Vardian's Tomb

Founded: 1014
Status: Spring

If anything lands upon which the city of Rome stands are many catacombs. These are narrow passages that wind among the tombs of the earliest Christians. In the time of the Roman Empire, these catacombs were used by oppressed Christians, hiding them from the most violent of purges. By the current day, many of these catacombs have been forgotten.

South of Rome, near the Tiber, one of these "forgotten" catacombs has been claimed by a group of mixed Magi. The meeting place was first founded in the early 10th century by a group of Jerbiton. The group peeled for recognized Covenant status but was denied by the Tribunal established Covenants did not want further competition for mundane trade, saw a Covenant so close to Rome as nothing but a competitor. Recognized Roman Magi also feared that a Covenant close to Rome would eventually gain the favor of the Pope, and become powerful as a result, or worse still, would offend the Papacy and bring God's wrath down upon the entire Order.

The Jerbiton Magi were undaunted, however. Their location in the catacombs was still relatively unknown, so they remained there, working their magic and interacting with nearby mundanes as if Covenant status had been granted. The Divine Aura of the catacombs was interference in early magical works, but magical efforts developed a Magical Or over time. To help foster this Aura the Jerbiton Magi invited a group of Magi Ex Miscellanea to join them, hoping a wide range of magics would nurture the Aura's growth. The new Magi helped bolster the Magic Aura, but later proved necromancers who had their own reasons for living among the dead.

Once the existence of Vardian's Tomb was discovered by other Magi of the Tribunal, there was some talk of destroying the Magi. However, no Covenant trusted another, fearing one would balk and attack the Covenants left undefended by absent Magi. Magi also feared another schism in the Order, and realized that a magical battle in Rome itself would draw the attention of the Papacy.

Since the time of the necromancers' arrival, Vardian's Tomb has been a fractured place. The necromancers and Jer rarely see I-to-eye on any issue, and both seek to have the others ousted from the "Covenant" and Tribunal. In many ways, the conflicts of Vardian's Tomb are a microcosm of the struggles of the Tribunal itself. As Vardian's Tomb slowly weakens, so does the Tribunal, and if neither body can resolve its differences, both may eventually perish.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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