Founded: 806
Status: Autumn

north-east of the Black Sea, the covenant of Urania takes the form of a network of caves situated at the junction of two bleached cliffs, some 50 feet above ground. It is the second oldest covenant in the tribunal, and has survived the political and military turmoil in the area primarily as a result of its isolated location.

Urania takes little interest in tribunal affairs as, due to its remoteness, many issues do not affect it. The primary interest of the covenant at the moment is a local community of faeries known as the Genjii. They show many similarities to the jinn, which has led the current leader of the covenant, Selene of Merinita, to conclude that they may share a common ancestor. She has yet to provide definite evidence for her conclusions, and a pact made with the Genjii, which forbids her from prying too deeply into their secrets, may prevent her from ever doing so.

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