Venti Rosa

Founded: 1101
Status: Summer

Venti Rosa consists of a caravan travelling through the tribunal from covenant to covenant. It is important to realize that this is not a caravan in the western sense of the word. Carts are actually a relatively unusual sight in the area. Rather it consists of a large number of camels, horses and asses loaded with tents, rugs and other camping gear, as well as the personal possessions of the magi and their grogs. The caravan travels by day and camps by night. It usually visits each covenant twice per year.

Of the five magi of the covenant, only one is Gifted. Simon may usually be found at the covenant, crafting magical items to assist his fellow Redcaps in their travels. He has become an expert at setting up a functional lab in the most unhelpful of environments, while a howdah on the back of one of his camels usually serves as a “fume cupboard” for projects that need time to come to fruition. All the beasts of the covenant have been trained not to be frightened by magical things. Simon’s over-protective twin sister Sarah also tends to remain at the covenant. The other three magi are usually absent, delivering messages that will not wait for the usual six-monthly visits.

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