Tribunal of Thebes


Dominated by Merinita and Bjornaer and located on the ocean floor. Their patron is Triton and they claim that the covenant itself is built in the palace of the god Poseidon.


The headquarters for House Mercere in the Tribunal. Alexandria has a very high aura and is a retirement home for aging and warped redcaps. Their patron is Fides, a spirit of emotion associated with Alexander the Great.


Dedicated to healing and the creation of Longevity potions for Tribunal magi. Their patron is Asklepios, Greek god of healing and medicine.


Contains several Perdo specialists and is located near an ancient sanctuary of the Cult of Hecate in the Cambunian Mountains. They are in conflict with the Daughters of Erichto. It is a large House Covenant of Ex Miscellanea; their patron is the ghost of their founder, Cyra Ex Miscellanea.


A covenant made up of four magical round ships and many smaller vessels which sail constantly. Their patron is Dryops, formerly a spirit of a grove of oak trees whose wood now makes up the enchanted ships.


A Tremere House Covenant in Bulgaria. Out of protest, they use the familiar of the Covenant's leader as patron. Presumably Gigas is the large Tremere covenant of the Theban tribunal.


Made up of Guernicus and Tytalus magi and located in an underground shrine to the dead. Their patron is Minthe, the first lover of Hades.


A Verditius House Covenant and home to its current primus. Its patron spirit is Mosychlos, genius loci to the volcano of the same name, where the covenant is located.

Michael's Tabula

Founded in the wake of the Fall of Constantinople by survivors of that battle. It opposes the Crusaders and is located in an underground mithraeum within the city. Its patron is Fylakas, apparently an elemental earth spirit.

Moero's Garden

Inhabited by Jerbiton refugees from the Sack of Constantinople and based in Nicea. Their current patron is the ghost of Hipparchus, in whose home the covenant is now established.

Oikos tou Eleous

A covenant of four holy magae based in the city of Thessaloniki. Their patron is Saint Demetrius.


A covenant of fighting magi located on an island in the Cyclades. Their patron is a faerie giant named Varazes.


Formerly a robust Jerbiton covenant in Constantinople but now, since the Sack, transformed into a Clutch of Criamon following the Path of the Body. Their patron is St. Loukian of Berytus, a magical spirit trapped within an icon.

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