Valdarius Heritage

The first, and greatest, treasure Valdarius handed down to his descendants is the knowledge of Iberian Runes.

He didn't stop at that, though, and neither did his descendants. Year after year, they amassed a treasure trove of lab texts and initiation scripts, handed down from pater to filiii of the Valdarian lineage of Weapon Masters

1) Laboratory Texts

All enchantments texts use the Verditius Magic Outer Mystery.
As such, these are only usable by Verditius or Valdarian Magi, masterpieces being further restricted.
Unless otherwise noted, all spells and enchantments here were created in light of the Valdarian's proficiencies, and their focus should apply.

For damage spells, I try to use the following guidelines: Damage spells from other forms should at best be one magnitude less efficent than the equivalent CrIg spell. They can be as efficient if they incorporate some sort of restriction. For exemple, Invisible Sling requires you to have a supply of stones, making it as efficent as CrIg base 4.

1.1) Spells

Animate the Shell Soldiers

Due to the risks of the schism war, valdarius sometimes found himself needing a cadre of soldiers. After a few such occasions, he invented this spell, and the following. This allows the mage to control up to 10 suits of scale armor (or his leadership score, whichever is less) as a trained group, using his Dex + Finesse to hit.
Rego (Muto) Terram 40
Base 3, +2 Metal, +2 Voice, +1 Conc, +2 Group, +1 Requisite, +1 size for the number of parts.

Create the Shell Soldiers

This simply creates 10 suits of scale armor, with suitable protections for the limbs, and mail to connect it all. Due to the lack of straps or any padding, it is, though, unsuitable to wear.
Creo Terram 45
Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 group, +2 very elaborate shape, +1 size for the number of parts
(Rationale: Based on Silvery scales of the knight. Upgraded to Group for a full suit, including the limbs, +1 size for 10 suits)

Conjuring the Hail of Arrows

This spell is Ivorr's answer to the "Wrath of Valdarius" spell, as he wasn' good enough with Terram to cast that spell efficiently. It creates a score of arrows over a zone, and propells them downward, doing +6 damage to every person in a group. Obviously, this spell isn't very efficient indoor.
Rego (Creo) Herbam 25
Base 3, +1 requisite, +2 Voice, +2 Group, +1 Size
(Rationale: Based on "Ennemies all Aquiver", in TOME p55. This assumes that a full quiver of sharpened, unfletched arrows does +8 damage to a single person. I equate that to about 10 arrows. Thus, with a magnitude for size, a group should be able to be hit by about that many arrows per person. Likewise, since these are roughly created by the spell and not specially prepared, instead of asking for finesse to determine the craft, I lowered the damage, keeping it only slightly above what a lvl 20 CrIg spell would do -Still the idea that CrIg should be about at least one more magnitude better to do damage-)

Curse of Valdarius

Faced with valdarius, grogs were, most often than not, useless, as he easily destroyed the mightiest weapons and armors. This spell, handed down from him, will destroy up to 100 metallic weapon or armor. This is roughly the arms and armors of up to 3 men.
Perdo Terram 25
Base 05, +2 Voice, +2 Group
(Rationale: Based of Flaws of the WeaponSmith from GotF p60, following the errata for Group target)

Fearsome Strike of Valdarius

His enemies often though that, without his magic items, valdarius was as vulnerable as a newborn. They were wrong. With this spell, Valdarius briefly summoned a huge sword between his hands, which he used to strike them down in an instant, doing +20 damage.
Creo (Rego) Terram 25
Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 damage, +1 requisite
(Same rationale as Wrath of Valdarius)

Shield of Valdarius

There were times where valdarius couldn't count on his shield grog to protect him from blades and spears. As a side project, he thus quickly invented this spell. It creates a metal shield that hovers around the caster, protecting him against melee and ranged attacks with a Defense total equal to the caster's Perception + Finesse + the Defense Modifier of the shield created. Should this stop the attack, the shield bears the brunt of the attack, and may be destroyed, as the weapon's base damage is still inflicted on it. The Shield has a Soak of 3 + Craft: Armor of the Magus, and 10 + (twice his Craft: Armor score) damage levels. Once these are exhausted, it is destroyed and falls to the ground. If it is picked up, it ceases to protect the caster, but still behaves like any normal shield.
Cr(Re)Te 20
Base 05, +1 Rego, + 1 Touch, +1 Diameter
(Based on Circular Wall of Shields in MoH p50, modified because it's better that way IMO. Also, I did it as a CrTe spell, because as a pure Rego, it only makes sense if you've got metal lying around)

Wrath of Valdarius

This impressive spell created a score of swords of various sizes and shapes and, at the maga's merest gesture, propels them mercilessly towards those who incurred her displeasure, skewering them where they stand for +10 damage.
Creo (Rego) Terram 30
Base 5, +2 Voice, +2 Group, +1 requisite
(Rationale: Crystal dart essentially does +10 for base 04, but is restricted by circumstances. Invisible Sling does +05 for base 04 and still need some item to throw. Due to the need for the requisite, this basically does +05 for base 05, requires nothing, and may even be used in the air.)

1.2) Charged Items

Bolts of Apollo

Created by Ívarr, these arrows strike with all the fury of the Sun God. When fired while the word "Burn" is said, they will inflame briefly, doing +5 damage or doubling the damage score for the arrow, whichever is greater. The arrow is destroyed afterwards.
CrIg base 05, +1 touch, +15 for Penetration 30 = lvl 25
(Rationale: Based on "Blade of the Virulent Flame")

1.3) Lesser Items


First created by valdarius himself for his trusted shield grog, this round shield will instantly destroy any metallic weapon that strikes it violently while the wielder says "Break". Should an attack fail by less than half the character's defense bonus, it has been parried by the shield and can be targeted.
Perdo Terram 20
Base 05, +1 Touch, +10 unlimited uses

The Invisible Grog

This metallic wristband casts a "Shield of Valdarius" when the words "Valdarius, protect me!" are said. It creates a "Shield of Valdarius" (as the spell above).
Cr(Re)Te base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Rego, +1 Conc = lvl 20, +5 maintains concentration, +5 24 uses per day = lvl 30

Hunter's Bow

Also created by Ívarr, this fine bow has a single purpose: Never miss its target. As such, it uses Rego Herbam magics rather than natural force to propel arrows. Bolts fired from it will never miss, but hit for only +4 damage, and are resisted.
ReHe base 3, +2 Voice, +15 for Penetration 30 = lvl 20 (Based on "Accorns for Amusement")

1.4) Greater Items

Due to the Major Magical Focus in Armaments that Valdarian magi from the Weapon Masters lineage enjoy, these items are often rather difficult to create, even for Verditius magi. Despite that, a dedicated Verditius Maga can, in theory, use these texts to her advantage.

The Magister 's Cloak of Levitation

A verditius magus who joined Valdarius line, foregoing his house's mysteries for those of Valdarius, the magus only known as the Magister created numerous magical items. This wondrous cloak is one of them. Long and red, with golden lines and a high collar, it allows its wearer to fly as fast as a man can walk. But that's not all! The cloak, which is extremely sturdy, provides +3 soak when appropriate, can act as extra limbs, and, last but not least, can change itself into any number of animal-based clothes.
Note that none of these enchantments can benefit from the house's focus, as neither the cloak nor its wielder are "arms and armaments".
- Resilient
Constant Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (+3 soak)
MuAn 14
Base 4, +2 Sun, +4L Constant

- Flight
This enables the wearer to fly as fast as a man can run.
ReCo 35
Base 05, +2 magnitudes for extra speed, +1 Conc, +5L item maintains concentration, +10L unlimited uses.

- Shapeshift
The cloak can change itself into other animal-based garnments
MuAn 25
Base 03, +1 Conc, +2 magnitudes complexity, +5L item maintains concentration, +10L unlimited uses.

- Ensnare
The cloak can ensnare an opponent, or grab unto something. It can stretch itself somewhat for this.
Re(Mu)An 19
Base 01, +1 Conc, +1 versatility, +1 requisite, +5L item maintains concentration, +10L unlimited uses.

1.5) Masterpieces

These are the items that only a true Valdarian Magus can create.
Using these texts requires one to be a master of Iberian Runes. As such, these are usually only usable by a Valdarian Magus from the Weapon Masters lineage.

Ascalon's Daughter

Ascalon was Saint Georges's lance. Late in his life, valdarius created his "daughter", in intent if not in deed, to slay both magical beasts and infernal demons. As such, he enchanted an Excellent Long Spear with powerful Perdo Vim magics, and the means to protect its wielder against fire. It is engraved with Iberian Runes for Perdo and Vim magics.
- Kill the Dragon
Activated whenever Ascalon's Daughter hits something, this effect, should it penetrate, destroys 25 points of Magic Might
PeVi 60
Base 10, +1 touch = lvl 15, +25 for penetration 50, +10 unlimited uses

- Slay the Demon
Activated whenever Ascalon's Daughter hits something, this effect, should it penetrate, destroys 25 points of Infernal Might
PeVi 60
Base 10, +1 touch = lvl 15, +25 for penetration 50, +10 unlimited uses

- Shield from the Balefire
As "Ward against Heat and Flames". This does not benefit from the Weapon Masters focus, as it is not a defensive enchantment instilled in an armor (that, and the range).
ReIg 25
Base 4, +1 Touch, +2 up to +15 damage, +2 Sun

War Engine

The result of Ferrum and Andres collaboration with Nimoy of Verditius, this huge metal golem, layered with magical defenses and weapons, was designed to serve as a mobile siege engine for magi, should the order face another Schism war.

Composed entirely of wrought iron, it is a gigantic (size +4) man-shaped statue, with an empty space inside to fit a controller, which it protects with +15 Soak. It was enchanted with the following effects:

- Read Thoughts
InMe 40: the War Engine read the surface thoughts of its wearer, and acts upon them.
Base 15, +1 touch, +1 Conc = 25, +5 maintains concentration, +10 unlimited uses = 40

- Crystal Clear
MuTe 39: This makes the armor transparent, from the inside-out. This allows his controller to perceive his environment and target it with magic, while being himself protected from some direct spells.
Base 04, +2 metal, +0 personal, +2 Sun, +1 complexity, +3 extra size = 35, +4 constant = 39

- Perfect Ward against Stone
ReTe 39: This adds + 30 Soak versus stone, even if unaware of the attack. Unless you concentrate, you can't pick up stone.
Base Base 05, +2 sun, +3 for 15 extra soak, +1 allows to pick stones = 35, +4 Constant effect = 39

- Perfect Ward against Steel
ReTe 39: As above, but gives + 20 soak against metal.
Base 05, +2 metal, +2 sun, +1 for 05 extra Soak, +1 allow to pick metal = 35, +4 Constant effect = 39

- Perfect Ward against Lightning
ReAu 34: Gives + 25 soak against lightning, even if unaware of the attack
Base 10, +2 sun, +2 for 10 extra soak, +4 constant effect = 34

- Perfect Ward against Acid
ReAq 34: Gives + 30 soak against Acid, even if unaware of the attack
Base 05, +2 sun, +3 for 15 extra soak, +4 constant effect = 34

- Ward against Fire
ReIg 29: Gives + 25 soak versus Fire, so long as you perceive it
Base 15, +2 sun, + 2 extra soak = 35, +4 Constant effect = 39

- Animate the Destroyer
Re(Mu)Te 28: This effects animates the armor as if it was a living being, moving it to follow it's bearer's thoughts and movements. The muto requisite allows the metal to bend but not break when needed, while retaining its solidity.
Based on Hooks p68
Base 2, +1 Conc, + 1 Muto Requisite, +2 Metal = 10, +5 maintains concentration, +10 unlimited uses, +3 linked to Read Thoughts = 28

2) Initiation Scripts

2.1) Widely known

These initiation scripts are known to every Valdarian magus, at least roughly. At best, he knows the script, and can try to self-initiate. At worst, he knows these exist, and may, with a successful Valdarian Lore check, know who has learned them.

Unlimited Blade Works

Usually, when a potential apprentice has a natural focus in magic, it is destroyed by the Valdarian apprenticeship, which replaces it by the house's Major Focus in Arms and Armors.
Yet, although it only happened with the Spirit Binders, a parens may choose otherwise, in which case he will use this script to instead initiate his apprentice into Major Potent Magic in Armaments. It is also used by those Weapon Masters who want to further improve their incredible abilities.
Based on Valdarian Lore, this script requires a Presence + Cult Lore of 5. It requires the initiate to spend a season wandering among battlefields, ancients or moderns, collecting weapons and armors on each, which may prove difficult due to scavengers. He then spends a season under the mystagogue's supervision, melting them together, fashioning a weapon or armor out of them, and enchanting it into a lesser item, only to emerge of his forge with his magic being more attuned to War. While this gives him Major Potent Magic in Armaments, it makes his gift all the more heinous, and he gains the Blatant Gift.

Script Bonus: +3 for quest, +1 Sacrifice of Time, +3 sacrifice of the mystagogue's time, +9 Major Ordeal (Blatant Gift)

2.2) Secret Initiations

These are the "Inner Mysteries" of Valdarian Lore, scripts only taught and used when one is deemed worthy.

Bones of the Sword

There are 2 versions of this script, one as a "stand alone" initiation, and one for those dedicated (or insane) Weapon Masters that underwent the Unlimited Blade Works initiation.
It makes a Valdarian one with the earth, allowing it to draw on its power to craft his items, essentially gaining the Imbued by Terrram minor virtue.

The initiate is taught Valdarian Lore one season by the mystagogue, who impregnes upon him the teaching of the lineage and the ways of the forge. He must seek out an isolated place of wild magic (aura 5+) appropriate to the art of Terram, just as if he as the Study Requirement flaw. He'll spend a season there, reflecting on the magic that resides within the earth. Near the season's end, he is joined by the mystagogue, who brews a special potion distilled out of raw terram vis found on-site. After ingesting it (gaining 2 warping points in he process, but foregoing twilight: this initiation is a kind of controlled twilight experience), the initiate falls into a mystical trance which leaves him in a dead-like state. The mystagogue then buries him in the soil. After a variable amount of time, the initiate awakes in a deep state of bliss, and must find the strength to break this and dig his way out, or die. Those who do gain the Imbued by Terram minor virtue, but, deprived of the embrace of the earth mother, gain a deep fear of enclosed spaces
Script: + 3 travel to a special place, +1 warping and time, +3 minor flaw, +3 sacrifice of time by the mystagogue. This requires the mystagogue to have a Presence + Valdarian lore score of 5 if he knows the virtue, 8 if he doesn't.

If the initiate underwent another initiation, like Unlimited Blade Works, in a previous seasons, another script exist, which is way easier on him.
In it, the initiate skips the teaching season. Also, his stronger connection to his craft allows him to better weather the severing of his link with the Earth mother, sparing him the gain of a minor flaw.
Script: +3 travel to a special place, +1 warping and time. This requires the mystagogue to have a Pre + Valdarian Lore total of 11/14. Assuming a previous Major ordeal, this drops to 5/8.

2.3) Forgotten Lore

Whatever the reason, even these scripts existence has been forgotten by everyone today. Nonetheless, they may, or not, surface one day.

Summon the Inner Weapon

This is a strange initiation script, that was only used once in the history of the lineage, by Uxas the mad, the last apprentice of Valdarius, who adapted it from a script found in the ruins of a non-hermetic cult of Tellus.
It is a unusual, in that its real purpose is to grant you a flaw, namely the Magical (being) Companion of the Thing variety.

Despite what its name may imply, it does not need to concern a weapon, although such would be often the case should the script be used. Armors are also appropriate, and strange things may sometime happen.
Should someone, someway, unearth this script, he should be warry: When Uxas attempted this initiation, he found himself bound, not to a magical weapon as intended, but rather to a demonic black sword, although this didn't bother him. Was his script corrupted? Was the original weapon replaced by a demon? No one knows.

The initiate must first sacrifice his talisman or familiar, as the bonding wouldn't occur otherwise. He can, of course, acquire these later, once his relationship with the Inner Weapon is secure. He must then craft an Excellent quality item, which he'll spend a season opening for enchantment in a high (5+) magical aura, while shunning any and all social contacts, working in seclusion, finding within himself the core of his art.
If all goes well, the item then becomes a Magical Thing Companion, complete with its own powers and, more importantly, magical resistance, which allow any weapon to ignore Wards that don't penetrate it. Of course, he must then do with the item's own thoughts and desires, which may sometimes detract him from his studies.

This counts as a minor virtue, self-initiated. The absence of a minor virtue to be gained counts as a minor ordeal, as do the gain of the Magical Thing Companion. The target number is thus 18.
Script bonuses: +3 for no minor virtue, +3 for a minor ordeal (Magical Thing Companion), +1 sacrifice of wealth, +1 sacrifice of time (1 season, maybe another spend crafting), +3 sacrifice of Talisman = +11.

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