Theseus Ex Merinita

Character: Theseus Ex Merinita Player: Angado (aka: Sam)
Saga: Light of Andorra House: Merinita
Age: 46 Years past Gauntlet: 20 Apparent Age: 16
Size: 0 Confidence Score: 1 Confidence Points: 3
Decrepitude: None Warping Points: 9 Warping Score: 1

Birth Name: Obsome Year born: Gender: Male Race/Nationality: Welsh-Anglo/faerie
Place of Origin: Obsome Parrish, Wales Religion: Nominally Christian
Title: Magus of the Order of Hermes
Height: 5 feet 7 inches Weight: 155 pounds
Hair: The color of molten gold Eyes: The color of molten gold
Skin: Fair with golden freckles (other unusual traits): Slightly pointed ears
Handedness: Right handed

Intelligence: +3 (quick thinker) Perception: 0 Strength: 0 Stamina: 0
Presence: +2 (handsome) Communication: 0 Dexterity: 0 Quickness: 0

Flaws: Lycanthrope (wolf) – Major supernatural flaw; Restriction (cannot cast spells while touching silver, nor can he target /effect/enchant silver); Enemies (cult of diabolists); Optimistic

Virtues: The Gift; Hermetic Magus; Faerie magic; Strong Faerie Blood (Sidhe) {faerie realm supernatural virtue}; Animal Ken; Skilled Parens; Unaging (magical realm supernatural virtue); Second Sight (free faerie supernatural virtue from strong faerie blood); Gentle Gift (major hermetic virtue); Personal vis source—Corpus, six pawns each year, Source is a lock of golden hair that grows from the top of Theseus’ head.

Abilities (this represents abilities at twenty years past gauntlet):
Native Language – Welsh (common usage) 5 Wales Area Lore (legends) 1
Animal Handling (healing) 1 Animal Ken (wolves) 2
Artes Liberales (ritual magic) 4 Athletics (running) 2
Awareness (alertness) 2 Bargain (vis) 1
Brawl (dodge) 4 Charm (first impressions) 1
Code of Hermes (mundane relations) 1 Concentration (spell concentration) 1
Dead language – Latin (hermetic usage) 4 Etiquette (the church) 1
Faerie Lore (Sidhe) 2 finesse (grace) 1
Folk Ken (clergy) 1 Great weapon (staff) 2
Guile (lying to clergy) 1 Hunt (rabbits) 1
Infernal Lore (undead) 1 Magic Lore (creatures) 1
Magic Theory (corpus) 7 (17xp) Order of Hermes Lore (history) 1
Parma Magica (corpus) 2 Penetration (Perdo) 1
Philosophiae (moral philosophy) 2 Ride (speed) 1
Second Sight (faeries) 2 Swim (underwater) 2
Brawl as a wolf (dodge) 3 (it seemed that fighting as a wolf would warrant a separate ability)*

Art Scores (again, twenty years following gauntlet):
Creo: 5 Intellego: 5 Muto: 15 Perdo: 10 Rego: 5
Animal: 15 Aquam: 1 Auram: 1 Corpus: 15 Herbam: 3 Ignem: 2
Imaginem: 5 Mentem: 10 Terram: 5 Vim: 10
Formulaic Spells:
Bind Wound (CrCo10) Revealed flaws of mortal flesh (InCo10)
Dust to Dust (PeCo15) Aura of Ennobled Presence (MuIm5) *Personal range only variant
Wizard’s Sidestep (ReIm10) Lay to rest the haunting spirit (PeMe15)
The crystal dart (MuTe10) Trackless Step (ReTe10)
Wielding the Invisible Sling (ReTe10) Scales of Magical Weight (InVi5)
Sense the Nature of Vis (InVi5) Wizard’s Communion (MuVi15)
Demon’s Eternal Oblivion (PeVi15) Circular Ward against Demon’s (ReVi15)
Form of the Lycan (MuCo35) –Range: Personal Duration: Sun Target: Individual Req: Animal
This spell transforms the caster into a wolf. The caster retains the ability to speak while in wolf form. The caster can return to human form at will, but ending the spell. Theseus Ex Merinita’s version of this spell transforms him into a white wolf with golden eyes, and tinges of gold in his fur.
(Base: 10 + 2 Sun + 3 for effect – retaining speech)
*Form of the Lycan has been mastered by Theseus: Mastery 3 (Quiet Casting x2; Still Casting)
Casting total: 15 (muto) + 15 (corpus with animal req. met) + 3 (mastery)= 33+/- aura

Armor worn: None Currently no soak bonus
Combat modifiers: (Human form)
Brawling: 4 dodge: 5
Oak Quarterstaff Init: +2 Attack: +3 (+3 for skill) =+6 Def: +3 (+5 dodge) =+8
Damage: +2 Load: 2
Load: 2
Combat Modifiers: (Wolf form)
Brawling as a wolf (dodge): 3

House: Merinita Domus Magna:
Covenant: currently not a member of any covenant Primus:
Parens: Mabia Ex Merinita Covenant of Apprenticeship: Voluntas
Wizard’s Sigil: Golden Sparks Wizard’s voting sigil: A wolf dancing under a full moon

Raw Vis:
Six Pawns of Corpus as a lock of golden hair

Longevity Ritual: None
Theseus has not yet bothered to formulate a longevity elixir. Note that Theseus does not start making aging rolls until the age of 50 years. Theseus has not appeared to age since he was 16 years of age.

Anne was a peasant girl of merely thirteen summers when she became lost while looking for berries. That hot summer day she lost her way and was found and seduced by faerie acting in the role of an elven prince. Following their dalliance, the faerie lead the peasant girl back to a path that would see her home. When the girl returned to her home she learned she had been missing for a week. Her father’s wrath at her absence was great, but became so much worse when it became obvious the following fall that the girl was with child. Her father, a freeman of some modest means, erected a small house for his wayward daughter and her bastard child and left her to her own devises there. After a miserable winter the spring brought forth a small fair skinned child that Anne named Obsome after a faerie legends said lived in the wood she had become lost in. The first full moon, however, revealed a wolf cub were the baby had lain, and Anne grew afraid for her cursed child. For many years, Anne would hide her son away in the root cellar on nights of the full moon, tossing in a chicken or hare to keep the wolf-boy content, and to keep him from howling.
Young Obsome’s seventh summer approached, a strange woman (his future parens) discovered the boy playing in a field. Mabia Ex Merinita probed Anne’s mind to learn all she could of the young boy, then set off to discover and learn of the boy’s faerie father. Mabia disappeared into the faerie region for two years, emerging with a determination to take the boy as her apprentice the following year. The following winter, Mabia convinced Anne to surrender Obsome to apprenticeship with the promise to care for the boy and to send a small stipend back to aid in supporting Anne. Each winter, Obsome was allowed to visit his mother. During his sixth year of apprenticeship, Obsome was visiting his mother during the winter when she succumbed to consumption and perished. Obsome has not appeared to age a day since his mother’s death.
Obsome completed his apprenticeship at the age of twenty-five and became Theseus Ex Merinita. His gauntlet consisted of navigating/escaping a faerie region and bringing back certain faerie plants as proof. Theseus spent the next ten years at Voluntas, trading vis for access to the library and room and board. At the age of thirty-six he traveled to the Rhine tribunal and bartered vis for access to various libraries. He wandered the Rhine tribunal, covenant to covenant for three years. At the age of thirty-nine, now fourteen years out of apprenticeship, Theseus traveled to the Roman tribunal and spent four years there bartering vis for training and laboratory use. At the age of forty-two, in his seventeenth year past gauntlet, Theseus met and befriended the hoplite Pithius Ex Flambeau. For three years the two friends traveled with the quaesitor Justinius in search of a renounced magus, formerly of house jerbiton, who had been renounced for diabolism. Theseus learned a lot in this time, and was useful to the trio as a scout.
At the age of forty-five, twenty years past his gauntlet, Theseus fought alongside Pithius and Justinius, as they finally vanquished the diabolist and his most trusted lieutenants. Pithius left the trio, returning to his home covenant in the Roman tribunal, citing a need to develop a longevity ritual. Justinius and Theseus traveled together to Provencal, where Justinius returned to his home covenant to document the hunt of the diabolist. Theseus left with a visiting redcap, accompanying her on her journey. Theseus arrives with the same redcap at the covenant of Andorra.

Equipment: An oaken quarterstaff, Small golden crucifix (about the size of a knuckle), wool robes, wool trousers, leather boots, cotton tunic, small iron knife, brass goblet, bottle of wine(from provencal), Bible(Latin—a gift from Pithius), horse, lead rope, Pack, basket, some provisions, water skin, brass eating utensils, hammered copper bowl, lab texts for formulaic spells known, sigil.

Personality Traits:
Friendly +2 Inquisitive: +2 Optimistic: +5

Bookish neophyte +1 (Voluntas magi) Murderer +5 (Cult of Diabolists)
Trusted traveling companion (Pithius and Justinius) +2
Werewolf +1 (Provencal redcaps)

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