Vulcanus Character Sheet

The Forge of Vulcanus

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Age: 38
Confidence: 1 (4)
Characteristics: Intelligence +5 (genius), Perception -3 (preoccupied), Strength +3 (burly), Stamina +1 (enduring), Presence +2 (handsome), Communication -2 (gruff), Dexterity +2 (Steady hands), Quickness 0

Major magic focus: armaments, Items of Quality, Affinity with terram, Puissant terram, Inventive genius, Improved characteristics, Great Intelligence (x2); Personal Vis Source*, Verditius magic*, Iberian Runes*, True friend (Egon)*
Cabal legacy, Mentor (Andres of Flambeau), Bound Casting Tools, Spontaneous Casting Tools, Vendetta (Caduceus of Verditius), Proud (major); Hubris*

Area Lore: Rothenburg 2
Artes Liberales 2 (ceremonial casting)
Athletics 2 (endurance)
Brawl 3 (fisticuffs)
Craft: Blacksmithing 5 (armor)
Craft: Glass 1 (lab equipment)
Finesse 2 (terram)
German 5 (Bavarian)
Latin 4 (hermetic)
Leadership 1 (lab assistants)
Magic Theory 6 (terram) (+23 exp)
Order of Hermes Lore 2 (Flambeau)
Parma Magica 4 (ignem)
Penetration 2 (terram)
Philosophiae 5 (Iberian runes)
Ride 2 (battle)
Single Weapon 5 (heater shield) (82 exp)
Survival 2 (15) (forest)
Valdarius Cult Lore 3 (30) (self-initiation)

Wizard's Sigil: forge-work
Voting sigil: a blacksmith's hammer of damascus steel with an ebony handle

Creo 7 (29), Muto 5 (15), Perdo 6 (21), Rego 14 (105), Animal 5 (15), Auram 21 (6), Corpus 5 (15), Herbam 6 (21), Ignem 1 (2) Terram 14 +3 (69/105 exp), Vim 7 (31)

- Incantation of Lightning, CrAu35 CT: +14 (har har!). Vulc doesn't know how his sigil manifests for this spell, because he's never actually managed to cast it. He only learned it to give himself a bonus to enchanting similar effects into items.
- Bind Wound, CrCo10 CT: +11 Sigil: The target can smell molten metal, and his wounds feel hot
- Chirurgeon's Healing Touch, CrCo20 CT: +19 Sigil manifests the same as Bind Wound, but with the sound of hammer on anvil during the casting.
- Wizard's Leap, ReCo15 CT: +20 Sigil: The smell of molten metal and burning coal
- Conjuring the Mystic Tower, CrTe35 CT: +31 Sigil: During casting, the sound of hammer on anvil rings out, and bystanders can smell burning coal and molten steel. Upon completion, and the tower erects in a cloud of steam, accompanied by the hissing of a finished weapon being plunged into water.
- Laboratory of Bonisagus, CrTe45 (has lab text) CT: +31 Sigil: Same as CtMT
- Miner's Keen Eye, InTe20 CT: +18 Sigil: the smell of molten steel and burning charcoal
- The Damascene Shiv* (functions as Crystal Dart), MuTe(Re)10 CT: +28 Sigil: The sound of hammer on anvil, and the dart rises from the ground in a puff of steam.
- Hauberk of Supreme Lightness*, PeTe30 CT: +31 Sigil: The sound of hammer on anvil at the time of casting; while under its effects, the armor bears Vulcanus' maker's mark— a development that leaves him reluctant to cast this spell on any armor not up to his own standards.
- The Phantasmal Squire*, ReTe25 (base 4, +2 metal, +1 Touch, +2 complexity). Transports armor up to 50 paces, placing it on or off the target. Int+Fin required for armoring up. CT: +46 Sigil: The sound of hammer on anvil
- Gathering the Essence of the Beast, ReVi15 CT: +19 Sigil: The smell of molten metal and burning charcoal

Dodge DFN +3
Artifex's Hammer + Oak and Iron: Init +1, Attack +14, Defense +16, Damage +12
Knight's Honour + Oak and Iron: Init +2, Attack +19, Defense +17, Damage +10
Soak 22 (1 Sta, 4 BC, 17 armor), +4 vs metal, +1 vs unarmed, +1 vs animals


  • The Warrior's Aegis (Talisman).

Full suit of toledo steel chainmail with bronze accents, encrusted with rubies.
Excellent +2, item of quality. +17 Soak, 6 load.
Iberian (Verditius) Runes: +5 to enhance the strength of the wearer.
Elder Iberian Runes: "Ice" (Rego), "Steel" (Terram).
Attunements: protect wearer +7, terram +3, +6 fire effects. Capacity: 30 pawns, 23 remaining.
- Effect: Hauberk of Supreme Lightness, constant effect.
Major side benefit: The wearer inspires those who follow him into battle, granting +3 to bravery rolls.
(Base 5, +2 Sun, +2 metal = 25. +1 for 2 uses per day, +3 for environmental trigger, = 29, +10 for Elder Runes = 39. 4 pawns used.
- Effect: Ward Against Heat and Flames ReIg20
(R: Per, D: Sun, T:Ind) 1x/day, +10 for Elder Runes = 30. 3 pawns used.

  • Fist of the Artifex

One-handed toledo steel military hammer with an electrum handle and a large ruby set into the base. 2 load.
Init: +1, Atk: +6, Dfn: +1, Dmg: +8
Open for enchantment, Excellent +2. Iberian (Verditius) Runes: +3 project missiles, +3 lightning.
Capacity: 18 total, 16 remaining. Generally believed to be Vulcanus' talisman, erroneously.
- Effect: The Artisan's Call, summons hammer to its owner, up to 50 paces. Base 3, +2 metal, +2 Voice, 24 uses per day, final level 20.

  • Oak and Iron

Heater shield, bearing the crest of a winged hammer, impossibly wrought in wafer-thin strips of steel and bronze.
Excellent +2, item of quality (+5 protection), for a total of +10 to defense rolls. 2 load.


Egon the Destrier
LT: 56, Bond: Gold 1, Silver 0, Bronze 4

Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Pre +1, Com 0, Str +7, Sta +2, Dex +2, Qik -1
Size: +3
Might: 12
Abilities: Athletics 5 (balancing), Awareness 4, Brawl 6 (hooves), Folk Ken 3, German 5, Latin 4, Leadership 3 (horses), Magic Theory 4 (terram), Profession: battle charger 3, Carouse 1, Survival 3

Hooves- Init +1, Attack +11, Defense +6, Damage +11

Magical Qualities: Improved Characteristics x3, Gift of Speech, Greater Immunity (metal weapons), Greater Immunity (arrows), Focus Power, No Fatigue, Personal Power x2, Unaffected by the Gift, Improved Attack (hooves)
Magical Inferiorities: Form Monstrosity (steel hooves), Proud (major), Susceptible to Deprivation
Powers: Crafter of Terram, Gird the Warhorse (creates a set of chainmail barding or armor), Human Shape

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