Vibria's Hoard

Ruby necklace, a gift from Sigmundo (Spring 1230).
Diamond tiara, a gift from Sigmundo (Spring 1230).
Longbow, which seems out of place for this location and era. (from Sigmundo's cavern, Spring 1230)
Longsword, Visigoth in design, similar to the one Vulcanus grabbed from the salt-wyrm's hoard. Not identical, but of the same general 500-year-old design. While his sword is obviously magical (utterly resistant to corrosion or tarnish), hers is a work of art and bejeweled with precious stones in gold fittings.(from Sigmundo's cavern, Spring 1230)
Diadem.(from Sigmundo's cavern, Spring 1230)
Silk choker trimmed with ermine.(from Sigmundo's cavern, Spring 1230)
Ornate silver mirror. (from Sigmundo's cavern, Spring 1230)
A gold ring. (from Sigmundo's cavern, Spring 1230)
A pennant bearing is a Forked Dragon, its heads facing each other, encircling the Flambeau Hourglass. One dragon is gold, the other black. The background is red, and the hourglass black. (from Sigmundo's cavern, Spring 1230)
Gloves made of the fur of some exotic animal that Vibria can't identify, almost silvery blue in colour. (from Sigmundo's cavern, Spring 1230)
Exotic cloth robe (more like a bathrobe than a hermetic robe), which is Arabic (Syrian).(from Sigmundo's cavern, Spring 1230)
A pearl necklace which compliments the ruby necklace Sigmundo had already given her. (from Sigmundo's cavern, Spring 1230)
Chess set. (from Sigmundo's cavern, Spring 1230)
The Arma Draco (a gift from Vulcanus, at the end of Summer 1230).
A helm, in the shape of a dragon's head. (a gift from Vulcanus, during the Winter of 1230).


Ring of Light, a jade ring with a lantern design, enchanted to glow with a bright light; unfortunately, it also feels as though it were on fire1.
A bunch of teeth from two heads of a seven-headed dragon. (during sabbatical)
Two draconite stones from two heads of a seven-headed dragon. (during sabbatical)
A light green dress robe, decorated with white star-like flowers (myrtle), with darker green grass-like embroidery along the lower hems. (during sabbatical)

2 pawns Perdo (Infernal sabre-toothed wyvern fangs, one in each fang). (during sabbatical)
11 pawn Ignem (glowing lump of coal). (securely stored at Andorra)
5 pawns Ignem (pieces of magic-dragon-with-forearms lungs). (during sabbatical)
3 pawns Ignem (chambers of an unidentified drake's heart). (during sabbatical)
3 pawns Imaginem (Faerie, flowers of fabulous color, from the remains of a slain rainbow dragon).(during sabbatical)
4 pawns Vim (vertebrae of an unidentified wyrm). (during sabbatical)

1 A Lesser Enchanted Item. The effect is Creo Ignem, base 5 ("Create light as bright as direct sunlight on a clear day"), R: Personal, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual. The Enchantment Level is 13: Effect level of 10, usable 6 times a day (+3).

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