Tremere Mundane Items

Sometimes, you can't rely on magic.
You may want to equip lots of mundanes.
You may fear magic resistance.
And sometimes, no magic means no trace back to you.

For all of these, House Tremere employ skilled workers, Mundane Alchemists and Natural Magicians


Arms and Armor

House Tremere has had enough time and wealth to equip all its grogs with Superior equipment (See Arts and Academe p68).

This translates as 2 kind of items:
- Superior short swords and bows with +1 to attack
- Superior armor (usually Metal Scale) with +1 to defence.

Typically, items that may be lost, such as throwing weapons, are not mass-produced, although the house keep some of these, especially for its Mage Killers


Tremere fortresses and armies make ample use of ballistae. They can injure tough monsters that are otherwise immune to magical attacks, if not kill an enemy magus.
In order to face a wide variety of wards and magical defences, shafts and arrowheads have been crafted or conjured. Expect any combination of wood, steel, stone, bone (whether animal or human), diamond or other precious stones.

But that is not all. Special, hollow, arrowheads have been created, that can carry any kind of alchemical reagent (see A&A p75)


Faerie Defence Pack

Fear you'll face an unknown Fae, or several different ones? Not wanting or able to rely on a ward? The Faerie Defense Pack is a last-ditch defense. It contains numerous items that act as Sovereign Wards against a variety of fae. Think religious symbols, salt, Cold Iron, horseshoes and other folk charms…
A Faerie Defence Pack is effectively free, but its effectiveness can vary widely.

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