, Arachné can usually do one or two per season on her spare time, if she doesn't do something else, like an adventure.
Arachné writes glyphs, coded by shape and color, on most of her "generic items", which serve to quickly identify them.

Item types

Although some items are a better fit for specific enchantments, nothing ties the later to the former, and Arachne usually uses the following:
- Banners, with one or several colored glyphs at the center that depict (to arachne's eyes) the spell they cast. This is usually used to cast area of effect enchantments
- Carpets. Mostly used to create flying carpets, but can also carry an enchantment. For exemple, a carpet can have an inscribed circle, with an instilled circular ward.
- Clothes, with the effect described in the embroidery. Seldom used, save for effects that affect either the item (Doublet of Impenetrable Silk) or the wearer (invisibility) over a length of time.
- Small wooden spiders. Can be thrown at someone, or carry an effect somewhere if she uses her "Animate the Wooden Spider" spell. The sigil is carved on the spider's torso
- Bolts, often used to carry offensive spells, with descriptive runes on the shaft's length.
- Wooden beads: Mostly used only for arachne's rosary, they are recognised both by size and carved sigil.
- Threads: Used to cast an enchantment over a person or place. Primaryly recognised by their color, and by being stored with a label.

The following durations are assumed, at craft 05:
- A simple spider takes 3 days (as much as a hoe).
- A woolen carpet takes 06 days (twice that of a suit of clothing).
- A small net takes 2 days (2/3 that of a piece of clothing)
- Bolts and simple pieces of cloth take one day or less.
At craft (woodworking) 7, 8 for spiders, Arachné can create about half as much of wooden items. Conversely, with Craft (Weaver) 3, 4 for clothes), she's about 40% less efficient for cloth.
She usually tries to craft some items in the 10 days per season one can take as free. However, she still enjoys some time resting, chatting, wandering about the covenant… so she often doesn't do all that she could do.


01) Web shooters

Crafted Spider bodies, that look like the head is ready to spit web. Arachne uses Re(Mu)He (Base 3, +1 touch, +1 req = lvl 05) to meld the wood of the body so as to attach it to specially crafted places in her Bracelet of Focus, with 2 holding places in each, one on top, one below. Possible effects include:
- Weaver's Trap of Webs (CrAn 35, base5, +2 Voice, +2 sun, +2 group). CT Creo 9 + Animal 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 20. Not Enough.
- A single, sticky web line (CrAn 25, base 5, +2 voice, +1 diam, +1 size). CT Creo 9 + Animal 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 20. Not Enough.
- Pilum of Flame (CrIg 20, base 10, Voice, Mom, Ind, + 15 dam). CT Creo 9 + Ignem 06 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 21. One charge.
- Arc of Fiery Ribbons (CrIg 25, base 05, Voice, Mom, Group, + 10 dam). CT Creo 9 + Ignem 06 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 21. Not Enough.

02) Cloak of Invisibility

- PeIm base 4, +1 Touch, + 1 Conc, +1 moving images = lvl 15, +5 item maintains concentration = lvl 20. CT Pe 15 + Im 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 26. 2 charges.

03) Coat of Flight

- ReCo base 05, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +2 for extra speel = lvl 25, +5 item maintains concentration = 30. CT Re 21 + Co 06 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 33. One charge.
- Alternative based on ReHe? The user will need to be strapped to the cloak or else he'll fall. This will also impede his movements. But it will be easier.

04) Unerring Daggers

Daggers that, once thrown, fly towards their target with a force unparalleled by man, doing +10 damage.
Actually, the daggers themselves aren't enchanted: A piece of woven red cloak is bound to their hilt, and casts the spell on them when their wielder throws them while saying "Strike True!"
- ReTe base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Metal = lvl 20. Require a finesse roll. An alternative exists that need to bypass MR.
CT Re 21 + Te 09 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 36. 04 charges.

05) Web of Lies

A little spider that casts “Trust Me” (ReMe 20) at the target. It has a little magnet encrusted in its back.
CT 21 + 6 + 1 + Aura 5 + Magnet 2 = 36. 04 charges.

06) Moonlight Bow

A stringless bow. When an arrow is put on it, a faint, magical, silver lining appears that can be strung to propel the arrow, which never fails to strike its target for +4 damage (based on "Accorns for Amusement")
ReHe base 3, +2 Voice = lvl 05. CT Re 21 + He 06 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 33. 6 charges.

07) Burrowing Spider

A little spider that eats earth, creating a gaping void.
PeTe base 3, +1 touch, +1 Part, +1 extra size = lvl 10.
CT Pe 15 + Te 07 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 28. 4 charges.

08) Carpet of Slumber

A carpet that delivers a Touch range Call to Slumber on people stepping on it.
ReMe base 04, +1 touch = lvl 05, + 20 for penetration 40 = lvl 25
CT Re 21 + Me 06 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 33. 2 charges.

09) Cursed Tapestry or Mirror

Casts an Eye range spell at anyone that looks at them. Very dangerous, then.

10) Another Trapped Carpet

When someone walks on it, it casts at sight range an invisible sling of vilano on a pile of stones before in the corridor.

11) Magical Bolts

Arrows (1 charge per arrow) shot from a bow, or bolts for a crossbow. Crossbow bolts are assumed to take 3 days to craft.

1) Bolts of the Pit
MoH p 134: PeTe 10 (Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Part, +1 size, free cosmetic effect)
The magical effect of the enchanted arrows is equivalent to the spell Pit of Gaping Earth (ArM5, page 155), but operates at Range Touch instead of Voice. Consequently, each arrow, being a carrier for the spell, must be aimed and fired to reach its target, because the arrows themselves do not have any su- pernatural flight qualities. After leaving the string of the bow used to propel it forward, and upon touching solid, earthen ground, each of the enchanted arrows destroys earth as described for Pit of Gaping Earth.
CT Pe 15 + Te 09 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 30. 5 charges.

2) Bane of the Demon/Fae/Dragon
Like DEO, at touch range, Base 05 (takes 10 might), +15 penetration 30 = lvl 20
CT Pe 15 + Vi 14 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 35. 3 charges.
She can sacrifice charges for Penetration: 1 less charge means +10 penetration, so, at best, she can do penetration 60 (base 04, +1 touch, +30 penetration 60 = lvl 35)

12) Ambush Spider

A small spider that casts “Ambush on a Deserted Road” PeIm 20. . CT Pe 15 + Im 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 26. 2 charges.

13) Silk Spider

A spider that casts a circular version of Doublet of Impenetrable Silk

14) Fake Flying Carpet

Black Company-style ^^
A simple cadre of wood, on which a carpet is solidly affixed. This flies as fast as a human runs.
This is made in 1 day with Craft 05.
The wood is a crafted item with the following effect: ReHe Base 3 (Control an amount of wood), +0 Personnal, +1 Concentration, +2 magnitudes for carrying extra weight, +2 magnitudes for extra speed = lvl 20.
CT Re 21 + He 06 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 33. 3 charges.
Note that one needs to maintain Concentration, so she may do a lvl 25 version, with 1 less charge.

15) The Poor Sahir's Flying Carpet

Alternative from tC&tC, ReAn 15.
A woolen carpet, thus enchanted, which flies as fast as a horse can run. This takes 06 days to create for craft 05:
ReAn base 1 ("Manipulate items made from animal products"), + 2 very unnatural motion, + 1 carry person on the carpet, + 1 speed, +1 Conc = lvl 10, +5 item maintains concentration = lvl 15
CT Re 21 + An 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 32. 04 charges.

16) Spider of Mystical Defeat

This little wooden spider dissipates the Parma Magica of anyone it touches, save the Spider.
PeVi base 20 (dissipate an effect of a specific type under magnitude 40+stress die), +1 touch = lvl 25, +21 penetration 42, +3 Restricted = 49
CT Pe 15 + Vi 14 + Focus 14 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 49. 1 charge.

17) Spider Signal

This effect just creates a loud noise, serving as an intruder warning system. Some do this when touched with enough force (such as a man stepping on them, or putting them aside), some do this when broken.
CrIm base 1 (Create an image that affect a single sense), +1 touch, +1 Diameter, +2 volume (as 100 men) = lvl 05.
CT Cr 09 + Im 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 20. 3 charges.

18) Medicinal Spiders

This little spider is apposed on someone's wounds and activated by saying "heal this wounds".
CT (1242): Cr 11 + Co 09 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 26
- Healing Spider: Gives +9 to wound recovery for Moon Duration (Base 4, +1 Touch, +3 Moon) = lvl 20. 01 charge.
- Purifying Spider: Gives +9 to Disease recovery for Moon Duration (Base 4, +1 Touch, +3 Moon) = lvl 20. 01 charge.
- Soothing Spider: Cast "Bind Wounds" (Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun) = lvl 10. 03 charges.

19) Deceptive Spiders

These spiders cast all kind of illusions. They are activated by a command phrase while being held, usually a variant of "Spider of ###" where ### is the kind of illusion created by that particular spider.
Base 2 (affect 2 senses), +1 moving, +1 intricate, +1 Touch, +1 conc = lvl 10, + 5 maintain concentration = lvl 15.
CT: Cr 09 + Im 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 20. 2 charges.
Simpler, unmoving illusions are only lvl 05, so 04 charges can be created.

20) Weaver of Mystical Deception

These spiders cast a variant of "Masking the Odor of Magic" that hides vis from magical detection, making it appear as non-magical to any Intellego spell of less than lvl 50
Base 15 (Gen, make something seem non-magical to any intellego spell of less than twice (lvl + 2 mag) ), +1 Touch, +2 Ring, +0 Circle = lvl 30
CT: Pe 15 + Vim 14 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 35. 2 charges.

21) Web of Dreams

Arachné first crafted these web-like nets for Roberto. They are small, no bigger than 2 hands, and are weighted by small wooden balls, not unlike a small gladiator's net. When the command word "Spider's bite" is said and they are thrown, they cast a Touch-range Call to Slumber on a Group they hit
Base 4, +1 touch, +2 Group = lvl 15.
CT: Re 21 + Me 6 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 33. 04 charges.

22) Weaver of Dark Webs

First crafted for Roberto, this spider, when thrown on the ground after the word "Obscure" is said to them, appears to suck all the light around it, obscuring all view on a 3 paces radius. Only spells of level greater than 10 can create light in this zone. It otherwise works just as "Orb of Darkness" (MoH p 133)
PeIg base 03 (extinguish all light in an area), + 1 touch, +1 diameter, +1 Part, +1 size = level 15
CT: Pe 15 + Ig 07 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 28. 03 charges

23) Charm of Quickspell

Weaven of strands of multiple colors fashioning arcane symbols, this small bracelet can hold a spell, releasing it at a later date, even as a fast-cast. It is, in fact, a variant on the Patient Spell (MoH p113), working on effects of lvl 20 or lower. Note that this effect, unless the wearer concentrates on it, will expire at sunrise/sunset, releasing any held spell.
When the charm expires, the bracelet loses its colors.
ReVi base 10, +1 Touch, +1 Conc = 20, +5 item maintains concentration = level 25
CT: Re 21 + Vi 16 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 43. 3 charges.

24) Blindfold of Sight

An embroidered blindfold which lets its wearer see through Regio Boundaries, as a Touch range Piercing the (Realm) Veil.
InVi base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +4 Vision = level 25
CT: In 11 + Vi 16 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 33. 1 charge.

25) Protective Weaver

This small spider, when used to follow an inscribed circle, creates a ward against a given realm.
ReVi base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Ring, +0 Circle = level 25, +13 for penetration 26 = level 38
CT: Re 21 + Vi 16 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 43. 1 charge.

26) Warding Web

A silk network emulating a circular web, this enchantment can bar a limited field of hermetic magic, akin to "Impede the Intermitent Interloper" (TME p109). This can stop spells up to level 35 + a stress die.
PeVi 15, +1 Touch, +2 Ring/Circle = lvl 30
CT (1235) : Pe 16 + Vi 14 + Focus 14 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 50. 04 Charges.

27) Magic-Devoring Spider

When put into contact with an inscribed circle, this little spider casts an enchantment similar to "Impede the Intermitent Interloper", save that it works against all magical powers of a level less than (55 + Stress Die)/2.
PeVi 35, +1 Touch, +2 Ring/Circle = lvl 50
CT (1235) : Pe 16 + Vi 14 + Focus 14 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 50. 01 Charges.

28) Protective weaving against Magic

Crafted as a carefully woven silk tunic, or as a small wooden bead, this enchantment can protect her wearer against magic, by casting a spell similar to "Impede the Intermitent Interloper", save that it works against all magical powers of a level less than (55+ Stress Die)/2. Due to the "flicker" effect, this fails at sunrise/sunset, though.
PeVi 35, +1 Touch, +1 Conc = lvl 45, +5 item maintains Concentration = lvl 50
CT (1235) : Pe 16 + Vi 14 + Focus 14 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 50. 01 Charges.

29) Headband/Bead of (Realm) Perception

Presenting itself as a piece of white silk, or a wooden bead engraved with arcane symbols, this artifact gives greater powers of perceptions, allowing her to perceive any supernatural effect from a given realm. Contrary to "Sight of the Active Magics", it doesn't give further informations.
Invi 05, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +4 Vision = lvl 35
CT (1242): In 13 + Vi 16 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 35. 01 charge.

30) Weaving/Bead of Endurance

A small piece of cloth, akin to a web, or a wooden bead engraved with arcane symbols. This can cast a variant of "Endurance of the Berserkers" when one touches it while saying "Strength of the Earth, flow into", followed by the target's designation.
ReCo 10, +1 Touch, +2 Sun = lvl 25
CT (1242): Re 22 + Co 09 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 37. 02 charges

31) Bind my prey's Magic

A wooden rod, long as a finger, engraved with web designs. This reduces the casting totals for all magic cast by the target by 05
PeVi 04 + 2 voice + 1 diam = 15, Penetration +20 for 40 pen = 35
CT (1242) : Pe 15 + Vi 16 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 37. 01 Charges.

32) Defensive Weavings

Enchanted threads carefully woven into the fabric of another cloth, into a bracelet or such, or into the Robes of the Spider.
These wards work by repelling an element constantly, whether the protected person is conscious of the attacks or not.
Base weaving time is one day each.
- Against Metal: Base 05, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +2 metal = lvl 25, +05 items maintain concentration = lvl 30.
This gives +15 soak against Metal attacks.
CT (1242) : Re 22 + Te 16 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 44. 02 Charges.
- Against Gemstones: Base 05, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +2 gemstones = lvl 25, +05 items maintain concentration = lvl 30.
This gives +15 soak against Gemstones.
CT (1242) : Re 22 + Te 16 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 44. 02 Charges.
- Against Stone: Base 05, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +1 Stone = lvl 20, +05 items maintain concentration = lvl 25.
This gives +15 soak against Stone.
CT (1242) : Re 22 + Te 16 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 44. 03 Charges.
- Against Glass: Base 05, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +1 Stone = lvl 20, +05 items maintain concentration = lvl 25.
This gives +15 soak against Glass.
CT (1242) : Re 22 + Te 16 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 44. 03 Charges.
- Against Dirt: Base 05, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration = lvl 15, +05 items maintain concentration = lvl 20.
This gives +15 soak against Dirt.
CT (1242) : Re 22 + Te 16 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 44. 04 Charges.
- Against Animal parts: Base 05, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration = lvl 15, +05 items maintain concentration = lvl 20.
This gives +15 soak against Animal attacks or using Animal parts.
CT (1242) : Re 22 + An 07 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 35. 03 Charges.
- Against Acid: Base 05, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration = lvl 15, +05 items maintain concentration = lvl 20.
This gives +15 soak against Aquam-based Acids.
CT (1242) : Re 22 + Aq 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 33. 02 Charges.
- Against Water: Base 05, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration = lvl 15, +05 items maintain concentration = lvl 20.
This gives +15 soak against Water.
CT (1242) : Re 22 + Aq 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 33. 02 Charges.
- Against Lightning: Base 10, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration = lvl 20, +05 items maintain concentration = lvl 25.
This gives +15 soak against damaging Lightning.
CT (1242) : Re 22 + Au 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 33. 01 Charge.
- Against Gases: Base 04, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration = lvl 10, +05 items maintain concentration = lvl 15.
This gives +15 soak against damaging Auram gases.
CT (1242) : Re 22 + Au 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 33. 03 Charges.
- Against Corpus: Base 15, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration = lvl 25, +05 items maintain concentration = lvl 30.
This gives +15 soak against Human or Corpus-based attacks.
CT (1242) : Re 22 + Co 09 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 37. 01 Charge.
- Against Plants: Base 15, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration = lvl 25, +05 items maintain concentration = lvl 30.
This gives +15 soak against plant-based attacks.
CT (1242) : Re 22 + He 11 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 39. 01 Charge.


1) Mechanical Spiders

Bound ghosts to huge mechanical spiders animated through ReTe. Like with the Living Ghost, only the obedient ghost ruling the spider.
1) Imprison the Restless Spirit
ReVi base 05, +2 Voice, +1 Sun, +10 Penetration 20, +4 constant = lvl 34
2) Living Metal
Re(Mu)Te base 3, +2 Sun, +1 Muto requisite, +2 Metal, +1 size +4 constant = lvl 24
3) Passing the Reigns of Terram
Base effect 25, +1 touch, +10 Penetration 20, once per day = lvl 40.
Maybe this can be done by Guillaume?

2) Trapped item

When touched, it tries to read the person's thoughts, to determine if they are a friend of the Spider. It has no penetration, so a magus needs to lower his Parma. If it fails, whatever the reason, it casts another effect (either triggering other items, or one in it). This can be a doorknob, a chair…
Arachné always warn her friends to lower their parma while in her Sanctum.

3) Ballista

Arachné initially wanted to create an enchanted ballista. Yet, after discussing it with Carmen, she came to the conclusion that 3 lesser items, being less vulnerable, would do the trick, as they would work on any ballista. Over the course of Autumn 1231 to Spring 1232, she thus fashionned the rings, who were later inserted over a wooden wand.
They allow a single person to command a ballista, making it fly, reload instantly and fire on command. Bolts can be either mundane, special bolts crafted by Arachné, like DEO bolts.

Ballista: Init + 5, Atk +5, EF to hit 6, Dam (treated as non-combat damage) +15, range 50

1) Ring of Bow Command
Effect: "Fire at Will"
ReHe base 3, +2 voice, mom, +1 flexibility = 10 + 10 unlimited uses = lvl 20
This effect has the hook release, seize and pull the ballista's bow.

2) Ring of Bolt Reload
Effect: "Lock and Load"
ReHe base 3, +2 voice, mom, +1 complexity = 10 + 10 unlimited uses = lvl 20
This effect takes a ballista bolt and position it perfectly so that it can be fired.

3) Ring of the Winged Ballista
Effect: The Hovering Ballista
ReHe base 3, +2 Voice, +1 size, +1 Concentration = 15 + 05 items maintains concentration, + 05 for 24 uses per day = lvl 25.
This effect makes a huge piece of wood, such as a ballista, fly slowly, and move at the caster's command

4) Kingly Rod of Elemental Control

This bronze rod is designed to control Andorra's Earth Elemental Guardians. It is hollowed out, opening at its bottom, which allows arcane connections to be stored into it. It can control up to 25 earth elementals, allowing for different orders, and recasting the enchantment twice per day.
Base 05, +4 Arcane Connection, +3 Moon duration, +0 Individual = lvl 40, +06 for 50 uses per day, +8 for Penetration 16, +3 Trigger (sunrise/Sunset), +3 Restricted (magi who participated to the aegis ritual) = lvl 64


These are spells that the Spider has considered inventing. Plans which may, or not, come into fruition

Obliterate Refuse of the Body (PeCo 10)

DDT p273: This destroys all bits of Corpus Material in the room, thus preventing the maga from leaving Arcane Connections to herself
Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Room

Cut the weakening bonds (PeVi 10)

This spell reduces the duration of an Arcane Connection by one step on the table on page 84. If this reduces the duration below Hours, the connection expires immediately. Does not work on connections that naturally have Indefinite duration, but can make an Arcane Connection that was fixed in the laboratory expire.
Arachné uses this on her crafting, signatures and enchantments, casting it multiple times until they no longer are arcane connections to her.
Base 05 , +1 Touch
Alternative: Base 15, + 2 voice, final level 25, 3 steps at a time.

Circle of Magic Negation (PeVi Gen)

This spell works in a manner similar to "Impede the Intermitent Interloper" (TME p109), save that it works against all magical powers of a level less than (Level + 01 magnitude + a Stress Die)/2.
Base Gen, +1 Touch, +2 Ring/Circle

Bind the Prey's Magic (PeVi Gen)

Reduce the casting total for all magic cast by the target by (level - 01 magnitude)/2
Base gen, +2 voice, +1 diam

Sustain the Fleeting Connection (CrVi 25)

Decrease the rate of decay of an Arcane Connection as if the connection were two steps higher
on the table in ArM5, page 84. If this increases the Duration to Years or greater, the duration of
the connection continues to be measured in a period of years.
Base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Ring, +0 Circle

Arcane Webbings (ReVi 30)

Similar to "The Patient Spell" (MoH p 113), this spell requires an Intelligence + Concentration roll of 9+ to be cast successfully. It delays the casting of another spell of level 20 or less, cast at the same time, so long as the Ring isn't broken.
The target of the other spell must be present and in range at the time of casting, and the ring must encompass either the caster, or the target of the delayed spell, as chosen by the caster.
Base 15, +1 Touch, +2 Ring, +0 Circle

Spell Combos

Several of Arachne's spells and items are designed to work in combination with each other.

Second Hand Tunnel

Arachne often uses Intangible Tunnels. But more spellcasting means more chances of botching. More pressingly, these have the disadvantage of working both ways.
So she uses the following combo:
- Have some kind of magical detection active, either Sight of the Active Magics, or, more commonly, the effect "A Touch of Magic" invested in her Talisman, allowing her to detect any active magic through her touch.
- Use her Ring of Far Strike, to create a R: Sight, D: Diameter tunnel with Pen 30, for any spell of level 10 or less.

Detecting the tunnels allows her to use it to reach its target directly (Hp p79). However, since the caster of the Tunnel is the ring, not her, it is the primary recipient of any spells cast back. To affect the Spider, the target needs either to create a damaging material, or to use Group Target. Most notably, this makes her immune to most Mentem and Corpus effects.

Maintained Spells.

The Spider uses a lot or D: Conc spells, but she can extend their duration in 3 ways:
- Cast a Maintaining the Demanding Spell on any lvl 20 effect or less, for Diameter duration.
- Have her Talisman maintain any lvl 25 or less spell. This lasts as long as the talisman maintains concentration, so, potentially, until sunrise/sunset. 24 uses per day.
- Same thing with her Bracelet of Relief, save that it maintains any spell of level up to 30. Unlimited uses.

A Stamina + Concentration stress roll of 6+ must be made in order to cast this spell while keeping the first one going, so, from time to time, she has to start part of the process again.

Fast-Cast Combo

This simple combination lets the Spider transform another spell into a fast-cast spell, while retaining its full penetration.
Since the casting is made beforehand, this also means that she can cast while relaxed, thus avoiding any risk of botching.
- Cast The Patient Spell in conjunction with another spell of level 20 or less
- Maintain The Patient Spell


Mostly useless on hermetic magi due to its relative lack of penetration, this combo can help a grog be more stealthy, or impair an edge wizard in his ability to use magic.
- Optional: Use a Tunnel effect.
- Spontaneously cast Wizard's Reach (Imaginem) (MuVi/Im level 10)
- Cast The Silent Magus
- Optional: Maintain the effect.

Spider Scouts

Small wooden spiders. They can be animated and used as small proxies to explore a place stealthily.
- Optional: Cast the Rough-Hewn Servant to craft a spider doll from a piece of wood.
- Optional: Cast a lvl 40 Intangible Tunnel on the wooden spider. This lets her cast further spells while the doll is out of range, but she must concentrate on it instead of having an item maintain the effect.
- Cast Animate the Wooden Spider (ReHe 10) to make the doll move under the caster's command.
- Maintain its duration.
- Cast Through the Eyes of the Spider (InIm 15) to see from the doll's location.
- Maintain its duration.
- Cast Hearing through the Spider (InIm 10) to hear from the doll's location.
- Maintain its duration.
- Optionally, unless in an adverse aura, she can spont cast a lvl 05 InIm spell to get any other sense at Smell range, and then extend the duration. Not great, but better than nothing.

Stats are Size -8, Dex +1, Qik + 10, Str -13, using the Spider's abilities.

Control of a spider doll can be transferred. This requires the following sequence of spells:
- Passing the Reigns of Herbam
- Maintain the duration
- Spontaneously cast Passing the Reigns of Imaginem Revi 10
- Maintain the duration
- Repeat Passing the Reigns of Imaginem for each sense spell to be transfered.

Wooden Proxies

Humanoid wooden mannequins, with spider-like limbs in the back.
These are used when physical presence is both a risk and unneeded.

- Use the same spell sequence as with a Spider Scout
- Spontaneously cast a MuIm lvl 05 spell (base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Conc) to make the mannequin look, sound and feel like her
- Maintain the duration

Stats are Size +0, Dex +1, Qik + 02, Str +03, using the Spider's abilities.
They do not suffer damage in the same manner as living beings. However, it is possible to remove a limb from a mannequin with any blow that has a damage value of 10 or more.
The limbs can be used to strike, but are subject to Magic Resistance.

Summon and Send Grogs

Her Blood Maps give Arachné an Arcane Connection to any of Andorra's grogs.
This spell combination lets her send anyone she's touching to any place she's got an arcane connection to. Cast through an intangible tunnel, she can even do that at Arcane Connection range.
- Optional: Cast a lvl 40 Intangible Tunnel
- Cast Wizard's Reach (Corpus) lvl 40
- Cast The Leap of Homecoming



The Spider's traps rely heavily on her Craft Magic ability. This allows her either to create a wide range of effects without having learned a formulaic spell for them, but also to imbue a lot of penetration into her traps.

This is done either directly or indirectly.
A direct application is when the crafted item is, itself, the trap.
An indirect use occurs when she crafts and item which she uses to set up a trap. This is most commonly done through the use of Circle/Ring traps.

Ring spells are usually carved in stone, or, less frequently wood. When holding a Terram effet that might interfere with the ring, they are instead put in a metal band.
To stop someone from just breaking the rings from a distance, The Spider sometimes put different Ring duration effects into them:
- PeVi magics to protect against PeTe, ReTe, or, for wooden rings, PeHe / ReHe effects
- PeVi magics to protect against dispelling effects
- Imaginem effects to hide the ring.


Item Triggers (IT)
Magic items are commonly activated by words and/or gestures. Wave the wand and say the magic word to throw a fire bolt.
The Spider uses a variation of this. Most commonly, the item is activated by touching it without saying the magic word. Seize the wand and speak the word, or seize the wand and be zapped.

** Break the Circle (BC)**
These category of traps rely on someone breaking a Circle spell, thus ending a specific effect.
For example, an effect to fill a room with fire might have been delayed by a D: Ring spell akin to The Patient Spell (MoH p113). When you break the ring, the delaying effect is broken, thus activating the Fire spell.
To avoid the trap, you mustn't break the circle.

** Don't break the Circle (DBC)**
The reverse of the previous category, where an effect occurs continuously within a Circle/Ring spell.
For example, a PeCo effect wounding anyone who enters the circle.
To avoid the trap, you must break the circle.

Type of Traps

Door Handle (IT)

This is to be used with her fake laboratory: The door handle is wooden, and a charged item that puts to sleep anyone that touches it, save Arachné.
ReMe base 5, +1 Touch = lvl 10, +3 restricted = lvl 13.
CT Re 21 + Me 06 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 33: 04 charges.

Pit of Gaping Death (BC)

This requires 2 items: One to cast a PeTe effect to create a pit, and another to create a Ring, traced on the ground, which will hold the first spell.
When the ring is broken, the holding effect is, too, creating a pit under the person who broke the ring.

Create a Pit: TeTe, based on "Pit of the Gaping Earth", with -1 mag range touch, +1 mag for a pit 90 feet deep (By ars p181, this should do a ridiculous +45 damage, more is falling on stone). If the ground is made of Stone, add another magnitude. Final level 15/20.
By 1245, with a total of 62, at worst, he spider can make an item with 8 charges.
Circle of Holding: ReVi, based on The Patient Spell (MoH 113), with Duration Ring and Target Circle: When this spell is cast in conjunction with a second spell (requiring an Intelligence + Concentration roll against an Ease Factor of 9), the other spell is delayed in taking effect until the ring is broken. The Circle of Holding must be 1 level higher than the spell to be held, meaning, at most, level 30.
By 1245, with a total of 76, at worst, he spider can make an item with 8 charges.

Crusher Stone (BC)

This requires 1 item, to cast a ReTe Ring effect to hold a large stone in the ceiling
When the ring is broken, the holding effect is, too, and the stone falls, naturally crushing anyone under it.

Distant Fire (DBC)

This creates an invisible flame, hanging in the air, which burns anyone massing through it.
A Circle of Spell Sustaining cast by the spider maintains the following effects:
Everlasting Flame CrIg
Base 10 for +15 damage, +2 Voice, + 1 Conc, + 20 for Penetration 40 = lvl 45
By 1245, with a total of 46, at worst, he spider can make an item with 1 charges.
Spiritual Flame PeIg(Im)
Base 05, +1 touch, +1 Conc, +1 Imaginem requisite, + 25 for Penetration 50 = lvl 45
Makes the fire invisible and hides its heat from those who don't touch it. The penetration is required for the Fire to get through Magical Resistance.
Then, she casts this and then, she casts a Circle of Spell Sustaining to keep this going. This requires her to roll 6+ on 1 Sta +Conc checks.
By 1245, with a total of 51, at worst, he spider can make an item with 1 charges.

Teleportation Guidelines

ReAn 5: Transport an animal instantly up to 5 paces. Non living Animal products use ReTe
ReAq 4: Transport a liquid instantly up to 5 paces
ReHe 4: Transport a plant instantly up to 5 paces. Non living plant products use ReTe
ReIg 3: Transport a fire instantly up to 5 paces
ReTe 4: Transport a non-living object instantly up to 5 paces. Objects larger than something that can be comfortably held in 2 hands require size modifiers, Casting requisites may be needed if the item is primarily not under the form of Terram

Add +1 mag for 50 paces, +2 for 500 paces, +3 for a league, +4 for 7 leagues, +5 for AC range

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