Vocis Grimoire

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Creo Imaginem

Painted in Flames Cr(Re)Im(Ig) 20

Voice, Concentration, Group
A group of targets are covered in illusory flames. While the flames neither inflict damage nor emit haptic species, they may cause a brief panic among targets that do not recognize the effect as harmless (SG’s discretion). Also, the flames serve to render invisible targets visible and make targets much easier to see in darkness.
(Base 1 +1 for Ignem, +1 for Rego, +2 Voice, +1 Conc, +2 Group)

Visions of Hell CrIm 25

Voice, Diameter, Part
The spell projects an illusion of roaring flames to an individual target's sight, hearing, and touch sensory organs. The species of the illusion can only be sensed by the target (see Miniatures, HoH:S p. 67). From the target's perspective, he is surrounded by hot, roaring flames that cover an area of approximately Room size (Per+Finesse Ease Factor of 12 to cast properly). Other observers see nothing out of the ordinary beyond the target's reactions to the illusion. The target is effectively blinded for the spell's duration, but may still hear and/or feel his surroundings through the illusion with an Awareness roll. A Brave or similar personality check may also be necessary for the target to take any actions (SG's discretion).
(Base 3 [3 senses], +1 to follow target's movements, +1 changing image, +2 Voice, +1 Diam, +1 Part)

Intellego Imaginem

Hear the Distant Voice InIm 5

Sight, Diameter, Individual
The caster can hear all sounds made by the target as if he was standing next to it.
(Base 1, +3 Sight, +1 Diam)

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