Vault of Valdarius

There has been numerous vaults over the years. Some were destroyed, some were pillaged, some were just left over.

In 1230, the Old Vault that was known to Antonio and Dimir Taar was entirely left vacant.

Yet, Vulcanus and Arachné found what may very well be the original, true Vault of Valdarius, hidden inside the Mercere Vault. The old vault appears to have just been the Armory, holding frequently used items. So whatever is in here is ancient, unused, and/or mysterious.
What wonders and horrors it may hold remains to be discovered.

The new vault, in 1230
The new vault, in 1234

Greater Items

Arma Draco

Crafted by Vulcanus of Flambeau, this is a suit of chain made the finest toledo steel, with reinforced plates of brass impossibly textured with cold iron; tiny rubies and opals form elaborate runes in the breastplate. This armor is currently in the possession of Vibria.
Excellent +1, and an item of quality, for a total soak of 18. Vis: 3/24


  • Wings of the Dragon (3x/day): (spell base 5, Touch, Concentration; item maintains concentration). There is a springloaded catch to a copper plate in the upper back that, when pressed, pops out to expose a spot between the wearer's shoulder blades. When the wearer says "Fugio" this enacts a MuCo(An) effect causing the wearer to grow large leathery red dragon wings, which the wearer can use to fly wherever he or she wishes. The item maintains concentration on the effect until the wearer says "Ambulo." (3 pawns)

Iberian Runes engraved into the armor give a bonus of +6 to dragon-related effects, and the armor itself offers the following Shape & Material bonuses:

  • +2 to passion and sex magic, images, imagination, invisibility
  • +3 Ignem, music, bonds, bloodshed, courage, battle-wounds, blood
  • +4 angels and demons, memory, travel, deftness, effects that change one's own shape, leadership in war
  • +6 to fire-related effects, eyes
  • +7 harm or repel faeries, protect wearer

Knight's Honor

Crafted by Vulcanus of Flambeau, this is a superb quality longsword of Toledo steel, with ornamental bronze filigree along the guard and a large ruby pommel-stone. Item of quality, open for enchantment, Excellent +2. Vis: 7/18
Init +2, Attack +7, Defense +2, Damage +6 (or +10 against humans and animals). Requires Strength 0 to wield; 1 load.

  • Demon's Eternal Oblivion PeVi5, 24x/day, Range Voice, 36 penetration. Side effect: Smoted (smitten?) demons appear to be struck by a bolt of lightning. (3 pawns)
  • Unravelling the Fabric of Terram, PeVi10 (base 5, range touch), unlimited uses/day, 30 penetration. Whenever the blade touches anything, it dispels any Terram effect of less than level 25 + stress die (no botch). Side effect: Vulcanus' sigil is strongly exaggerated; whenever the sword's blade touches an active Terram effect, the sword CLANGs into the target loudly, and the target billows out a huge cloud of steam. (4 pawns)

Iberian runes engraved along the blade's spine give the following bonuses to enchant the sword: +3 Perdo, +3 Vim. The sword itself offers the following Shape and Material bonuses:

  • +2 courage
  • +3 block single attack, battle wounds, bonus to affect blood, Terram
  • +4 harm human and animal bodies
  • +5 darkness
  • +6 fire­-related effect

Scepter of Elemental Guardians

Allows for the control of 50 earth elementals

Crafted in 1241 by Arachne with much assistance.

Lesser Items

Rod of Transportation

A minor version of the Rod of Rapid March, that was stolen along the rest of the Old Vault. It looks like a Staff, large enough for a dozen or so to touch it a once, yet light enough that a stout young lad could carry it, not unlike a broomstick with no broom.
Between its low (before adjustment) level and unlimited uses, it serves as a way to rapidly transport a squad of fighting folk across any terrain.
ReCo (An, Te) base 10 (Transport the target instantly up to 5 paces), +1 Touch, +2 Group = lvl 25, +10 levels for Unlimited Use, Final level 35

Wand of the Fearsome Ballista

These are in fact 3 lesser enchanted items, 3 golden rings, created by Arachne over the course of Autumn 1231 to Spring 1232.
These were later inserted over a wooden wand.
They allow a single person to command a ballista, making it fly, reload instantly and fire on command. Bolts can be either mundane, special bolts crafted by Arachné, like DEO bolts.

1) Ring of Bow Command
Effect: "Fire at Will"
ReHe base 3, +2 voice, mom, +1 flexibility = 10 + 10 unlimited uses = lvl 20
This effect has the hook release, seize and pull the ballista's bow.

2) Ring of Bolt Reload
Effect: "Lock and Load"
ReHe base 3, +2 voice, mom, +1 complexity = 10 + 10 unlimited uses = lvl 20
This effect takes a ballista bolt and position it perfectly so that it can be fired.

3) Ring of the Winged Ballista
Effect: The Hovering Ballista
ReHe base 3, +2 Voice, +1 size, +1 Concentration = 15 + 05 items maintains concentration, + 05 for 24 uses per day = lvl 25.
This effect makes a huge piece of wood, such as a ballista, fly slowly, and move at the caster's command

Walnut Ring of the Soldiers' Bane

A polished walnut ring created by Antoine in Summer 1236. It is in the possession of the leader of Andorra's turb, for use in the defence of the covenant.

Effect: Dissolving the Wall of Shields
PeMe base 4, +2 voice, momentary, +2 group = 20 + 03 for 6 uses per day = lvl 23
Upon shouting the trigger word, "Tremble!", the ring's wearer can cause a trained group of up to 10 soldiers within his hearing to forget their training and fight as individuals.
6 uses per day.

Wand of the Giant Soldier

This wand made of apple wood with a piece of amber fastened to one end was created by Lucas in the Winter and Spring of 1239.

Effect: Size of the Giant Soldier
MuCo(An,He,Te) 30 Boosted, Harnessed, Tethered
Upon touching the target and saying the command word "Ingentibus," the user can cause the target to grow to size +3 until sundown or sunset. The target can release the enchantment at will, though that ends the effect. The effect will also enlarge any clothing or armor (even metal armor) that the soldier is wearing. This effect can be boosted through the use of Mu or Co vis.
Minor Side Effect: Makes the target's facial features look ogreish.
(Base 3, +1M Touch, +2M Sun, +2M increased size, +10 unlimited uses)

Charged Items

The Lightning Rod

Created by Carmen of Flambeau in 1232 after discharging the prototype, this charged item has a Fast Trigger to cast Lightning Bolts (as Incantation of Lightning) at Sight Range with a Penetration of +52.
Its use is Restricted to members and affiliates (grogs) of the Covenant of Andorra.

Effect: Lightning Bolt
CrAu base 05, +3 Sight, +4 unnatural = 40 +5 Fast Trigger, +3 Restricted Use, +26 for Penetration 52 = lvl 74

Currently, the Covenant has 3 such rods, each holding 05 charges.

The Poor Sahir's Flying Carpet

Created by the Spider in Summer 1230, this is a woolen carpet, which flies as fast as a horse can run (Based on tC&tC).
ReAn base 1 ("Manipulate items made from animal products"), + 2 very unnatural motion, + 1 carry person on the carpet, + 1 speed, +1 Conc = lvl 10, +5 item maintains concentration = lvl 15

The covenant owns one, holding 4 charges.

Unerring Daggers

Crafted by the Spider in a few days in Summer 1233, these daggers, once thrown, fly towards their target with a force unparalleled by man, doing +10 damage.
Actually, the daggers are entirely mundane: A piece of woven red cloak is bound to their hilt, and casts the spell on them when their wielder throws them while saying "Strike True!"
- ReTe base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Metal = lvl 20.

Currently, the covenant has 3 such "daggers", each holding 04 charges.

Mysterious Artifacts

These are all the items that weren't investigated by the magi, or whose powers are unknown.

Helm of Naybu

A silver helm, engraved with near-invisible lines and patterns, it encloses all of its wearer's head, with only 2 openings for the eyes. The few notes attached to it list the helm as a supposedly incredibly potent non-hermetic device, but nothing else.
Should one decide to wear it, the helm will awaken and speak to her, being the residence of an ancient magical spirit that can grant Magical Resistance to the helm's wearer, and control a dizzying array of non-hermetic powers. Created in ancient egypt, it wants to restore the power of its gods.
Sadly, most of this is a lie: The spirit is, in fact, a bound demon, who hold a number of maleficia, and shrouds them from detection, making them appear magical. By prompting people to worship false idols and tempting them with power, it hopes to draw them away from God's light.

Mordenkainen's Faithful Desk

It walks, and alters its size and configuration (desk, table, night stand, podium, easel). The strange name was given it by Vulcanus.

The Phoenix Sword of Andorra

Created by Valdarius of Flambeau, the Phoenix Sword of Andorra dates back to the Schism War, and is meant to symbolize a rebirth of the Order. It is chock full of enchantments, some understood and others still a mystery.

Dimir Taar noted that its known magical powers include being ignited as a fiery blade, conjuring bolts of fire, being able to transfer vis into itself for later use or to empower a ritual healing power within the sword. Antonio used it to slay Khyron once, and used it to siphon and store the residual vis. Later, due to a magical mishap, vis stored within the sword reconstituted the might and material form of Khyron, who absconded with the sword. Rodrigo and Antonio later recovered the sword from Khyron in the Arc of Fire, and Rodrigo weilded it for a number of years thereafter. The old Mercere has escaped Final Twilight by transforming himself into a djinn, with the sword as his locus. His Might is somewhere between six and eight magnitudes, though it has not yet been confirmed that he is of the Magic realm.

The scabbard is also an enchanted item, though it is not yet known what it does.

Non-Hermetic Artifacts

The Brass Bottle

Encased in transparent steel, the bottle imprisons Khyron al-'Afrit, captured by Rodrigo in the Arc of Fire using a bottle obtained from Sicilio of Verditius. The bottle is not an authentic Suliman device, but does use powerful non-Hermetic magic. It is unknown what effect it has upon Khyron other than to keep him from bothering Andorra ever since his imprisonment.

The Emergency Stash

The vault contains a chest with an emergency horde of vis: eighty Ignem and twenty Vim, each seperately imbued in a gold coin. In addition to the 100 vis coins, there are 900 coins of mundane gold.

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