Valdarius of Flambeau


A verditius magus, who renounced his original House during the Schism War, accusing them of timid inaction and double dealing.

He was the amicus of Delendos of Flambeau, and they founded the Knights of Seneca during the Schism War. He later founded his own lineage within the knights of seneca, passing on his knowledge and mysteries, especially the Iberian Runes he developped.

This lineage, having been cut off from most of the Verditius Mysteries (those outside what their line has preserved), has a tendency to dabble in other mysteries.

Known Magi

  • Andres filius Ferrum, another magus from the Weapon Masters lineage.
  • Daern filius Valdarius, who was a member of the Pillar of Hiram.
  • Dimir Taar filius Kyra, a Spirit Binder
  • Ívarr filius ???, also from the weapon masters line, but focusing on archery, Herbam and Ignem. He died in 1227.
  • Ferrum filius Valdarius, the master's second apprentice
  • Kyra filia ???, who uses the same magic as Dimir Taar
  • Uxas the Mad, valdarius last apprentice.
  • Valdaern filius Daern
  • Vulcanus filius Ívarr, a Weapon Master who focuses on melee weapons and Terram

Lineages and Virtues

Mystic Architects

This is not really a lineage, since Daern was its sole member, and, as far as anyone knows, he has no descendants today. He underwent many initiations and quest to improve and shape his Gift, and is the creator of several of Andorra's enchantments.

  • Known Virtues: Major Magical Focus in Fortifications1, Hermetic Architecture, Puissant Terram, Affinity with Terram, Tough, Giant Size, Items of Quality, Automata, Iberian Runes
  • Known Flaws: Weak Magic Resistance (When wet), Flawed Parma Magica (Auram), Deleterious Circumstances (When not touching the ground)

Spirit Binders

Their magic broken in times past, they rely almost exclusively on the bounding on spirits and spirit pacts. They were reabsorbed into House Verditius at some point, until Dimir Taar re-discovered the history of his line.
They don't create magical items like normal magi do. Instead, over a season, they summon a spirit and bind its essence in an item, effectively killing him in the process.
Likewise, they can't cast a spell in a normal way: When they learn a spell, they call upon a pact made with a spirit, channeling their raw magical energy through his prism. The mechanical result is the same, it's just the fluff that's different. However, they also know some secrets of "real" spirit magic.
The need to call upon magical pacts makes their spells slower, so they often compensate by stealing powers from Bound Magical Creatures.

  • Lineage Virtues: Minor Magical Focus in Magical Spirits2, Bind Magical Creatures (Often used when binding spirits to artifacts or themselves, or sacrificing an animal to bolster their magic), Items of Quality, Verditius Elder Runes, Reforging Enchanted Items, Bind Spells, Hermetic Empowerment, Personnal Power, Lesser Power, Greater Power, Ritual Power
  • Lineage Flaws: Plagued by Supernatural Entity (They are infamous among spirits, and hated for their practices), Slow Caster (They need to invoke their pact to cast a spell). Weak Spontaneous magic is a frequent, but not ubiquitous, flaw, as is Warped Magic (spectral apparitions of the spirits involved in their spells). Some may also have some trouble with his spirit pacts, giving him Chaotic Magic.
  • Laboratories: Due to the requisites for invoking the Magic Realm spirits they bind into their items, their laboratories often require Sacrifices (as per the free Supernatural flaw). Likewise, their labs often have summoning and containment circles as Features and Focuses to enchant items.

Weapons Masters

The best enchanters of magical arms and armor known to the order, these are Valdarius true heirs.
They have left behind various lab texts and initiation scripts

  • Lineage Virtues: Major magic focus in Arms and Armors3, Items of Quality, Iberian Runes, Major Potent Magic in Arms and Armors, Puissant Terram, Imbued with the Spirit of Terram, Affinity with Terram, Inventive Genius, Reforging Enchanted Items, Iberian Runes
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