The Old Vault

This was the Vault of Valdarius known to the magi of andorra in 1220.


Located in the main keep, down in the basement, down below the cellar, past the catacombs and donjon, into the deepest recesses of the covenant, is the famed Vault of Valdarius.

Behold! Before you stands a fifteen foot brass door, with no discernable way to open it. Solid, thick, there is no telling how massive it is.

Yet, there are three keys to it. Antonio holds one, and gave the second to Inigo "Xalbator". Dimir Taar has the third. Each key is magically enchanted with a single effect, opening this door. It is restricted to only this door and only by command of a member of this covenant.
By touching the key to the door, the massive brass block simply disappears, allowing free entry.

In this cave of wonders, lie all sorts of amazing treasures. Silver and gold coins, precious gems, antiques and artifacts of earlier ages, the Ark of the Covenant, the skeletal remains of the Lindburgh baby, and more, all put here and there, on shelves and racks, and as often simply on the floor. Still, there's no clear way to find something in here, save through knowledge and habit.

Sample Items

Dust of Past and Future Sights

By ???. Created: ???

At to the very top of a shelf, simingly inocuitous, is grabbed a small blue pouch, containing an amount of fine crystalline powder. It is rumored to be dangerous to the touch, yet no one remembers clearly why.
When it is thrown into the Eternal Flame of Andorra, mists arise, colored blue and green and white. Inhaled deep, they change colors to purple, red, yellow and green. A rainbow made of smoke and mist. The effect is a little hallucinatory, but, more importantly, it induces Visions in those that have the Gift.

The Sandals of Mercury

By Zabeth of Criamon. Created: Winter 1181. 8 out of 9 pawns of Vis (Boots are small, I figured this to be smaller, but not tiny, thus took the middle)

An advanced version of a previous project, these simple leather sandals can make one travel faster than a horse, but, as an unexpected side effect, can also be deadly when used to teleport someone you're kicking. They were developped as such for commodity, but also due to some accidents or problems with simpler triggers. Penetration was build in in order to affect the maga wearing them through the Parma, or else, she'd have to lower it at each "step". Sadly, these powerful spells both inflict warping on any target other than this departed maga, which rather limits their use.
In fact, the enchantments are not on the sandals themselves, but rather on silvery threads bound in leather. Once it is destroyed, these can probably be recovered and used to fashion new footwear.

  • Mental trigger. InMe 30

Base: 15. R: +1 Touch, D: +2 Sun, T: Ind. 1 use/day. Pen: +0
These read the surface thoughts of the magus, searching for the keyword to teleport the wearer or what is touched by the sandal's feet".

  • Mercury's Feet. ReCo(He, Te) 50

Base: 20. R: +1 Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind. +10 Unlimited uses. Pen: +30
This teleports the target instantly up to 500 paces, to any place that the "caster" can see.

The ever-loving Flying Carpet

By some magus, buried by time and dust. Lesser item.

This dusty carpet was maybe finely decorated and embroidered ages ago, but time had taken its toll. Despite it remaining in good shape, colors have faded away, and the blood staining it doesn't help it look better. Directing it requires to seize the front side, and spin it accordingly, which isn't easy at first, and require some skill. It doesn't fly very fast, but it is tireless, and can take about 4 size +0 people.
Unbeknowst to all, its power come from the remains of a bound Jinn, and, due to his limitations, can't work when it is wet, such as under the rain. It has enough might to activate its power 24 times per day, but no more than that.

  • A leaf in the Wind. ReHe 20

Base: 05. R: Personnal, D: +1 Conc, T: Ind. +5 item maintains concentration. +5 for 24 uses per day.
Control an entire plant, moving it around as you direct, and it need not remain rooted

The Farseeing Hunter's Circlet

By Kyra of Verditius. Greater Enchanted Device. 6 out of 20 pawns.

A finely shaped golden headband, very elegant in its simplicity. Its interior is ornated with Verditius runes. Kyra intended to imbue it with a host of spells, but neer finished the project, and it ended in the Vault.

  • Eyes of the Hunter InIm30

Base: 03. R: +1 Touch, D: +2 Sun, T: +4 Vision. 1 use per day
As "Eyes of the Eagle": You see distant things clearly. No matter how far away something is, you can make out details as if it were only a foot or so from you. Things do not all appear to be a foot away; you can simply make out details as well as if they were. You can still judge distance accurately; in fact, more accurately than normal, to within an inch or so at a distance of several miles, since you can see as clearly as if you were judging distance a foot away.

The Preserver

By Jerome of Criamon. Lesser invested device. 3 pawns

When a wounded man breathes of the ever-changing perfume countained in this very simple ebony box, it closes his wounds, and helps him to recover of them. Its inventor wanted to help as much wounded as possible without warping them.

  • Breath of Asclepius CrCo 25

Base 3. R: +1 Touch, D: +3 Moon duration, +1 additional effect T: Ind. +10 unlimited uses
Gives + 6 to recovery rolls

Crystal of the All Seeing Eye

By Valerian of Verditius. Created: Summer 1034. Greater Enchanted Device. Total Pawns Invested: 5 out of 10.

A faceted purple crystal, this item can give great tactical information, and avoid running in circles when in an unknown territory. Valerian somehow managed to bind and warp Sliss'Ash'Nelensoth, a potent forest lord, enough at least to create an item that could harvest its power to survey its dominion.

  • Gaze of the Gods In(Cr) Im 45

Base: 1 (Use one sense at distance). R: +3 Sight, D: +2 Sun, T: +4 Vision, +2 complexity (Greater detail and Zoom), +1 moving image. Frequency: 1/day
As "The Map of Many Places" on MoH p 104, but instead of a map that redraws itself, it constantly creates and updates an image of the area, with much greater precision.

Mirrors of Distant Conversation

By Valerian of Verditius. Created: Winter 1030. Lesser invested device (3 pawns each).

A pair of mirrors, arcane connections to each other. Valerian bound 2 twin spirits in it, and, since then, Fergalach and Fargoloch have served the purpose he bound them for.

  • Create the Wizard's Image CrIm 25

Base 2 (Create an image that affects two senses). R: +4 Arc, D: +1 Conc, T: Ind, +1 Intelligible speech. +05 Frequency: 24/day
This creates on the opposite mirror the image of the item's user, and also repeats his words, by creating species similar to those received by the mirror. Thus, the pair ensures that 2 people can have a conversation. Only the wielder's face and speech are transmuted: his companions and surroundings are excluded from the effect.

Wand of the Sunny Days

By Ignone of Flambeau. Created: Autumn 1089. Greater Invested device. Total Pawns Invested: 4 out of 4.

An Oak wand engraved with platinum runes. It was created a day when Igone, tired of a particularly rainy season, decided she'd like to have sunny days whenever she wanted.

  • Dispell the Foul Weather ReAu 40

Base 15 (Ward against a type of severe weather phenomenon, such as gale force wind). R: +3 Sight, D: +2 Sun, T: Ind. Frequency: 1/day
This effect ensures that all weather phenomenon save the most extreme are nullified within a standard boundary, leaving place to a sunny day, with soft, gentle breezes at most. However, this doesn't affect temperature, so a cold day will still be a cold day.

Axe of the Titan

Created by Valerian of Verditius on Summer 1221. Greater Invested device. Total Pawns Invested: 12 out of 15.

A battle-axe that can split the earth asunder, engraved with with Perdo and Terram Elder runes. Very huge, it takes a large, strong man to wield it (Initiative: ‑2; Attack: +11; Defense: +6; Damage: +12; Strength: +2; Ability: Great Weapon)

  • Obliteration of the Metallic Barrier Pe(Re)Te 60

As of the rulebook, with pen +40 and unlimited uses. This is triggered whenever the axe strikes any surface with great force.

  • Earthbreaker PeTe 60

Base 4 (Destroy Stone). R: +1 Touch, D: Mom, T: +1 Part. +05 Frequency: 24/day. +20 Penetration: 40. +15 for 3 extra size magnitudes.
By striking the handle upon the earth, this creates a 5-foot-wide, 60-foot-long, 10-foot-deep crack in the ground, as long as it isn't made of metal. To avoid the pit, those in its vicinity other than the caster must make a Quickness stress roll of 9+. Falling in incurs +10 damage.

Zeus Deadly Bolt

A steel javelin that strikes like a bolt of lightning (a charged item that is almost empty)

  • True Strike ReTe 60

Base 5, +1 Touch, +0 Mom, +1 complexity, +5 extra strength for +20 extra damage = lvl 40, + 20 for Penetration +40
This effect ensures that the javelin will strike its designated target with great force and speed, doing +30 damage.
Charges remaining: 02

Black Mace

Created by Bertran of Flambeau, a member from an earlier generation, circa Autumn 1168. No one has bothered to investigate the weapon he left behind.

The Phoenix Sword of Andorra

Created by Dimir Taar's ancestor, Valdarius of Verditius (turned Flambeau), the Phoenix Sword of Andorra dates back to the Schism War, and is meant to symbolize a rebirth of the Order. It is chock full of enchantments, some understood and others still a mystery.

The last one to wield the sword was Rodrigo. He is actually a very weak magus, so he depended on using a lot of old enchanted devices to compensate. He had the sword with him during is seven year Twilight. Upon his return, he gave it back to Antonio who gave it back to Dimir Taar, because it was acting strangely and needed a check up.
The one who held the sword before that was Antonio. He had stored Ignem vis in it at one time, drawn from the defeated effreet many years ago. He botched with this vis, reforming the jinn during his battle against the giant's cousin.

Red Boots of Leaping

This is based on a commonly circulated Lab Text developed long ago, and there are many such pairs of these boots at the covenant. The item is popular amongst the Andorran Guard. Not all of them are red, but they all are boots (the Lab Text requires such).
Lesser Enchanted Device: 3 pawns

  • ReCo30 Warrior’s Leap

R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
Use: Unlimited
Instantly transports the wearer up to 50 paces to any place they can see. The effect is activated by fixing their gaze upon the destination and shouting the command word. This word is stitched on the inside of each boot, and may vary from pair to pair.
(Base 15, +1 Touch); +10 levels Unlimited Use

Sword of the Avenger

This is a long-sword made of reddened Toledo steel, and has a natural bonus of +1 to Attack and Defense due to its quality. The sword was forged by Darren of Verditius (of the lineage of Valdarius) and given to an Andorran Guardsman named Thomás as a reward for valor. The sword takes its name from the spell, but also because Thomás fought at Darren’s side in a battle where several of their comrades were slain.
When Thomas retired, he gave it to Augustino, and Augustino gave it to Angelo, who gave it to Rodger. When Rodger died, the sword was given to Javier, who wields it currently. It is a mark of prestige to be chosen to carry this weapon.
Lesser Enchanted Device: 4 pawns

  • Cr(Re)Ig38 Sword of the Avenger

R: Personal (item), D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Individual
Uses: Unlimited, Penetration: +16
This ignites the blade, doubling the weapon’s base damage bonus. The effect has a Rego requisite that protects the blade and wielder from the flame. The item is activated and deactivated by the command word “Avenger” spoken in a soft whisper while holding the sword a certain way.
(Base 5, +1 Conc, +1 Rego); +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 levels Unlimited Uses, +8 levels Penetration of +16

Rod of Rapid March

a.k.a. The Wand of Transportation
This is an Opal tipped Wand, ornately engraved with the opal set into the wood in Verditius fashion. It is utilized by the Andorran Guard when they are on the march, and occasionally by magi who are too lazy to learn their essential spells.
Invested Item: Opened with 12 pawns, Used 10 pawns

  • ReCo50 March of the Advance Scout

R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
Use: Unlimited
The wielder touches a person with the item and speaks the command word, transporting them to any location he can see or holds an arcane connection to within Seven-Leagues. The wielder may target himself.
(Base 35, +1 Touch); +10 levels Unlimited Use)

  • ReCo50 March of the Rapid Raiders

R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Group
Use: Unlimited
The wielder touches a member of the designated group and speaks the command word, transporting them to any location he can see or holds an arcane connection to within One-League.
(Base 25, +1 Touch, +2 Group); +10 levels Unlimited Use)

Ring of Maneuvering

This is a simple steel ring, unadorned, though it is marked and scratched with age.
Lesser Device: 3 pawns

  • ReCo30 Managing the Impossible Maneuver

R: Touch, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Ind
Use: Unlimited
This moves the wearer of the ring slowly in any direction desired, even if unsupported in the air. They maneuver slowly, like smoke wafting in a breeze, and direct themselves as if swimming. This can be used to place yourself in strategic positions normally unattainable by mundane means, as well as infiltrate defenses and pass over other obstacles.
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration); +5 levels Item Maintains Concentration, +10 levels for Unlimited Use)

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