Tremere Hedge Magi

Here are some concepts of minor Hedge magi that may be enlisted by House Tremere, with suggested virtues and flaws.

Mistress of Vermin

Always surrounded by vermin, this filthy sorceress is more at ease among rats than humans. Despite this, she is an asset to the house, since her "friends" can be stealthy spies and messengers. And of course, being attacked by a horde of rats is sure to faze even the most hardened warriors.
Virtues: Faerie Sympathy (Rats), Faerie-Aligned Summon Animals (Rats), Animal Ken
If the troupe allows it, a more efficient version can be created using Command Animals (rats) from Rop:tI
Flaws: Social Handicap (Filthy), Lesser Malediction (Surrounded by vermin), Monstrous Blood (Animal)

Speaker to the Dead

He sees dead people. They see him, too. A veritable beacon to the restless dead, he'll quickly attract a host of ghosts wherever he is, some ready to help, most just pestering him with their demands.
Virtues: Social Contacts (Ghosts), Second Sight, Alluring to Magical Beings
Flaws: Supernatural Nuisance (Ghosts)

Faerie Messiah

Her mom claims she was a virgin, having been visited by an angel clothed in light. Whether by accident or design, this faerie-blooded child is unusually appealing to Faeries, who regards her as the harbinger of some greater destiny.
Virtues: Faerie God Blood, Faerie Sympathy (Faeries), Alluring to Faerie Beings, Familiarity with the Fae, Faerie Background
Flaws: Faerie Sympathy (Religious Symbol), Faerie Heritage

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