Vault Of Valdarius 1230

The Phoenix Sword of Andorra

Created by Valdarius of Flambeau, the Phoenix Sword of Andorra dates back to the Schism War, and is meant to symbolize a rebirth of the Order. It is chock full of enchantments, some understood and others still a mystery.

Dimir Taar noted that its known magical powers include being ignited as a fiery blade, conjuring bolts of fire, being able to transfer vis into itself for later use or to empower a ritual healing power within the sword. Antonio used it to slay Khyron once, and used it to siphon and store the residual vis. Later, due to a magical mishap, vis stored within the sword reconstituted the might and material form of Khyron, who absconded with the sword. Rodrigo and Antonio later recovered the sword from Khyron in the Arc of Fire, and Rodrigo weilded it for a number of years thereafter. The old Mercere has escaped Final Twilight by transforming himself into a djinn, with the sword as his locus. His Might is somewhere between six and eight magnitudes, though it has not yet been confirmed that he is of the Magic realm.

The scabbard is also an enchanted item, though it is not yet known what it does.

The Brass Bottle

Encased in transparent steel, the bottle imprisons Khyron al-'Afrit, captured by Rodrigo in the Arc of Fire using a bottle obtained from Sicilio of Verditius. The bottle is not an authentic Suliman device, but does use powerful non-Hermetic magic. It is unknown what effect it has upon Khyron other than to keep him from bothering Andorra ever since his imprisonment.

Mordenkainen's Faithful Desk

It walks, and alters its size and configuration (desk, table, night stand, podium, easel). The strange name was given it by Vulcanus.

The Emergency Stash

The vault contains a chest with an emergency horde of vis: eighty Ignem and twenty Vim, each seperately imbued in a gold coin. In addition to the 100 vis coins, there are 900 coins of mundane gold.

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